How to Get, Set Up, and Use ExpressVPN on Xbox

By Novak Bozovic / June 14, 2023

Xbox consoles can't run VPN applications, so you can't install a VPN directly on your console. If you wish to set up ExpressVPN on your Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One (One S or One X), or Xbox Series X / Series S, you'll need a workaround - and you have 3 options available right now.

You can use ExpressVPN's MediaStreamer, using which you can unblock streaming apps on your Xbox. That method works for unblocking US-based apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Max. If you want more comprehensive VPN protection, you can set up ExpressVPN on a router or share ExpressVPN from your computer.

How to Set Up ExpressVPN on Xbox

As mentioned briefly above, there are 3 ways to get ExpressVPN to work on your Xbox console. These are your options available at the moment:

Method #1: Use ExpressVPN's MediaStreamer

Setting up ExpressVPN on an Xbox through its MediaStreamer feature lets you unblock streaming services available in the US. Here's what you need to do:

1. Sign up for ExpressVPN using a computer and any Web browser.  

2. Click "My Account" using the top-placed main menu on ExpressVPN's site. Provide your credentials and access your ExpressVPN dashboard.

Signing In to ExpressVPN Website

3. Select "DNS Settings" on the left-hand side. Click the "Register My IP Address" button. Also, flip the switch next to "Automatically Register My IP Address."

Registering IP Address for DNS MediaStreamer ExpressVPN
Letting ExpressVPN Automatically Register IP Address

4. Return to your ExpressVPN dashboard and go to Set Up Other Devices > MediaStreamer. Make a note of your MediaStreamer IP addresses on the right.

ExpressVPN DNS Address for Xbox

5. Now, return to your Xbox console and navigate to Settings > General > Network Settings.

Network Settings Locations in Xbox Settings App

6. Under "Set up Wireless Network," select "Advanced Settings."

Setting Up Network Configuration Xbox

7. Once you pick "DNS Settings," select "Manual."

Manual Configuration of DNS on Xbox

8. You’ll now need to input your DNS address from ExpressVPN’s dashboard. 

Adding a Custom DNS Server IP to Xbox via ExpressVPN Mediastreamer

9. Once you input the numbers, press the menu button (≡) to proceed. Input the secondary DNS address as well from your ExpressVPN dashboard. Save your changes. That's it!

New Network Settings Applied to Xbox

To force your Xbox to use the newly added DNS server, you need to restart your console. The next time it connects to the Web, your Xbox will send your traffic through ExpressVPN's DNS server, which means you'll use its MediaStreamer feature.

Method #2: Set Up ExpressVPN on Your Router

By setting up ExpressVPN on a router, you can change your Xbox location and get a plethora of VPN-related features. That means your router will encrypt your data, protect you against DDoS attacks, hide your IP address, and plenty more.

Of course, that also means you need a router that can run VPN connections. If you don't have one, here are the best VPN routers available right now. You can also read about how to choose a VPN router, helping you find a product suitable for your needs.

Then, check our guide on how to set up ExpressVPN on a router. That's where you'll find more info on the supported devices, as well as our guides for individual router brands.

Method #3: Share ExpressVPN from Your Computer

Another way to connect ExpressVPN to Xbox consoles is to share it from your computer. That way, you don't need a dedicated router. Instead, you'll turn your computer into one.

As you can already guess, you'll create a virtual Wi-Fi network. That means you can connect your Xbox to that network (as well as any other device you might have in your household) and get data encryption, DDoS protection, and more.

To learn what exactly you need to do, here's how to share ExpressVPN's connection on Windows and here's how to share ExpressVPN's connection on a Mac. And if Xbox is connected via Ethernet, then you can share your VPN connection over Ethernet from a Windows PC.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you can use ExpressVPN's MediaStreamer if you want to stream media only. Other ways to connect ExpressVPN on your Xbox (or, better said - workarounds) let you take full advantage of the VPN's power and its 3,000+ servers.

To check how to cover more devices, here's how to install ExpressVPN. Use the provided link to get our central guide that covers 60+ different platforms and devices.


Can You Use ExpressVPN on Xbox?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN on an Xbox console. You can't install ExpressVPN directly on your Xbox, so you can use the VPN's MediaStreamer instead, set up the VPN on a router, or share your VPN connection from your computer.

Can ExpressVPN Be Used on a Console?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN on a game console - even though you can't install it directly. Instead, you'll need to rely on a workaround.

How Do I Connect My Xbox to ExpressVPN?

To connect your Xbox to ExpressVPN, you'll need to use a router or share your connection from a computer. Those are the only ways to extend ExpressVPN's protection to Xbox consoles.

That would be all on how to set up and use ExpressVPN on an Xbox. If you have any questions, let us know by posting a comment below. Lastly, thank you for reading!

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