How to Watch IFC Outside the US in 2021

By Novak Bozovic / August 14, 2021

Being one of the US's biggest production and distribution companies, IFC offers a rich library of critically acclaimed movies and TV shows. However, no matter if you wish to follow IFC via its TV channel or media streaming platform, you'll encounter geo-blocks unless you're in the United States. So, is it possible to watch IFC outside the US in 2021? 

Yes, it’s possible to unblock IFC’s TV channel and media streaming service. For that purpose, you need to use a VPN app. So, here’s how to pick one, how to use it, and everything else you need to know.  

Where Is IFC Available? 

IFC (Independent Film Channel) is available in the United States and Canada. However, know that those two are entirely different TV channels. 

With that said, if you wish to access everything that IFC offers (including its live TV station and on-demand content), you’ll want to access IFC’s US-based library. On top of that, know that IFC’s website is accessible from anywhere in the world. However, to access its content, you will need valid TV provider credentials.  

With that said, the following guide applies to those who already have access to IFC (via a cable or OTT subscription). However, we’ll also explain how to subscribe to IFC from outside the US (using an OTT service and a VPN app). 

How to Watch IFC Outside the US? 

Finally, here are the 6 steps to watch IFC outside the US in 2021:

Step #1: Find the Best-Working VPN to Unblock IFC

To unblock IFC, you need a VPN that brings plenty of servers in the US. And also, that VPN should be optimized for media streaming. With that said, our strong recommendation is to pick ExpressVPN, which comes as the best VPN available right now

Know that we’ve tested more than 60 VPN services so far, so our recommendation on using ExpressVPN is based on hands-on experience. Still, some other options await as well. To explore those, here’s our guide to the best VPNs for media streaming.

Step #2: Get Your VPN Subscription

To proceed further, you need an active VPN subscription. That means that you should now subscribe to ExpressVPN. So, once you land on the VPN’s website, pick 'Get ExpressVPN.' Then, make sure to inspect the currently available subscription plans. If you’re looking to save, pay attention to the VPN’s long-term plans.

Initial Landing Page on ExpressVPN Website

Provide your email address and pick a payment method. Once done, the VPN’s team will send you a confirmation email, letting you know that your subscription is now active. Proceed to the next step, where we’ll show you how to get started with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Sign Up Form

Step #3: Download & Install the VPN on Your Device(s)

To unblock and watch IFC outside the US, you need to install ExpressVPN on each device you’ll use to access IFC. With that said, know that ExpressVPN gets you 5 simultaneous connections. To learn how to get started, here’s our guide on downloading, installing, and using ExpressVPN – where we covered more than 60 devices and platforms.

Going Through Initial ExpressVPN Setup

Also, don’t forget to run ExpressVPN once you install it. You will need to access your account, for which you can use your ExpressVPN activation code. Complete the initial setup by following the on-screen prompts. Proceed to the next step once you reach ExpressVPN’s home screen.

Step #4: Connect to a VPN Server in the US

Now, here’s a highly important step that will let you watch IFC outside the US. Using ExpressVPN’s home screen, select the button just below the ON/OFF switch. At this moment, a new window will open, letting you pick any VPN server manually. Go ahead and find 'United States' using the top-placed search bar you’ll see there. 

Connecting to US Server via ExpressVPN Interface on macOS

If you double click on 'United States,' ExpressVPN will pick the fastest available server and connect you automatically. At any moment, you are free to select any individual server as well. Wait until ExpressVPN's home screen turns green – which would indicate that your VPN session is now alive and active. 

Step #5: Unblock & Access IFC from Anywhere

You can now proceed to visit IFC’s website using any Web browser. However, before you get to stream anything, you'll need to log in using TV provider credentials. Go ahead and select 'Sign In' in the top-right corner. Then, pick your TV provider and enter your credentials. 

Watching IFC Outside the US Usin ExpressVPN on the Web

In case you don’t have TV provider credentials, there’s a way to subscribe to IFC from outside the US. Use the provided quick-jump link to find the best OTT services that bring IFC, and then find out how to access and subscribe to them from anywhere in the world. 

Entering TV Provider Credentials to Watch IFC Outside the US

The same method also works for IFC Films Unlimited. If you're a subscriber to this on-demand streaming platform, use any Web browser to access it and then follow the instructions you'll see there to download the app and access its content. 

Step #6 (Optional): Get IFC on Other Devices

Since ExpressVPN also works on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and plenty more devices, there's no reason not to use IFC on the go. That's possible because IFC offers iOS/iPadOS and Android apps, which you can download from the US version of the iOS App Store/Play Store. 

Even if you don't have a US-based Google or Apple account, you can always create one. Here are the links to help you get a new Google account or sign up for a new Apple ID. Make sure to have an active VPN session while doing so, and don’t forget to pick 'United States' when asked about your country. And also, here’s a handy US address generator, which you’ll need as well. 

IFC Media Streaming App Promo Images from iOS App Store

Then, log in to your newly created account on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Use ExpressVPN to unblock IFC’s app, sign in to your account, and you’ll get to watch IFC outside the US without any restrictions. As easy as that!

How to Sign Up for IFC From Outside the US? 

As noted above, to watch IFC outside the US, you need a subscription to a supported cable, satellite, or OTT TV service. With that said, the easiest (and the most affordable) way to get started would be via an OTT service. Here are your best options (if you're outside the US). 

1. Philo

Priced at only $25.00/month, Philo gives you access to 60+ TV channels, including IFC. To learn more, here's our up-to-date guide on Philo’s plans and prices. And then, make sure to learn how to subscribe to Philo from outside the US

2. fuboTV

If you need something more comprehensive, fuboTV gives you a whole range of subscription plans, starting at $64.99/month. Keep in mind that IFC is included in this streaming service’s 'Starter' plan. To learn more, here’s fuboTV’s full channel list, and here’s how to access fuboTV from outside the US

3. YouTube TV

And lastly, the final option would be to subscribe to YouTube TV. This live TV streaming service gives you access to 85+ hugely popular TV channels, with IFC included. To learn how to get this service, here’s our guide on watching YouTube TV outside the US


What Is IFC?

IFC is an American basic cable TV channel, primarily known for its comedy and horror-genre programming, available in close to 80+ million American households. 

Where Can I Watch IFC Live Online?

You can watch IFC live online via its website. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to sign in with your TV provider credentials to access IFC’s live stream (which comes for free). 

Where Can I Find IFC’s Content On-Demand?

If you visit IFC’s website, you'll find a vast library of movies and TV shows, available on-demand (and free of charge – but you'll need TV provider credentials). 

What Is IFC Films Unlimited?

IFC Films Unlimited is an on-demand streaming service that offers theatrically-released movies distributed by IFC Films, IFC Midnight, and Sundance Selects. 

Can I Get IFC Films Unlimited for Free?

No, you can’t get IFC Films Unlimited for free – but you can get its free trial on platforms like Apple TV, Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

Which Free VPN Can Unblock IFC Outside the US?

There’s no free VPN that can unblock IFC. With that said, our strong recommendation is to use a paid VPN instead, with a proven track record of working with IFC. 

Based on our hands-on tests, we recommend using ExpressVPN, suitable for both complete beginners and highly advanced VPN users. 

That would be all on how to watch IFC outside the US in 2021. If you have any questions or doubts, share them via the comments section below. And lastly, thank you for reading!

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