Facebook Analytics
Image Courtesy of Gizmodo
  • Facebook accidentally leaked its developer analytics report and sent it to app testers earlier this week.
  • Facebook sends its developer analytics reports weekly to admins, developers, and analysts which were received by app testers instead.
  • The app testers were able to see only a summary of the report and were not able to access information on individual apps.

2018 has not been kind to Facebook. With privacy breaches, controversial app releases and other controversies surrounding the platform the social media giant is in troubled waters yet again despite trying to sort out its privacy issues. The weekly developer analytics summary which is sent out to admins, analysts, and developers at the company were sent to app testers by mistake. However, the app testers were able to view only a summary of the report and did not get access to information on individual apps.

The report contained data on 3% of the apps that are available on the company’s platform. App testers are often outsiders and are not supposed to receive such analytics reports as they can contain sensitive business information valuable to competitors of apps. Facebook was notified by one of the developers who found out that an outsider was able to get access to the weekly report. Later Facebook confirmed that it was an internal mistake caused by the email delivery system. The social media company stated that no personal or contact information had been leaked and the developers who are affected have been notified.

Facebook has already updated the email delivery system to ensure such incidents do not happen in the future but developers are not too happy about the incident. With the social media company claiming that over a million apps are available on the platform as of 2017, even a data breach of 3% of the apps is a big deal. With dozens of app testers involved with each app, the report was sent out to thousands of people across the world.

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