How to Know If a VPN Is Working on Netflix? 

By Novak Bozovic / November 12, 2021

A VPN that works with Netflix permits two things. First, it allows you to access new movies and TV shows. And then, it bypasses Netflix’s anti-VPN measures to enable smooth streaming. So, if you’re wondering how to know if your VPN is working on Netflix, we’re here to tell you what exactly you need to do. Let’s jump right in, shall we? 

4 Steps to Check If Your VPN Works With Netflix

There’s are 4 simple yet bulletproof steps to check whether your VPN works on Netflix. So, let’s go over those steps while providing some valuable tips along the way.

Step #1: Connect to a Suitable VPN Server

The first step requires you to connect to a VPN server. Still, keep in mind that not every server will do the job. First, know which version of Netflix you’d like to unblock. In most cases, people are after the US version of Netflix, which means you need to connect to a US-based server. 

Connecting to US Server via ExpressVPN Interface on macOS

Then, you need to know if your VPN has specialized servers, which could be specialized for media streaming or specifically for Netflix. In the case of those VPNs, regular servers are used for Web browsing, not media streaming. 

Once you connect to a suitable server, ensure that everything is set up correctly. Your VPN’s home screen should have an indicator saying that your VPN session is now active. 

Step #2: Launch Netflix’s Website or App

Now, you can feel free to access Netflix’s website or app. Of course, before you do that, make sure that your VPN session is active in the background, as described just above. Keep in mind that if you use a mobile Netflix app (on your smartphone, for example), your VPN session should be active on your smartphone. 

We also have a helpful tip for you. If you accessed Netflix in the past using a Web browser, there could be some residual cache that can cause issues. Therefore, we recommend you clear your Web browser’s cache before you access Netflix. 

If you’re unsure about how that’s done, we’ll provide a series of links. With that said, here’s how to clear the cache on ChromeFirefoxEdgeOpera, and Safari. If you use some other Web browser, use Google to find detailed instructions.

Step #3: Check If You Can Access New Titles

Previously, we recommended you connect to a US-based VPN server. Therefore, your goal should be to unblock the US version of Netflix. However, keep in mind that what you’ll read in this article applies to any other version of Netflix as well. 

Watching Netflix US Using ExpressVPN

So, to check if your VPN is working on Netflix, inspect the media streaming service’s home page. You should see a grid of movies and TV shows. However, when it comes to the most popular titles, it should say “Number #X in the US Today,” or there could be a section titled "Top 10 in the US Today." That would indicate that you’re seeing the US version of Netflix based on the content the streaming service has made available to you at this moment.

Step #4: Start Steaming!

As mentioned earlier, being able to access Netflix’s website or app isn’t always an indication that your VPN works. Therefore, the final step is to stream any video and check whether your VPN can provide you with a pleasurable experience. 

As soon as you start playing a movie or TV show, a massive amount of data will begin to download. If you have a capable VPN, there should be very little to no buffering. Still, even in the case of a performance-related problem, there’s plenty you can do. 

When it comes to your VPN’s performance, make sure to learn how to speed up your VPN. You’ll also want to check what kind of performance to expect, as well as why your VPN slows down your Web connection in the first place. 

What If Your VPN Doesn’t Work With Netflix? 

Some VPNs simply don’t work with Netflix, and there’s not much you can change about that. In that case, we recommend you check our guide to the best VPNs for Netflix, where you’ll find a range of different options tested by our team. 

You’ll also see that our #1 recommendation is ExpressVPN. With that said, here’s how to use ExpressVPN to watch Netflix. And also, here’s how to improve ExpressVPN’s performance when streaming Netflix. That truly is a powerful VPN that should work out-of-the-box, which is the reason why we recommend it to both experienced users and complete beginners. 

That would be all on how to know if a VPN is working on Netflix. If you have any questions for us, make sure to post them just below. And lastly, thank you for reading!

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