How to Watch Taskmasterclass Online for Free – Stream the Taskmaster Spin-Off

By Lore Apostol / June 6, 2024

As a spin-off of the successful Taskmaster panel game show, the new TV series Taskmasterclass will focus on the making of the original show rather than its gameplay. The new show will air on Channel 4 and stream on Channel 4’s streaming service.

People who travel abroad or live in other countries are greeted by an error message on Channel 4 because this platform only works for UK viewers. However, you can hide your true IP address behind another one from a different country, which would attest you are, in fact, in the said area. A capable VPN is a handy solution to bypass the geo-blockade and remove the error message. 

We have a comprehensive guide for you that contains all the available details on when, where, and how to watch Taskmasterclass online in any country, why you need a VPN, as well as information on the series preview, cast, trailer, episode release schedule, and more.

Where Can You Stream Taskmasterclass?

The 2024 TV show airs via Channel 4 on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 9 pm ET and streams on Channel 4’s streaming platform in the UK.

How to Watch Taskmasterclass Online with a VPN

You can easily unblock Taskmasterclass and any other title or platform restricted to the UK by selecting a VPN server from the UK. We have a quick guide with the required steps to achieve this:

  1. Create an account with a VPN that can unblock Channel 4’s streaming service (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download and install the native VPN app for your device or system.
  3. Launch and fire up the VPN after you connect it to a UK server.
  4. Load the Channel 4 platform and start streaming the series.

Why You Must Use a VPN to Watch Taskmasterclass

All streaming platforms enforce geo-blockades as a result of business agreements that concert copyright issues. Channel 4’s service uses geo-restrictions just like all streaming services do these days, blocking your access outside the UK unless you lean on such a tool. 

Without a VPN, all the titles in Channel 4’s library outside the UK will show an error message on top that reads: "Not Available. Channel 4 is only available in the UK."

Channel 4 geo-block error message

Hence, the aim is to get a UK IP address, making the streaming platforms see you as where the IP indicates. A VPN removes the error message in mere moments once you run the app on your device via one of its UK servers, and NordVPN can safely bypass geo-blockades worldwide. 

We recommend you use this reliable VPN to get the fastest VPN servers for unblocking all live TV and streaming services while ensuring the security of your devices online and protecting your privacy while navigating the internet.

How to Unblock Taskmasterclass from Anywhere

A premiere date for the US, UK, and Canada has not yet been announced. The service hosting this series is restricted to the UK, but fortunately, you can use a powerful VPN to unblock Channel 4 anywhere and safely go around the geo-blockades abroad.

Need more information? Here are all the details for watching Taskmasterclass if you live in the UK.

How to Stream Taskmasterclass for Free in the UK

In the UK, the series debuts live via Channel 4 and Channel 4’s streaming service, which you may know as All4, on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 9 pm GMT. Since this gratis platform is ad-supported, you can live stream Taskmasterclass on Channel 4 for free with ads.

If you’re not into ad breaks, you can get rid of the commercials by subscribing to Channel 4+. It will cost £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year. New customers can also try it for free for one week. 


Taskmasterclass is a spin-off of Taskmaster, but unlike its parent panel game show, the new installment will take viewers behind the scenes of past tasks from the series. It will feature interviews with former contestants about their time on the show, with commentary from Greg Davies and Alex Horne.

The debut episode will examine tasks throughout the seasons as the hosts discuss "whether there is any point to the seemingly pointless tasks on Taskmaster." Among the featured personalities are Guz Khan, Jo Brand, Ed Gamble, Paul Chowdhry, Morgana Robinson, and more.

Taskmasterclass is the latest project linked to the format to be revealed until now. The Taskmaster VR game launches on June 13 and Junior Taskmaster is set to air on TV later this year. The latter is another spin-off featuring contestants between 9 and 11 years old, with Rose Matafeo as the Taskmaster and Mike Wozniak as her assistant.

The Taskmaster series will continue on Channel 4 until at least 2026.



Final Thoughts

One can easily stream Taskmasterclass on Channel 4 in the UK. However, this service does not work outside the UK due to geo-restrictions. People who live or travel abroad can circumvent geo-blockades and access this show with the help of a good VPN set to a UK server

NordVPN is an independently audited VPN with dedicated servers for streaming. It offers over 6,300 VPN servers with high speeds and stable connections, imposing no bandwidth or speed limit on these. This premium tool boasts golden-standard encryption and best-in-class privacy features, which include AES with 256-bit keys, double encryption, Onion over VPN, Threat Protection, and more.

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