How to Get Paramount Plus on iPhone & iPad in 2021

Apple’s App Store has just received a notable addition in the form of a new media streaming app. And yes, we’re talking about Paramount Plus (formerly known as CBS All Access), promising to bring a unique combination of moviesTV shows, documentaries, sports, live TV, and more. So, let’s waste no more time, and let’s talk about how to get Paramount Plus on your iPhone and iPad. 

Which iPhones & iPads Are Compatible With Paramount+?

Paramount Plus is available on iPhones and iPads that run iOS 11.0 or newer. That means even some dated Apple-made smartphones and tablets will get to run this app. And no matter what iPhone or iPad model you have, you’ll get the same experience as everyone else. 

Of course, we always recommend using the latest available version of iOS and iPadOS. So, before you start streaming Paramount+, ensure that your device is up-to-date. Do this by going to Settings > General > Software Update. 

Can I get Paramount+ for Free on iOS or iPadOS? 

Yes, there’s a way to get Paramount Plus for free. This media streaming service currently offers extended trials for new subscribers who sign-up before March 31, 2021. We are talking about one-month trials here, giving you plenty of time to test-drive everything that Paramount Plus offers.

With that said, we’re sure many of you will want to subscribe to Paramount Plus straight away. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to supply your credit card information. Even though you won’t be charged anything right now, you will be charged once your one-month trial ends (if you don’t cancel your subscription on time).

How to Get Paramount Plus on iPhone & iPad (6 Steps)

Getting started with Paramount+ on Apple’s mobile devices is incredibly simple. This is a straightforward procedure, so we’ll keep it short. Here’s what you need to do. 

  • First, go ahead and get your Paramount+ subscription (1 month free)
  • Now, make sure to go through the rest of this procedure on your iPhone or iPad
  • Launch the App Store and tap on the ‘Search‘ tab (at the bottom of the screen). 
  • Type in ‘Paramount Plus‘ and open the app’s overview screen. 
  • Now, tap on ‘Get‘ to download the app to your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Tap to launch it, and then log in using your credentials. That’s it!


If you’re reading this article on your iPhone or iPad, there’s an even faster way to download Paramount Plus on your device. Use the provided link and you’ll be automatically taken to the Paramount+ app on your device’s App Store.

What Other Devices Does Paramount Plus Support?

You can access and stream Paramount Plus on smartphones, tablets, computers, media streaming devices, game consoles, and more. Here’s the full list.

Can I Stream Paramount Plus in 4K on iPhone & iPad? 

When it comes to iPhones and iPads, they don’t actually have 4K screens. However, those look like 4K screens since they’re powered by technologies grouped within Apple’s “Retina” brand. So, you can’t stream Paramount Plus in 4K on your iPhone or iPad, technically speaking. 

Keep in mind that Paramount Plus will adjust its video playback automatically, based on the device you use, its screen resolution, and the speed of your Web connection. And if you plan on casting the app’s media content to a 4K TV, know that you’ll get to cast in 4K. 

Can I Download Paramount+ Content for Offline Viewing on iPhone and iPad? 

Yes, you can download movies and TV shows via Paramount Plus and watch them offline. That option comes included in the streaming service’s $9.99/month plan. That same plan also comes without ads, giving you everything that Paramount offers, distraction-free.

To download videos from Paramount Plus for offline viewing, do the following.

  • Launch Paramount Plus and tab on ‘Browse‘ or ‘Search.’
  • Find a movie or TV show you’d like to download and open its overview.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Download‘ button on the right side of the app’s interface.
  • You can find your downloaded videos by going to More > Downloads.


Keep in mind that only select titles are available for offline viewing. To check out those titles, navigate to More > Downloads > Browse Available Videos.

Can I AirPlay Paramount+ From My iPhone or iPad? 

Yes, Paramount Plus supports both AirPlay and Chromecast – depending on which devices you install the app (and depending on the platform that powers your TV). In other words, once you log in to Paramount Plus and start streaming, tap on the ‘Screen Cast’ icon and select your TV (or any other device), and you’ll cast your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen. Easy, right? 

You’ve reached the end of our guide on how to get Paramount Plus on iPhone and iPad. If you have any doubts about installing or using this app, let us know by posting a comment below. And finally, thank you for reading!



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