Top Selfie Beautification Apps Available in India Right Now

The ax of the Indian government has cut even the popular selfie beautification image apps “YouCan Makeup,” “Selfie City,” and “Meitu,” in the context of the recent ban of Chinese apps. Of course, as popular as these apps may have been in the Indian market, they are not the only ones that can do the trick.

That said, check out the following list with the top 5 selfie apps in India that can help you turn your regular selfies into something work more likes and shares on social media.

YouCam Perfect (Android, iOS)

Starting with a “classic” in the field, “YouCam Perfect” helps the users remove elements that steal from the perfection of the selfie images. Things like pimples, wrinkles, or nonfluent facial shape features can be removed or edited as needed. And then there are “magic-touch” features like the application of filters, highlighted points, lights, blurred areas, background editing systems, and more.

Cream Cam (Android, iOS)

Cream Cam is doing to your shots what the name suggests, making them look bright and smooth as if your face is made of cream. Some may be put off by the “airbrushed” look, but hey, this is a beautification app. Sure, it won’t be ideal for every selfie you snap, but it has its applications. The fact that it is entirely automated makes it a valuable aid when on the go.

FaceTune 2 (Android, iOS)

For many, this is the best beauty camera and selfie photo editor. It features retouch algorithms, reshaping and contouring for specific facial elements, background replacement or hiding, and a rich set of artistic filters. FaceTune strives to offer a balance between being powerful and simple to use – and for its huge userbase, it achieves precisely that.

Perfect365 (Android, iOS)

If you want to be perfect across all days of the year, then Perfect365 may be the perfect choice for you. Its power lies in the “one-tap” makeover system that just works so well. Besides that, there are various “funky” things like changing your hair color, overlaying eyelashes, or applying lipsticks from real brands. It tops it all with easy sharing on all major social media platforms.

Pixl (Android, iOS)

The Pixl is qualitatively different from the other entries in this list, as it doesn’t focus on making you look more beautiful by smoothing everything. In addition to the reshaping and skin retouching features, it also has red-eye removal, teeth whitening, dark-circle brightening, and scar removal. There’s also an advanced makeup application system, which gives a pretty natural result.



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