Baidu Translate Is Now Banned in India – So, We Have Discovered the Best Alternatives!

By Novak Bozovic / July 1, 2020

India has officially banned a large group of Chinese apps – close to 60, more precisely. Among those, we can find plenty of entertainment and fashion-related apps, with numerous alternatives found on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store. However, it’s not always that easy to find an alternative to each of the newly banned apps, as some of those are unique on the market. That’s precisely the situation with Baidu Translate (and with Baidu Map as well), which is no longer available in India.

As its name says, Baidu Translate was all about translating sentences between a vast number of languages. Naturally, this isn’t easy to come by, even though other major tech companies are pursuing this field as well. It’s important to know that the majority of language translation apps are usually broken, inaccurate, or pure phishing attempts. With this said, we’ll focus on the three best alternatives to Baidu Translate – all of which genuinely deliver their promises and are available in India.

Google Translate (Android, iOS)

Without any doubt, Google Translate is the world’s most popular translation service. What started as an online platform is now available across plenty of devices. You can count on text translation, as well as online and offline translation. The app can also scan photos in different languages, translate bilingual conversations, it recognizes handwriting, and it allows you to sync between desktop and mobile platforms easily. And the best thing is – Google Translate comes free of charge.

Microsoft Translator (Android, iOS)

Microsoft has done a tremendous amount of work on its Translator app in the last couple of years. It started as a fairly simple app – but now it translates between 60 languages (both online and offline). Microsoft Translator can help with bilingual conversations, teaches you pronunciation, understands context information, renders images, and plenty more. And just like our previous recommendation, Microsoft Translator comes free of charge.

iTranslate (Android, iOS)

We’ll end our list of Baidu Translate alternatives with iTranslate. This is a modern-looking application that specializes in text, voice, and photo translation. Being a universal app, it works amazingly well on iPhones and iPads as well, supporting slide-over and multi-window features. You can also integrate it with Siri shortcuts and your Apple Watch. And of course, it’s compatible with other devices, including Android, desktop operating systems, and more.

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