Twitter Explore
Courtesy of Silicon NYC
  • Twitter is all set to redesign its Explore tab to redefine its place in the social media industry. The company wants to make its mark by becoming the place where everything happens live.
  • Twitter will roll out a new screen for its Explore tab for a better user experience.
  • Users can later personalize the tab as per their likings and disliking.

Since the beginning, Twitter has been trying to become the leading social media network in the industry. However, for one reason or another, it has failed to surpass Facebook. Time and again, the social media giant takes a shot to make its impact on the industry. Twitter defines itself as the platform where things happen live. For that matter, it made several deals and launched features such as Moments to regain its lost charm.

In recent news, it is believed that Twitter is making things easier for Twitteratis on the platform by notifying them about their favorite topics and events. FIFA World Cup is around the corner and you are unable to attend a game or two in Russia. How about you love music and but could not get the tickets to your favorite band? Twitter will become your ultimate solace by bringing you exclusive live videos from all sectors and regions to keep you updated.

To make this feature successful, the company is dedicated to bringing noticeable changes in its Explore tab which you can later personalize as per your liking. The most notable feature would be a new screen for the Explore tab. According to the Vice President of Product, Keith Coleman said in a statement, “The goal of these updates was it to make it as easy to follow an event as it is to follow a person today. There are a lot of people on Twitter who don’t have highly curated timelines.”