How to Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackout Restrictions in 2023

Even though 'NFL Game Pass' brings numerous benefits, it also comes with certain limitations. Among those, blackouts are one of the biggest drawbacks of this streaming platform. However, keep in mind that bypassing NFL Game Pass blackout restrictions is possible, and we're here to explain how that is done.

The fact is that there's only one method to bypass sports blackouts - and that would be to use a VPN application. However, you need one that works with 'NFL Game Pass' by changing your IP address and unblocking this streaming platform. And after having tested more than sixty VPNs so far, we know which one to recommend. So, let's dive right in, shall we?

How to Get Around NFL Game Pass Blackout Restrictions

Getting around 'NFL Game Pass' blackouts is done by using a VPN service. With that said, here's our step-by-step guide on what you need to do.

  • First, you need a capable and fast-performing VPN. Without a single doubt, you should go for ExpressVPN. Click on the provided link to learn more about this VPN, and then start the sign-up procedure by clicking on any of the prominent red buttons you'll see there.
ExpressVPN Landing Page
  • You will need to fill out the required information, pick your ExpressVPN subscription (we recommend getting the annual plan, as it brings three extra months for free), and finalize the process. You’ll receive an email once done, confirming that you've created a new account.
Home Page of ExpressVPN Website
  • Now, return to the ExpressVPN website (its homepage), and click on 'My Account.' Log in to your account to access your dashboard. Your operating system should be automatically recognized, so you can click on 'Download.' To explore more ExpressVPN apps, select an operating system from the 'Set Up Your Devices' card.
ExpressVPN Web User Dashboard
  • Then, install and launch ExpressVPN. Before you get to use it, you'll need to log-in to your account. For this purpose, keep in mind that you’ll need an ExpressVPN activation code on desktop platforms.

For more detailed instructions on how to install a VPN, you can turn to TechNadu's handy guides. With that said, here's how to install ExpressVPN on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Firestick. If you use some other platform, feel free to search our website for a guide.

Home Screen of ExpressVPN With Listed Servers
  • You’re now free to pick any server. Click on any server’s name, and ExpressVPN will establish a VPN connection. To bypass 'NFL Game Pass' blackout restrictions, remember to pick a server that's not near your physical location (in some other part of your country or a different country).
  • From this moment on, you’re free to access 'NFL Game Pass' – no matter what device you’re using. For best results, access 'Game Pass' on your computer. That's it!

Which VPNs Work Best for Bypassing NFL Game Pass Blackouts?

Based on our experience, we strongly recommend ExpressVPN. Still, you have other options as well, capable of unblocking NFL Game Pass International. Here's an overview of what to expect from each of our top three VPN recommendations.

  • ExpressVPN: We’ve tested more than sixty VPNs, and without any doubt, this is the best one you’ll find today. You get easy NFL streaming, the ability to unblock any version of NFL Game Pass International, and more. Make sure to learn more by checking our ExpressVPN review.
  • CyberGhost VPN: We’ve managed to unblock NFL Game Pass using CyberGhost VPN as well. This VPN comes with servers optimized for media streaming, which is a nice benefit. Besides, it has an army of servers across the entire world. Here’s our CyberGhost VPN review if you’d like to know more.
  • NordVPN: Finally, know that NordVPN will also let you bypass NFL Game Pass blackout restrictions. Again, this is an incredibly secure VPN that works even on the most restricted networks. It's also highly suitable for media streaming. Don’t forget to read our NordVPN review.

Why Does the National Football League Impose Blackout Restrictions?

As a way to generate revenue, the NFL is using different kinds of channels to make agreements with TV networks and media streaming services. In other words, all parties try to earn money by either hosting or broadcasting games, which leads to broadcast exclusivity rights.

This is a highly complex topic, with many reasons why a particular game might be blacked out. And also, different rules apply to different types of games, as explained below.

  • Pre-Season Games: In general, certain pre-season NFL games are broadcast exclusively on national TV networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN. Other pre-season NFL games are typically televised via local broadcast TV stations.
  • Regular-Season Games: Once again, regular-season games are typically spread across CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN, in addition to NFL Network. Games where the road team is from the NFC air on FOX, while games where the road team is from the AFC air on CBS.
  • Post-Season Games: In general, NFL Playoff games are televised nationally, with certain games being subject to NFL’s blackout policies in case a game isn’t sold out.

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How Do 'NFL Game Pass' Blackouts Work?

Even if you have an NFL Game Pass subscription, all of the previously explained blackouts still apply. That means you actually won't get to watch NFL games live if you're in the USA. Instead, NFL Game Pass makes them available as soon as their live broadcast ends.

So, the question is – how does NFL Game Pass know your location? How does it know which blackout rules apply to your specific location?

Each time you access NFL Game Pass on any device, your IP address will be checked (in addition to other data that your Web connection transmits). This helps the streaming platform pinpoint your exact location, imposing blackouts when applicable.

As you can see, the trick here is to change your IP address. That's precisely what VPN apps are designed to do. Aside from that, there are plenty of reasons to use this type of software, as VPNs help boost your security and privacy online.

What Games Are Affected by 'NFL Game Pass' Blackouts this Season?

Considering that the NFL offers a dedicated streaming service (NFL Game Pass), you might think that you'll get to watch everything live. However, that's not the case.

NFL Game Pass doesn't offer live streaming of regular season and post-season games in the United States. Instead, games are made available shortly after they conclude.

When it comes to pre-season games, you'll get to watch games live – but only if they don't air nationally or locally within your market. Those games will become available on NFL Game Pass as per local blackout restrictions.

It's clear that NFL Game Pass imposes plenty of restrictions – where the biggest drawback is the inability to watch games live. However, this is precisely why we'd like to show you the differences between NFL's Game Pass available in the USA and the one available in other countries across the world.

What’s the Difference Between 'NFL Game Pass USA' & 'NFL Game Pass International?'

NFL Game Pass Price USA

Compared to any other version of NFL Game Pass, the US version is the most limited one. Here are the most significant differences between NFL Game Pass USA and International.

  • NFL Game Pass USA: This version of Game Pass doesn’t offer live streaming of regular-season games, which is its biggest downside. Instead, it provides on-demand replays only after each game ends. Even though this is one of the most affordable ways to get 'Game Pass,' it’s the right solution only for those not interested in watching live games.
  • NFL Game Pass UK: Interestingly enough, the UK version of Game Pass is also somewhat limited. Due to broadcasting rights, certain NFL games will be blacked out. This applies to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland as well.
  • NFL Game Pass International: In most other markets, NFL Game Pass offers an 'International' version, which brings all games (that you can live-stream), including playoffs and Super Bowl. You will also get access to NFL RedZone, the NFL Network, and NFL Films.

How Much Does NFL Game Pass Cost? Can You Save Money With an 'International' Subscription?

In the USA, NFL Game Pass is priced at $100. There's only one subscription plan, and you don't get live NFL games. However, the situation is quite different when it comes to NFL Game Pass International.

Depending on which country you come from or which country's VPN server you're using, you'll see different pricing plans. To give you an idea of how much these prices fluctuate, we've accessed several versions of NFL Game Pass International, as you can see below.

Country NFL Games Pass PRO Price
Brazil $ 73.39
The Netherlands € 184.99
India $ 124.99
Japan $ 240.28
Thailand $ 199.99
France € 194.99
South Africa $ 199.99

With that said, it's clear that you can save quite a bit of money if you go for NFL Game Pass International – while also getting to watch games live.

How to Purchase NFL Game Pass International?

No matter if you're in the USA or elsewhere, you can purchase NFL Game Pass International. You can even pick a country from where to subscribe, saving plenty of money along the way.

  • For this purpose, you’ll need a VPN. We’ve been using ExpressVPN for many years now, so we highly recommend it. Click on the provided link to get started.
  • Now, subscribe by filling out your information, selecting a subscription plan, and paying for your new VPN subscription. Expect to receive a confirmation email message once done.
  • Return to ExpressVPN’s website and log-in using the 'My Account' item on the main menu.
  • Now, pick your platform of choice in the 'Set Up Your Devices' panel on the right side of the screen.
  • Download ExpressVPN and install the application. Once installed, launch ExpressVPN. Log in using your ExpressVPN activation code (on desktop platforms)
  • Finally, select a server based on where you want to subscribe to Game Pass. For example, you can pick 'Brazil' here. Then, open NFL’s Game Pass website in any browser. Based on the country you’ve chosen in ExpressVPN, you will see the platform’s version for that specific country. Feel free to subscribe. That's it!

Remember to first connect to a VPN server before accessing NFL Game Pass International. Also, once you decide to watch a game, connect to a server in the primary country of your NFL Game Pass subscription – and then open NFL's Game Pass website in your Web browser.

Can You Watch Super Bowl LVI via a VPN?

Streaming BBC iPlayer via ExpressVPN UK Server

Yes, there's a way to live-stream the Super Bowl LVI. And yes, you can even watch it free of charge if you have a VPN subscription. Let's walk you through how this is done.

  • First, make sure to subscribe to ExpressVPN. Use the provided link to get to the VPN's website, and then pick a subscription and sign-up. Once done, you will receive an email confirming that your subscription is active.
  • Now, download and install ExpressVPN. For best results, we recommend using it on your computer. Still, you're also free to use it on mobile devices or media streaming device. Then, launch the VPN and log-in to access its Home Screen.
  • Connect to a server in the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that to live-stream Super Bowl 2022, you'll need to access BBC iPlayer or the BBC Sport website. We'd also like to remind you that Super Bowl LVI will be played on Sunday, February 13, 2022 - with kickoff slated for 6:30 PM ET.

Is There a Way to Get Around NFL Game Pass Blackouts Without a VPN?

No, there's no other way to unblock NFL Game Pass or bypass blackouts - if you're not using a VPN app.

We want to note that you shouldn't trust everything you read online. Some proxy services are promising to let you get around NFL Game Pass blackouts. However, the majority of those don't offer money-back guarantees. As proxies are known for being highly unreliable, you'll most probably lose your money.

What About Free-of-Charge VPNs? Can Those VPNs Bypass Blackouts?

There's no free VPN that can unblock NFL Game Pass nor bypass any sports blackouts.

Free-of-charge VPNs might look enticing - until you start using them. You'll see plenty of marketing tricks here, which typically translate to an overly limited user experience. As free VPNs have incredibly strict bandwidth limitations, they're unusable for media streaming.

Also, we'd like to add that free VPNs are proven to leak sensitive data. The most dangerous ones are designed to propagate malware. Therefore, we strongly recommend staying as far as possible from free-of-charge VPNs.


What's the Best VPN to Bypass 'NFL Game Pass' Blackouts?

We've tested dozens of VPNs. Out of those, the best VPN to bypass NFL Game Pass blackouts is ExpressVPN. Therefore, we strongly recommend subscribing to this capable and fast-performing VPN service.

On What Devices Can I Watch NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass is present on pretty much any device. This means you can use it on iOS, iPadOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire OS, Android TV, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. On any other device, you can use an Internet browser to access NFL Game Pass.

What’s the Cheapest Region to Get NFL Game Pass International?

Based on our research, Brazil offers the cheapest NFL Game Pass subscription.

What’s the Difference Between NFL Games Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket?

While NFL Game Pass is NFL's streaming service, NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to AT&T's broadcast and streaming services. With that said, NFL Sunday Ticket is available in the US only, offering out-of-market games.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to bypass NFL Game Pass blackouts. If you have any questions, make sure to post your comment below. And of course, don't forget to share this article online with your fellow NFL fans. Thanks!

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