What’s New in Private Internet Access (PIA VPN)? – Recent Updates, Developments, New Features, and More!

Private Internet Access is evolving its VPN service by unveiling new features every couple of months. With that said, if you plan on getting one of PIA’s long-term subscriptions, or if you’re already a subscriber, you’ll want to check its development path. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s talk about what’s new in Private Internet Access. 


This article focuses on the latest developments regarding Private Internet Access, where you’ll find recent updates, information about new features, and more. To take a much deeper look at this VPN, make sure to check our Private Internet Access review

JUNE 2021 - PIA Unveils a Visual Refresh of Its Services

Private Internet Access has been on the market for 10+ years now, without a single change to its brand image. With that said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that PIA finally decided to enter a new era by adopting a new brand image. Aside from a refined interface of its apps, PIA now offers a modern website alongside a very attractive user dashboard. 

Even though we never had a problem with PIA’s interface in the past (which was always quite modern and polished), we’re still happy to see the VPN trying to evolve its offer. The VPN has also become more proactive in informing its customers about privacy-focused developments and events, primarily via its blog. 

DECEMBER 2020 - PIA Launches a Dedicated IP Address Option (Premium Add-On)

Following in the footsteps of its sibling (we’re talking about CyberGhost VPN), Private Internet Access now offers dedicated IP addresses. This feature comes as an addition to your regular PIA subscription, priced at $5.00 per month. Also, you’ll get to pick a static IP associated with the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, or Canada. 

It’s worth mentioning that PIA and CyberGhost VPN use an identical system related to assigning static IP. That’s a token-based system, which means it’s up to you to activate your static IP (using your online dashboard). That way, the VPN won’t associate your static IP with your username, which should help you retain your complete anonymity.  

MARCH 2020 - WireGuard Comes to PIA

PIA is one of the latest VPNs to have decided to implement the WireGuard protocol. This brand-new VPN protocol promises to overcome many of the limitations of other VPN protocols, including OpenVPN. It’s lightweight, fast, and incredibly secure. 

Initially, PIA launched beta support for WireGuard back in March 2020. However, this protocol didn't take long to find its way to all of PIA's apps. More precisely, PIA’s implementation of WireGuard is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Even PIA's extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are based on the WireGuard protocol.

We’ll also mention that WireGuard can be found in SurfsharkTorGuardNordVPN, and IVPN, among other VPN services. Check out the best VPNs with WireGuard support, and also make sure to learn more about other VPN protocols as well

SEPTEMBER 2020 – PIAs 'Next Generation' Network Goes Live

One of the latest significant additions to this VPN is its 'Next Generation Network' of VPN servers. Also known as 'Gen4,' this brand-new infrastructure brings plenty of improvements. It mainly enhances the speeds and reliability of PIA's servers while offering enhanced security. 

PIA's 'Next Gen' servers have been redesigned from the ground up to utilize more powerful hardware components. With that said, you can expect PIA's servers to use 10Gbps network cards (as opposed to 1Gbps network cards used by most VPNs today). Aside from that, PIA's servers use no hard drives and store their data onto RAM disks, protecting your privacy. 

FEBRUARY 2020 - PIA Open-Sources Its Android App

In February 2020, PIA decided to open-source its Android app, becoming one of the rare VPNs to open-source all of its clients. This process started in 2018, so it took around two years for PIA to open its code to third-party inspection completely. 

This was a highly important move, especially in the context of proving PIA’s commitment to privacy and transparency. Of course, we never had any reason not to trust PIA, as this VPN proved many times over that it cares about its subscribers.

FEBRUARY 2020 – Refund Policy Extended to 30 Days

In the past, Private Internet Access used to offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, making this VPN somewhat harder to recommend than its competitors. However, since February 2020, that is no longer the case, as PIA has decided to implement a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. 

To make that happen, PIA had to update their 'Terms of Service' legal document, which now explicitly mentions the newly introduced 30-day refund policy, which comes with no questions asked. To cancel your PIA subscription and get a refund, open a customer support ticket using PIA's website and ask for a refund.

NOVEMBER 2019 – Kape Technologies Acquires Private Internet Access VPN

During the last couple of years, Kape Technologies acquired a number of high-profile VPNs, becoming a strong force in today’s VPN industry. That company currently owns CyberGhost VPN, ZenMate VPNPrivate Internet Access, and ExpressVPN.

All of the previously mentioned VPNs remain trustworthy, and they all managed to evolve their offer under Kape’s ownership. With that said, even though Private Internet Access is no longer an independent VPN, it respects its privacy policy and promises no data logging. Until proven otherwise, PIA remains one of the VPNs that we strongly recommend. 

What's your opinion on Private Internet Access? Are you already a subscriber, or do you plan to become one? Let us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading!

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