How to Change Location on iPhone in 2024?

By TechNadu Staff / October 8, 2023

Do you want to change your location on your iPhone to increase online privacy? Or perhaps you want to access geo-restricted sites or apps? Well, a VPN can help you fake your location on the Internet by hiding your actual IP address. 

However, location spoofing on a smartphone is more than hiding your IP address. Some apps approximate your location using GPS data by using your iPhone’s built-in “Location Services.” On top of that, the Apple ID country also matters because the App Store is geo-restricted. Hence, you can’t download apps from other regions without changing the App Store location.

So, how can you use a VPN to change your location on an iPhone? Which VPN is the best for iPhone users, and is there a way to hide your location without a VPN? In this article, we will answer all these questions and help you achieve complete anonymity.

How to Change Your Location on iPhone with a VPN? 

You can change your location on an iPhone by connecting to a VPN. For example, if you live in Germany and connect to a VPN server in the US, all the Internet services on your phone will see the US as your current location.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to spoof your location on iPhone with a VPN: 

  1. Subscribe to a reliable iPhone VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Install the VPN app from the App Store.
  3. Log into your VPN account.
  4. Follow the one-time setup instructions.
  5. Choose your preferred server location. 
  6. Hit the “Connect” button.
  7. You can now browse anonymously.

This method lets you access geo-blocked content on the Safari browser. However, this method alone will not let you install region-locked applications from the App Store. To access those apps, you need to change your App Store country.

Why Do You Need to Change Your iPhone Location?

You need to change your iPhone’s location to enhance your privacy. Many Web services track your IP and GPS information to bombard you with targeted ads. But there are many other reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the common ones. 

The Best VPN to Change Your Location on iPhone

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to change your location on an iPhone because it has a wide number of obfuscated servers to choose from. But its most impressive traits are its lightning-fast speeds and military-grade security.

Let’s take a look at our top picks. 

How to Change Your iPhone Location Without a VPN?

You can change or hide your iPhone location without a VPN using methods like GPS spoofing and turning off “Location Services”. However, these methods alone will not let you access geo-restricted services or apps.

That being said, let’s dive a bit deeper into these methods. 

How to Change Your GPS Location on iPhone?

It is possible to change your GPS location by using a third-party tool like iTools. However, you should do due diligence and practice great caution when connecting to third-party software. Such tools can be inherently unsafe, and hence, we do not promote or encourage their use. 

Nonetheless, to spoof your GPS location, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the iTools app.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the PC.
  3. Open the app and click “Toolbox.”

Accessing the Toolbox on the ITools App
  1. Click on “Virtual Location.
  2. Click on “Developer Mode.” 

Navigating the Developer Mode on the iTools App.
  1. Let the iOS Developer Disk Image download automatically. 
  2. Find a location in the search panel and click “Go.” 

Searching for Your Preferred Location Using the Search Panel
  1. Click the “Move here” button. 

Move here Call-To-Action Button to Complete GPS Spoofing Process on iPhone
  1. Your GPS location has been spoofed.

How to Change Your Apple ID Region or Country on iPhone?

You can change your Apple ID country directly from the settings. However, you may need a valid billing method based in your chosen country for purchases on the App Store. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Apple ID settings. 
  3. Choose “Media & Purchases.” 

Accessing Media & Purchases on the iPhone
  1. Tap on “View Account.” 
  2. Change your country from “Country/Region.” 
  3. Review the ToC and click “Agree.” 

Exploring the Apple ID Setting to Change Country or Region
  1. Enter the new billing details.

This method is best used in conjunction with a VPN connected to a server in the new region. It will let you watch content on geo-restricted apps like Hulu, Disney+, and more.

How to Turn off Location on iPhone?

You can turn off location by toggling the “Location Services” settings on your iPhone. Apps use this setting to provide localized content. This includes games like Pokemon Go that require your GPS information.

Follow these steps to turn off your iPhone location: 

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Tap “Privacy.” 
  3. Toggle off the “Location Services.” 

Toggling Location Services on the iPhone

Alternatively, you can also turn off location services for specific apps by following these steps: 

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Tap “Privacy.” 
  3. Tap on an app that you want to restrict.
  4. Choose “Never” in the permission box.

Restricting Location Services on the iPhone

VPN Not Changing Your Location on an iPhone - How to Fix?

If you have followed all the steps mentioned earlier, but your iPhone location is still not changing, there is a chance that your VPN is not working. Your first step should be to check whether you have connected to the right server region. 

After that, try the following fixes: 

Final Thoughts

You can change your location on iPhone by using a VPN and switching your Apple ID country. This will allow you to download and use geo-restricted applications. However, some apps also track GPS data. In that case, you may have to rely on GPS spoofing using a third-party tool. 

That said, make sure that you use a capable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has very reliable obfuscated servers with lightning-fast speeds. You can also try it risk-free, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.


Can You Change Your Location on iPhone?

Yes, you can change your location on your iPhone by using a VPN, GPS spoofing, and changing your Apple ID country. 

How to Change Location on iPad?

The method of changing location on an iPad is identical to changing location on an iPhone. You can install a VPN, change your Apple ID region, or try GPS spoofing.

Does VPN Change Your Location on iPhone?

Yes, a VPN changes your location on an iPhone. However, it will not change the region of your Apple ID by itself. You must do that manually from the settings while connected to the VPN.

How Can I Make My Location Appear Somewhere Else on iPhone?

Using a VPN is the best way to make your location appear somewhere else on your iPhone. You can also try GPS spoofing using third-party tools, but it is not recommended due to safety risks.

We hope that this article taught you everything you should know about changing location on an iPhone. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write them below.

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