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Will Paramount Plus Have Live TV?

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated July 8, 2021

As the Paramount Plus launch date draws closer, we're looking into what the service is set to offer users and to answer one big question - will Paramount Plus have live TV?

So far, CBS All Access has offered a live stream for CBS, which the network no longer offered on its regular website, something that's unusual among networks. Nonetheless, it was clear they were trying to attract more subscribers to CBS All Access with this gimmick.

Now that Paramount Plus is coming, we're wondering just how much content we'll get to watch online and whether all the channels that will be providing content for the platform will also feature live streams.

However, according to the info we have from ViacomCBS, Paramount Plus will feature some live content.

The base tier will no longer feature the CBS live stream, but the premium one will. On top of that, the $10 per month tier will also feature live streams of the CBS Network and local channels, as well as live sports from CBSN. Some NFL content will also be available for the base tier, but not all games.

So, while you'll have access to more live content, it will mostly be sports. That's something you do need to take into consideration, as you may want to also get a subscription with a live TV service if you want more live content.

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