Microsoft Will Not Shut Down Skype Classic After Receiving Negative Feedback

By Nitish Singh / August 7, 2018

Skype 8.0 introduced a host of new features last month and a complete redesign of the app’s interface, which led to a lot of negative customer feedback in the Microsoft forums. Many users chose to continue using Skype 7.0 instead, but Microsoft’s decision to pull the older version of the app led to complaints from users, forcing the tech giant to reverse its decision. The desktop version of Skype 7.0 will continue to be available for now as Microsoft assesses customer feedback and fine-tunes Skype 8.0 with user-requested features.

Skype 8.0 was originally designed for mobiles last year but the developers skipped out on many desktop-only features from Skype Classic with the new update. Users have expressed their dislike towards the new UI as it lacks the ability to chat with multiple users in the same window. Once all of the requested features are ported over to the new version of Skype, Microsoft will be pulling the plug on Skype Classic.

Some of the features that have been well received on the new app include a media gallery which includes all of your images, documents, and videos in one location. Call recording has also been added to the latest version of the app which is one of the most requested features for years. Users were previously reliant on third-party apps to record voice and video calls, and the addition of the feature makes things quite convenient.

Most of the complaints received by Microsoft have to do with the user interface and not the functionality aside from the inability to initiate multiple chats in a single window. If Microsoft gets the user interface just right, it can get most users to update to Skype 8.0

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