5 Image Scanner Apps to Use Instead of “CamScanner”

By Bill Toulas / July 3, 2020

The “CamScanner” has been included in the list of the 59 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government, and so users are now forced to look elsewhere. The app may still appear as available on the mobile stores, but it will be removed from the results anytime.

The following scanner apps may be used instead - which would be a better and safer choice even if no ban would be imposed on the CamScanner. Remember, this is an app that was caught spreading malware to millions last year, and even if that was the result of the developers getting scammed, it proved that the app couldn’t be trusted.

Here are the best alternatives for CamScanner.

Adobe Scan (Android, iOS)

Adobe’s official scanner for the Android and the iOS platforms is doing great on both markets, scoring a “4.7” rating. It can scan anything, even handwritten text, and then deploy OCR algorithms to recognize and store the text as the user intends. It can be used with receipts, notes, PDFs, photos, business cards, whiteboards, and anything else you can imagine.

Microsoft Office Lens (Android, iOS)

The Microsoft Office Lens application is not only helpful in capturing and storing documents and whiteboards, but also in making them more readable. It automatically enhances (clears blurring and removes shadows) your captures, converts the images into editable Word and PowerPoint files, and supports “on-the-fly” sketching.

ABBYY FineScanner (Android, iOS)

The ABBYY FineScanner tool is one of the most advanced solutions in the field, deploying AI to capture JPEG or PDFs and help the user make the most out of it. It can recognize text through OCR in 193 languages and output the results in 12 formats without breaking the formatting. It even offers tag-based saving and searching and uploading to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Genius Scan (Android, iOS)

Genius Scan is a highly-regarded app that can scan PDF files or images, automatically correct distortions, apply filters, merge or split documents, and perform batch scanning actions. The software automatically generates tags based on the metadata and makes searching easier and quicker. Exporting options include popular cloud services, sending via email, and WebDAV compatible services.

Tiny Scanner (Android, iOS)

Last but not least, there’s the “Tiny Scanner” app, which is just the “Scanner App” on iOS. It already has seven years of development on its back, so it’s stable, snappy, with well-organized features and a huge userbase. Featuring AI-backed OCR text recognition, intelligent border detection, and pro-grade image filters, there’s nothing left to desire from this utility.


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