How Do I Add Someone to My Disney Plus Account?

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated July 8, 2021

Disney Plus is an awesome platform, and we understand why you want to share it with your friends and family, even though that's not necessarily advisable. However, if you must, let's see how you can add someone to your Disney Plus account. 

The platform permits up to four simultaneous streams, as well as seven different profiles on the service. Theoretically, there's plenty of room for at least someone other in your family to join in. 

Practically, however, this is something you should be really careful about. There's no real way you can add someone to your Disney Plus account without sharing your login credentials - email address and password. 

Share Your Account

As mentioned, you will need to share your password and email address with whomever you decide to share your account with. We know that even if we tell you that this isn't something you should be doing, you'll still go through with it because that's what family is for. However, let's at least make this as safe as possible. 

First of all, make sure that the email address and password you use on your account are ones that you are comfortable sharing with others. 

Don't use the same password you use for any other account, especially those associated with that particular email address - social media, banking, gaming, or even the email account itself. Also, since you're likely thinking about it, make sure it's not a variation of your usual password either. 

What Are the Sharing Limits?

These aren't as much as sharing limits, as much as account limits. Nonetheless, you should know that Disney Plus has some limits set to its profiles. 

The profiles allow people to have their own watchlists, their own preferences, their own watch history. Based on these, you'll also get specific suggestions for more content. 

Also, since there are only four simultaneous streams per account, you should make sure they don't take over your streams if your home requires you to use a certain amount. Considering the fact that you can only connect to Disney Plus on up to 10 devices, make sure they also don't associate a slew of devices. 

Can Someone Take Over Your Disney Plus Account?

That's going to be quite difficult because Disney Plus has some safety measures in place for exactly this situation. 

If anyone tries to change your password, you will get a 6-digit code on your email address associated with the account. That code is required to make any major changes to the account. This is also why we advised you to have a completely different password than any other you've used before, especially the one associated with your email account. 

How Can You Push Someone Out of Your Account?

If your rules are broken, and you find no middle ground to enjoy your own account, you can always kick someone off your account. Here's what you need to do:

In this way, you're effectively logging them out and making sure they can't log back in.

Of course, you should be ready to pay the subscription price on your own or pay them back if they already paid their share for the whole year. The issue of payment is something you need to settle between yourselves.

Ultimately, it may simply be down to cutting your losses if that's what's going to help you stay stress-free. We all have enough to worry about to not add a dispute over Disney Plus to the pile. 

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