Top 5 “Baidu Map” Alternatives to Use in India Right Now

By Bill Toulas / July 1, 2020

The decision of the government of India to ban 59 Chinese apps has brought several implications and disruptions, as users in the country will now have to look for alternatives. The banned apps may appear as available on the mobile stores, but they are often non-clickable. However, they might disappear any time now.

One of the most popular apps in the ban list is "Baidu Map," which people used as a navigation app, and to plan routes and even explore indoor locations. Thankfully, there are several other options that users in India may pick up now instead.

Here are the best Baidu Map alternatives:

Google Maps (Android, iOS)

Available for both the Android and iOS platforms, Google Maps is one of the complete solutions to help you navigate every corner of India. It also helps locate businesses and various points of interest, and get real-time GPS navigation with traffic info and smart updates. Google Assistant backs the app, so you can ask for info or directions on the fly while driving.

Apple Maps (iOS)

The Apple Maps would be the de-facto choice for iOS devices, and rightfully so. Apple has dedicated a serious amount of development resources to provide detailed maps, immersive 3D experiences, accurate turn-by-turn navigation, and custom route planning. It even includes indoor areas, such as shopping malls and airports. The Apple Maps has been supporting turn-by-turn navigation for India since the beginning of last year, and it is constantly getting better at it.

HERE WeGo (Android, iOS)

Originally created by Nokia, "Here WeGo" is unique, in the sense that it offers very good mapping and navigation services without requiring an internet connection. Available in both the App Store and the Play Store, you'll only need to download the map of India and get going. If you use it with an internet connection, it can alert you about traffic or road accidents, generate alternative routes, and provide real-time ETAs.

Waze (Android, iOS)

The power of Waze lies in the fact that it's actively crowd-sourcing traffic information. Police stops, road closures, accidents, or gas prices - every key information that a driver would care about is logged onto the app for the entire community of users to benefit. Waze supports both the Android and the iOS platforms, and it's generally well-supported.

TomTom Navigation (Android, iOS)

TomTom has been the synonym of GPS navigation for years, and they are now trying to balance their act on the mobile space. The company is starting with impetus, already having accurate maps for the entire world, including India. This is why Huawei partnered with them when they needed to find a replacement for Google Maps. On the App Store, you'll find the app as TomTom GO Navigation, while on the Play Store, it goes by TomTom GPS Navigation.

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