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How to Get Paramount Plus on Apple TV in 2024

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated April 20, 2022

Paramount+ is available as a tvOS app, compatible with most Apple TVs. There's also an option to subscribe to the streaming service through tvOS' TV app (where you can pick from a range of channels). With that said, there are different ways to get started, which can be a bit confusing for tvOS users. We're here to help, so let's talk about how to get Paramount Plus on your Apple TV.

Which Apple TV Models Work With Paramount+? 

As per the official technical documentation supplied by Paramount Plus, this media streaming app is available on the following Apple TV devices:

In terms of the supported models, you can use Paramount Plus on the following Apple TVs:

You can check your Apple TV’s model number on the bottom of the device itself - or via the Settings app. Also, you can always check the tvOS App Store and see whether Paramount+ is available as an app for your Apple TV.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Apple TV

You will be happy to know that Paramount Plus comes as a native tvOS app, taking full advantage of your Apple TV. Here’s how to get started with this app:

Can I Stream Paramount+ in 4K on Apple TV? 

Yes, Paramount Plus comes with a range of 4K and HDR titles. That applies to both movies and TV shows. However, keep in mind that 4K/HDR/Dolby Vision titles are available only via Paramount Plus' Premium subscription plan.

To access Paramount Plus’ 4K content, you need an Apple TV 4K model and a TV that supports video resolutions of up to 4K. On top of that, Paramount Plus supports Dolby Atmos, allowing you to take full advantage of your surround sound system.

Can I Get Paramount+ as an Apple TV Channel? 

Yes, Paramount+ is available as an Apple TV channel. As soon as you open the 'TV' app (on your Apple TV or any other Apple-made device), you will see Paramount+ among the available channels. Therefore, you can subscribe to this streaming service from there as well.

Keep in mind that subscribing to Paramount+ via the TV app won't give you the same experience as subscribing via the Paramount+ app.

For example, the TV app will charge you $9.99 per month, giving you access to Paramount Plus Premium. However, the standalone Paramount+ app has a lower-cost subscription (Paramount Plus Essential), priced at $4.99 per month.

Can I Watch Paramount Plus for Free on Apple TV? 

Yes, it's possible to watch Paramount Plus for free - for up to 7 days. That's the current duration of Paramount Plus' trial, available to new subscribers.

Keep in mind that Paramount Plus' 7-day trial is free, which means you won't be charged upon signing up. However, you will need to supply your payment information. So, you'll be charged once the trial ends (if you don't cancel your subscription on time).

Paramount Plus Not Working on Apple TV? - Try These Troubleshooting Steps!

If Paramount Plus doesn't work on your Apple TV, there are plenty of troubleshooting actions to try. We've gathered a list of actionable tips, so check them out below.

What Other Devices Does Paramount Plus Support?

Paramount+ works on computers, smartphones, streaming devices, TVs, gaming consoles, and more. For a more detailed look, check out the full list below.


Is Paramount Plus Free on Apple TV?

No, Paramount Plus doesn't come free of charge on Apple TV streaming devices. Instead, it's a premium subscription.

We'll remind you that if you subscribe to Paramount Plus, you'll get a free 7-day trial. So, you'll be charged once your trial ends.

Can I Sign In to Paramount+ with a TV Provider?

No, you can't stream Paramount Plus using your TV provider credentials. That's because Paramount+ is an independent subscription.

However, you can stream CBS programming using your TV provider credentials via the CBS app, available on Apple's App Store.

How to Connect Paramount Plus to Apple's TV App?

To connect Paramount+ to the TV app on your Apple TV, go to TV app > Streaming Apps > Connect More Streaming Apps.

At this moment, you should see a grid of app icons. Navigate to Paramount Plus. If you've installed the app already, you'll need to confirm that you wish to integrate Paramount+ with the TV app. That's it!

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Apple TV?

To cancel Paramount Plus on your Apple TV, go to Settings > Users & Accounts > (select your name) > Subscriptions.

If you want more in-depth information, we have a guide that explains how to cancel Paramount Plus on Apple TV - so, make sure to use the provided link.

That would be all on how to watch Paramount Plus on your Apple TV. If you have questions for us, know that you can always post a comment below. And finally, thank you for reading!

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