How to Change Your Netflix Region Without a VPN (Quick Guide for 2021)

VPNs are the best way to unblock Netflix titles. But maybe you want to try an alternative. If that's the case, we'll show you how to change your Netflix region without a VPN in this quick guide.

Besides that, we'll also mention why VPNs are better than the other unblocking methods. And we'll answer some FAQs too.

4 Ways to Change Your Netflix Region Without a VPN

Based on our research, these are your options:

1. Use a Proxy

Proxies are pretty similar to VPNs. To help you change your Netflix region, they hide your IP address by routing your traffic through a proxy server that sits between you and Netflix. Basically, Netflix will see the proxy's IP instead of your own.

To unblock content, you just have to connect to a proxy server in the same country as the titles you want to watch. So, for US shows and movies, you'll have to use a proxy server in the US.

Proxies have a local caching ability which lets them save content on the proxy server itself. When you request the content, the proxy retrieves it from the server instead of sending your request to the Internet. That way, you get faster load times. But keep in mind that the content might be outdated sometimes - unless the proxy is programmed to first check for an updated version online before retrieving the cached content.

Why a VPN Might Be Better

Unlike VPNs, proxies don't use powerful encryption. Many times, they don't use any encryption at all. That means you get better speeds, but it also means the proxy can't secure your traffic against hackers, government spying, and ISP surveillance.

If your ISP can see your traffic, they can throttle it. Essentially, that means they can selectively slow down your Netflix speeds.

Besides that, there's another problem - Netflix has a good proxy detection system in place. You might see the Netflix proxy error more often if you use a proxy instead of a good VPN.

2. Use a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is an unblocking tool that can stop Netflix from seeing your location. It doesn't do that by hiding your IP address. Instead, it changes your DNS settings to stop you from using your ISP's DNS server (to avoid leaking your location).

What's more, a Smart DNS also sends your traffic through different proxy servers. And it intercepts and edits your DNS queries (when you browser asks DNS servers for website IPs) to further avoid geo-data leaks.

In our tests, we almost always managed to change our Netflix region with a Smart DNS. We also had faster speeds than when we used VPNs.

Why a VPN Might Be Better

Smart DNS services are faster for a reason - they don't encrypt your traffic. Your ISP can still see you're binging Netflix, so they can throttle your connection.

Also, since Smart DNS tools don't hide your IP, you can't bypass firewalls. That means you can't unblock Netflix on your school or university's network if the admins block it.

And here's one last thing to keep in mind - most VPN providers offer Smart DNS services alongside their VPN. Examples include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. If you want to use a Smart DNS, get one of those VPNs instead of paying for a stand-alone service. You get a two-in-one deal for a much better price.

3. Use a VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You can rent one online and use it like a proxy or a VPN. You connect to Netflix through it, so the site only sees the VPS' IP address. So if you browse Netflix via a VPS in the UK, you'll end up on the Netflix UK library.

Most VPNs use virtual private servers. So if you get your own VPS, it's like you're cutting out the middleman.

Why a VPN Might Be Better

We have a whole guide explaining why VPNs are a better option than VPSs for most people. Here's what it all comes down to:

  • It's much harder and more expensive to set up and use a VPS.
  • If Netflix blocks your VPS' IP, you'll have to get a new one (expensive).
  • VPNs let you unblock Netflix content from tens of countries. With a VPS, you're limited to just one regional library.

4. Travel or Relocate

The only other option left is to just take a quick trip or move to the country where the Netflix title you want to watch is available. Once you're there, Netflix will automatically send your traffic to said country's library.

Obviously, this is only a solution if you have tons of free time on your hands and a lot of money. Or if you're just feeling extremely adventurous. It'll definitely make for quite the story to share with your friends over a bottle of wine. You'll probably be the first person to ever say "yeah I moved to the UK because I wanted to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Why a VPN Might Be Better

Well, it's a no-brainer. It's a way cheaper and convenient solution. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you only spend an average of $60 (give or take) per year. Also, you can use the VPN to change your Netflix region from the comfort of your own home. No need to deal with any paperwork or travel itineraries.

Thinking of Using a VPN After All?

Considering they're the best way to change your Netflix region, we're not surprised. But with hundreds of VPNs on the market, how do you know which one can actually unblock Netflix?

Well, we tested over 60 services, and found the ones that offer the best streaming experience. You can read about them here. If you're in a hurry, here's the list:


Can You Change Your Netflix Region with a Free VPN?

Yes, you can. But we can't say how efficiently you can do that. Netflix easily blocks most free VPNs because they don't refresh their IPs fast enough. And those that don't get blocked often have slow speeds and capped bandwidth (the average is anywhere between 500 MB and 2 GB).

If you want to give this a shot, use our guide to find a reliable free VPN.

Can You Change Your Netflix Region from Your Account's Settings?

No, Netflix doesn't have such an option in your account's settings. The only way to change your region is to use a VPN, proxy, Smart DNS, or VPS. Or, you know, actually go to the country where the title you want to watch are available.

How Do You Change Your Netflix Region with a VPN?

We actually have a guide about this right here. It shows you how to do that step-by-step and also answers many questions.

If you're in a hurry, here's a quick rundown:

  1. Subscribe to a good Netflix VPN (like ExpressVPN).
  2. Download and install the provider's VPN app.
  3. Use the app to connect to a VPN server. Make sure it's in the same country as the library you want to unblock.
  4. Log into your Netflix account and enjoy the new content!



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