How to Change Disney Plus Password Without Email?

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated July 8, 2021

Disney Plus is such a cool platform that allows you to easily watch a ton of content and gives you access to Marvel and Star Wars, oldies and goldies, original shows, and nature documentaries. And yet, when it comes to changing your account's various features, things may get a tad too complicated.

Let's see how you can change your Disney Plus password and whether you can do this without going to your email account.

Setting up a Disney Plus account is pretty easy and only requires your email address, a strong password, and a credit card. Changing up your password, however, may require a few extra steps.

Can You Change Your Disney Plus Password Without Your Email Account?

Sadly, we haven't managed to find a way to avoid having to use your email address for one thing or another in order to change your password.

This, however, is very good news for you because it's a security feature that will keep your account safe from a takeover.

How to Change the Disney Plus Password?

Switching up your Disney Plus account can be a good idea, especially if you do this every few months as a security measure. In case any Disney Plus database gets on the black market, it will be months before we even find out. So, your account could get taken over by someone.

Therefore, please remember to create safe passwords (use lower and upper case letters, numbers, and signs) and not reuse your passwords. You can reset the password in any of the two below-given ways.

1. Change your password from the Account settings

You'll go through the same process regardless if you load Disney Plus in your browser or in your mobile app.

2. Reset Password through Login page

There you go! You now have a new password!

As we already said, it can't be done without checking your email account, but that's a good thing due to security reasons so that someone you share your credentials with can't take over your account. That being said, it's nothing too difficult when you change your password.

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