Kodi 17.5 Download Guide – Everything You Need to Know

By Novak Bozovic / October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017 – XBMC Foundation, who is in charge of development of Kodi, has announced that the latest version of this home theater software has been released – Kodi 17.5. This is an incremental update that brings several bugfixes and performance optimizations. Even though no new features are present, this update is a small step towards a more reliable and bug-free Kodi.

Disclaimer: The following software comes from official and unofficial sources. As such, it is publicly available and built for Kodi, which is based on open source software on its own. However, TechNadu doesn’t take responsibility for how our users decide to utilize the following software. Furthermore, please note that we don’t condone actions such as piracy or copyright infringement. Finally, TechNadu is in no way associated with the software mentioned on this page. Please read the above-said disclaimer carefully and make sure to use this software properly.

Kodi 17.5

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Kodi 17.5 - VPN

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Kodi 17.5: What’s New?

Here are all of the changes that Kodi 17.5 brings. As you will see, they address bugs on different versions of Kodi, aimed at different platforms and devices. Some of these changes can be of use to Android, Linux, and MacOS users – especially those who use the latest versions of these operating systems.

Kodi 17.5: New Features

When it comes to Kodi, incremental updates don’t bring new features. The latest major update to Kodi was 17.0 ‘Krypton’ – which brought plenty of improvements, optimizations, and new features in comparison to the previous major version – Kodi 16.0 ‘Jarvis’.

Even though Kodi 17.5 doesn’t bring new features, it is recommended that you keep this application updated at all times. This is the only way to resolve possible technical issues and make sure to overcome different kinds of bugs. Hopefully, Kodi 17.5 brings smooth user experience across all of the supported devices and platforms.

Kodi 17.5

Kodi 17.5: How to Upgrade?

If you are interested in using the latest version of Kodi, you should periodically check for new updates. What you need to know if that Kodi doesn’t have an automatic updater tool. Instead, you need to update Kodi manually.

Updating Kodi requires downloading the newest version of Kodi (Kodi 17.5 in this case) and installing it over the existing installation. This is why we’ll provide links to TechNadu’s installation guides where you can learn how to install and use Kodi on different platforms:

Desktop Platforms

Mobile Platforms

Other Devices

Kodi 17.5: Additional Resources

We’d like to conclude this short guide by providing links to other helpful resources on TechNadu. These can be your go-to guides where you can learn more about Kodi 17.5.

Kodi 17.5 - Resources

Kodi 17.5: Customizations

You will be happy to know that you can continue using your addons as well as any customized builds for Kodi. However, you need to re-install Kodi if you don’t want to lose your files. This means that you shouldn’t delete your existing installation. In other words, don’t uninstall Kodi prior to installing Kodi 17.5.

If you’re facing a number of issues with your Kodi, it is a good idea to do a clean installation. This includes removing the existing Kodi installation and installing Kodi 17.5 to a different directory. As you can see, this will remove your customizations. You can look at this as a chance to find fully-working addons and try out some new ones. Here are some resources:


We hope you are as excited about Kodi 17.5 as much as we are. Let us know if you’re facing any issues. We’d gladly help.

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