How to Get Disney Plus on LG Smart TVs

By Novak Bozovic / September 14, 2021

Disney+ has done a great job of bringing applications not only to smartphones and computers but also for various types of smart TVs. And the good news is that there’s a native application for LG’s WebOS – which means you can watch Disney Plus on LG smart TVs. And yes - we’re here to tell you how that is done!

We'll answer all your questions about downloading, installing, and running the Disney Plus app on your LG TV. And with that said, you'll find our step-by-step installation guide below, in addition to plenty of tips and tricks. So, don't forget to read this entire article.

How to Get Disney Plus on LG Smart TV (6 Easy Steps)

  1. Visit the Disney Plus website first. Use the provided link, click on 'Sign up for Disney+ only,' and then follow the rest of the sign-up procedure. If you have a Hulu or ESPN+ account, you can add your Disney Plus subscription to those accounts at a low monthly price.
  2. Now, return to your LG TV. In case it’s off, make sure to power it back on – and wait until the TV connects to the Internet (which should happen in up to 60 seconds).
  3. Now, press the 'Home' button on your remote, and then select 'LG Content Store' from the main menu. Wait until this application fully loads. Navigate to the search box (in the top-left corner) and type in 'Disney Plus.'
  4. After a few moments, you should see the application you’re looking for. So, make sure to select the application, and you’ll open its overview. Alternatively, you can scroll to the apps category if you want to narrow down your search.
  5. Now, select 'Install' and wait a few moments until the application is downloaded and installed. Then, select 'Launch' to open Disney Plus.
  6. Finally, log in to Disney+ by following the prompts you'll see on your screen, and that’s about it. From this point on, you’ll get to stream movies and TV shows without any limitations. And that’s how you can watch Disney Plus on LG smart TVs.

What LG Smart TVs Are Compatible With Disney Plus?

As per Disney Plus' official requirements, LG TVs made in 2016 or later are compatible with this streaming platform. On top of that, you need to have a TV that runs WebOS 3.0 or newer. This includes a really wide range of OLED, 4K, and FHD/HD smart TVs manufactured by LG.

You should also keep in mind that LG TVs that use NetCast-OS aren't compatible with Disney Plus. And also, you can't use the built-in Web browser on any LG TV to access this streaming platform. Instead, you need access to the official Disney Plus app.

How to Update Your LG TV (WebOS)?

It's always a good idea to update your TV, and this applies to WebOS as well - the platform that powers LG TVs. Disney+ requires WebOS 3.0 or newer, so here's how to update your TV's OS.

What If You Have an Older LG TV? Is There Still a Way to Get Disney+ on Older LG TVs?

Yes, you can still watch Disney Plus on your LG TV - even if you have an older and unsupported model. However, for this workaround, you'll need to purchase additional hardware (don't worry, we'll recommend the most affordable options right now).

If you have an HD TV, you'll need a media streaming device that outputs up to 1080p. So, we recommend either Amazon's Fire TV Stick or Roku's Express HD. And in case you have a 4K TV, you need a more capable streamer, such as Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K or Roku's Premiere.

All of the options above cost between $29.99 and $49.99. With that said, there's really no reason to replace your TV to get access to new apps, such as Disney Plus. And also, depending on your choice, you'll want to know how to install Disney Plus on a Fire TV Stick or how to get Disney Plus on a Roku device.

Can You Stream Disney+ in 4K on LG TVs?

Yes, you can stream Disney Plus in 4K - if you have a 4K-capable LG TV. That's because Disney Plus comes with over a hundred 4K movies, with new titles being released regularly. The app will adjust to your TV's video resolution automatically so that 4K movies can play in the highest possible video resolution.

However, it's worth noting that having a 4K TV is only one part of this equation. Keep in mind that 4K streaming requires a lot of bandwidth. That means you need a fast Web connection of at least 25 Mbps (for streaming in 4K on a single screen).


Not sure if you have a fast-enough Web connection? Then, you should run a Web connection speed test. The provided link will take you to Ookla's Speed Test, known for its simplicity and highly reliable results. Give it a try.

Can't Find Disney Plus on Your LG TV? Here's What You Must Keep in Mind!

There could be several reasons why you can't find Disney Plus on your LG TV. However, in most cases, two things are causing this problem. Either your TV isn't compatible with Disney Plus, or you're in a country where this streaming service isn't compatible.

Remember that you need an LG TV made in 2016 or later. And also, your TV must run WebOS 3.0 or newer. With that said, ensure that you have a compatible TV, and then make sure that it runs the latest WebOS available.

Then, keep in mind that Disney Plus isn't available worldwide. If you're in a country where this streaming service isn't yet available, you won't see it on your TV's app store. We expect Disney Plus to continue its expansion throughout 2021, so you'll need to wait a bit more.

Disney Plus Not Working on Your LG TV? Try These Solutions!

If you're having trouble using Disney Plus on your TV, we're going to provide a series of possible fixes. Hopefully, using the following recommendations, you'll ensure a smooth streaming experience on your LG TV.

What Other Devices Are Compatible With Disney Plus?

Great - you now know how to watch Disney Plus on your LG TV. However, keep in mind that you can also access this streaming platform on other devices as well. With this said, check out the following guides:


Do LG TVs Have Disney Plus?

Yes, LG TVs made in 2016 and later (running WebOS 3.0) are compatible with Disney Plus. Those models allow you to access the native Disney Plus app (and stream in up to 4K) without any additional hardware needed.

How Do I Get Disney Plus on my LG TV?

You get Disney Plus on your LG TV by downloading it from LG's 'Content Store' - just like you would download any app that runs natively on your LG TV.

Does LG Still Offer a Disney Plus Promo?

LG used to offer a promo that included a year of Disney Plus, free of charge. However, that promo offer is no longer available. However, other companies have partnered with this streaming platform, so there's still a way to get Disney+ for free.

Is There a Way to Get Disney Plus for Free on LG TVs?

Yes, you can take advantage of numerous promotions that bring time-limited access to Disney Plus, free of charge. Companies such as Verizon, US Mobile, Google, and Microsoft are currently offering promotions related to Disney Plus, so make sure to use the provided link.

In case of any questions or doubts regarding installing the Disney Plus app, know that you can count on TechNadu’s team. Feel free to use the comments section below, and you can be sure that we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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