Adobe’s Sensei AI can auto-optimize your selfie image for a perfect art

By TechNadu Staff / April 10, 2017

Adobe has revealed a feature on developing powerful photo-editing tool for its mobile apps. Sensei powered by Adobe artificial intelligence and machine learning tools as its annual MAX design conference on 2016. The Sensei features tools that could analyze a picture before putting it through heavy edits.

The Adobe Sensei is already working such an extraordinary portion with its capacity to create an image, that doesn't figure on the original photo by analyzing neighboring pixels.

In a video, Adobe Research showed a series of special edit options on a selfie image, automatically selecting the subject and shifting the perspective slightly so it will appear to be taken from a distance more typical of a portrait shot.

Other features include option to modify background depth of the field for a blurred effect, or change the angle of view to create a more flattering portrait and showed selecting a photo style a drag and drop onto your own image for a quick edit.

Interestingly, users can also have rights to cutting and pasting photo styles from one image to another. The upcoming month, Adobe decide to extend its certain products of the Adobe creative cloud range to enable users to retouch selfies before sharing with your friends. They didn't mention when it will available, they only showcase features of new Adobe technology powered by Sensei.

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