How to Use ExpressVPN for Warzone in 2024

By Novak Bozovic / June 21, 2024

As a fan of Call of Duty Warzone, you understand the importance of lowering your ping and finding bot lobbies by avoiding CoD's matchmaking system. However, achieving that is not a cakewalk since many veteran players stay active throughout the day. That's exactly where ExpressVPN comes into play.

What makes ExpressVPN one of the best Warzone VPNs is its intelligent way of rerouting your traffic. Using an optimal server, you'll get to lower your ping and minimize latency, so you'll end up with a more responsive gameplay experience. You can also use it to get bot lobbies in Warzone.

In this article, we'll explain how to set up and use ExpressVPN for Warzone, which VPN server location to pick, how to lower your ping and latency, how to avoid bans and troubleshoot issues, and share plenty of tips on how to get the most out of this VPN provider.

How to Play Warzone with ExpressVPN

You need to connect to a VPN server in a region where not many CoD players are active. Before that, you need to sign up and download the VPN software. These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Visit the ExpressVPN website to get your subscription to this VPN provider.
  2. Click "My Account" using the top-placed main menu on ExpressVPN's site.
  3. Provide your credentials and access your ExpressVPN dashboard.
  4. Download and install ExpressVPN on your gaming device(s).
  5. Launch the ExpressVPN app and log in using your credentials.
  6. Connect to a server in a country without too many Warzone players.
  7. Launch CoD Warzone. and you'll get access to bot lobbies. That's it!

Countries such as Argentina, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Singapore are all good locations to get bot lobbies. Also, it's a good idea to use a VPN server in a country or location that's 8 hours ahead of you, especially if you play in the evening hours.

Does ExpressVPN Work with Warzone?

ExpressVPN is a great choice to optimize your Warzone gameplay, offering you a huge server network that enables you to access the game from whatever location you're presently in. Most importantly, it can lower your ping and minimize latency if you pick a nearby server.

Also, this VPN provider encrypts your data and hides your IP to make sure you can bypass ISP throttling and any network surveillance. That's why playing Warzone on your office or school Wi-Fi becomes easier, and your network admin will never know what you're doing online. 

Moreover, ExpressVPN works on all currently popular platforms, including the ones supported by this video game. You can even use this VPN on all VPN-non-supported devices like PlayStation or Xbox by installing it on a router.

Is ExpressVPN Good for CoD Warzone?

Thanks to its capable set of features, ExpressVPN is actually the most capable gaming-friendly VPN to access bot lobbies and make sure your ping and latency are low. Let's give you more information on what makes ExpressVPN such a good pick:

Best ExpressVPN Server Location for Warzone

When using ExpressVPN, we recommend you stick to its VPN locations across Europe (UK - London and Germany - Frankfurt), North America (US - New Jersey & Los Angeles), and Asia (Singapore and Sri Lanka).

More precisely, you'll want to find the best server for Warzone based on your physical location and your end goal. To keep your ping and latency in check, always go for a nearby server (on the same continent, that is).

If you want to access bot lobbies in Warzone, we recommend going with servers in Argentina, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Warzone isn't such a huge game in those markets, which increases your chances of encountering a lobby populated with bots.

The table found below gives you some recommendations on the best server locations for Warzone based on different regions:

Region ExpressVPN Server Location/Name
Europe UK - London
UK - East London
Germany - Frankfurt (1/3)
Germany - Nuremberg
North America US - New Jersey (1/2/3)
US - Washington DC
US - Los Angeles (3/5)
Canada - Toronto (1/2)
South America Argentina
Brazil - (Brazil 1/2)
Middle East - Africa Egypt
South Africa
Asia - Pacific Singapore - Jurong/Marina Bay
Japan - Tokyo (1/2)
Sri Lanka
Australia - Sydney/Melbourne

Does ExpressVPN Lower Your Ping on Warzone?

By offering both nearby and remote servers, in addition to highly optimized VPN protocols, ExpressVPN can be a great tool for lowering your ping and eliminating latency.

Lag is directly related to ping, which can be defined as the delay between a player's input and the server's response to those inputs. If that server is far away, your ping will go up - which means it will take longer for your input to register. And therefore, your game will start to lag.

ExpressVPN helps with that by routing your traffic through its own server. So, your data will take a more optimized route, resulting in lower ping and lower latency. A ping under 100ms is acceptable for Warzone 2 and Caldera, and ExpressVPN can achieve that easily.

You can find more information in our guide that explains why Warzone is so laggy, including how you can fix that problem.

Will You Get Banned for Using ExpressVPN on Warzone

VPNs aren't against CoD's Terms of Use, which means you have every right to use any commercially available VPN provider without risking a ban.

Keep in mind that Activision only bans those accounts involved in hacking activities. Unless you resort to the ExpressVPN Warzone combo to hide your use of cheating software, you should not worry about getting banned. On top of that, permanent bans are typically used for extreme or repeat offenses.

To be on the safe side, if you plan to use the VPN for access to bot lobbies, make sure not to overuse it. You'll want your stats to grow slowly, as big jumps through CoD's ranks can force Activision to take a closer look at your account.

Why Is ExpressVPN Not Working with Warzone?

By connecting to overcrowded servers or using a low-end protocol, you're increasing your chances of ExpressVPN encountering issues when playing Warzone. Also, you'll want to restart your devices, update your software, and fine-tune your cyber-sec application. Here's more information:

Final Thoughts

Like most Warzone players, you're probably dealing with noticeable latency, IP bans, and the inability to access bot lobbies. That said, ExpressVPN can fix all those issues with ease. In addition, it allows you to unblock the game from restricted regions and networks like those at schools.

The fact is that ExpressVPN is one of the most-recommended VPNs for Warzone and online gaming in general. It comes with all you need to optimize and improve your CoD gaming sessions - without using complex VPN configurations. Pick a server carefully, and you'll get to lower your ping, minimize latency, and access bot lobbies with ease.


How Do You Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone Using ExpressVPN?

To get bot lobbies in Warzone using ExpressVPN, you need to connect to a VPN server in a country where Warzone isn't widely played. For example, pick a server in Argentina, Egypt, Sri Lanka, or Singapore.

Can I Use ExpressVPN for Warzone on PS4 and PS5?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN for Warzone on your PlayStation 4 and 5. However, since PS consoles don't work with VPNs, you'll need to set up ExpressVPN on a router.

How Do I Use ExpressVPN for Warzone on Xbox?

To use ExpressVPN for Warzone on an Xbox, you need to set up the VPN on your router. Or, you can share your ExpressVPN connection from a PC. Find more info in your central guide on how to set up ExpressVPN on Xbox.

How Do I Use ExpressVPN on Warzone on PC?

To use ExpressVPN for Warzone on a PC, you need to install the ExpressVPN application, log in, and connect to a server. Then, you can launch Warzone while keeping the VPN active in the background. Here's how to set up ExpressVPN on Windows.

Does ExpressVPN Work on MW2?

Yes, ExpressVPN works with CoD MW2, as well as with practically any of the currently available Call of Duty games. It has minimal impact on bandwidth, ensuring your CoD sessions have a low ping and minimal latency.

That would be all on using ExpressVPN for Warzone. If you have any questions, share them via the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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