How to Download, Install, & Use CyberGhost VPN

By Srijani Ghosh / February 14, 2022

If you’re using CyberGhost VPN for the first time, you may find it difficult to set up the client software on your device. Moreover, this VPN doesn’t even offer client apps on several platforms. Hence, to configure the VPN manually, you must have prior technical knowledge. Here, we've prepared a complete guide to learn how to download, install and use CyberGhost VPN on all of it's supported devices. So, scroll down and have a look. 

Before that, if you haven’t bought a subscription yet, click here to grab the best deal with a monster-saving plan. And, in case you’re still in doubt whether or not to sign up for their 45-days risk-free trial period, check our CyberGhost VPN review to know everything about their services. 

Now, check our CyberGhost installation guides to enjoy the fastest and safest VPN service with a plethora of new feature additions. And, install it on your preferred device to become a Ghostie

On Computers

Using CyberGhost VPN on a computer means you get safe access to the web, no matter whether you're browsing, streaming, gaming, torrenting, or downloading a file. Since this VPN renders native support for all most-used operating systems, the installation process becomes easier irrespective of which device you own.

In addition to this list, CyberGhost VPN works on several Linux distributions. Scroll down to know about all the Linux distros compatible with CyberGhost VPN.  

Linux Distros

On Mobile Devices

Do you often stream your favorite content or play a game on the go? If so, installing CyberGhost VPN on your mobile device is the best way to keep your personal details secure on a cellular network or public Wi-Fi. Take a look at the installation guides mentioned here, and perform the dedicated set-up process for the device you own. 

On Media Streaming Devices

If you like to stream 4K content on a big screen, configuring CyberGhost VPN on your media streaming device is the only way to keep your connection secure. And, in case your service provider caps the data usage, using this VPN will help you bypass ISP throttling to enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience.

On Routers

Installing the CyberGhost VPN on a router means offering complete online security to all of your gadgets. Either you can buy a FlashRouter with CyberGhost VPN pre-configured on it or opt for setting up the VPN manually on your existing VPN router. Now, follow the installation guides below to configure CyberGhost VPN on the supported routers. 

On Web Browsers

CyberGhost VPN comes with browser extensions to help you safeguard the online traffic flow on your browser. These browser extensions come really handy when you don't want another locally installed app on your system. However, you must know that CyberGhost browser extensions don't comprise all the features a native application does. And, it filters only the incoming and outgoing traffic on your browser. So, only if your requirements demand it, go for the below installation guides. 


If you want added security while using a CyberGhost browser extension, use the cookie cleaner add-on provided by the CyberGhost VPN itself. This add-on is designed to remove the cache, cookie, and browsing history of your preferred time period.

On Game Consoles

If you love to play online games on your console, there is no way to install a VPN client on it. But that doesn't mean you can't spoof your geo-location and play the games available in other parts of the world. CyberGhost's Smart DNS feature will definitely enable you to bypass the location barrier and play whatever game you want on your consoles. Check below for more information.  

On Kodi

There is a list of reasons why you should use a VPN with Kodi. In fact, it's unsafe to use Kodi without a VPN. However, depending on your Kodi install, CyberGhost VPN allows you to configure either IPSec or OpenVPN protocol on your device. You can find the installation guides for Kodi on different devices below.

Other Devices

Along with all the platforms mentioned above, CyberGhost VPN renders adequate support for secure data transmission, making it suitable to use with Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices and Sat Receivers. Find the corresponding installation processes below.

Our complete installation guide for all CyberGhost VPN-supported devices ends here. If you have anything to add to this list, do let us know through the comment button below. Thanks for reading!

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