How to Download and Install NordVPN on Chromebook

There are 2 ways to install NordVPN on a Chromebook. You can add the NordVPN extension to Chrome or use the NordVPN Android app on your Chromebook. That said, keep in mind that there are significant differences between the two available methods.

When using the Chrome extension, only the traffic related to your Web browser is filtered using a less powerful encryption method. But when you use the Android app, all apps present on your device, as well as your complete Web activity will be secured.

That said, we recommend going with NordVPN's Android app on your Chromebook, especially since practically all Chromebooks made in the last 5 years or so can run Android apps.

How to Download and Install NordVPN on Chromebook

As briefly noted above, you can download and install NordVPN on your Chromebook in two ways - by using its Android app or its Chrome extension. These are your options:

Method #1: Use NordVPN's Native Android App

By using NordVPN's Android app, you will secure your Chromebook's incoming and outgoing traffic. As such, this is the preferred way to set up NordVPN on a Chromebook, done in the following way:

1. Subscribe to NordVPN using your Chromebook and any Web browser.

2. Go back to NordVPN's home page and click 'Log In.' Provide your credentials and access your Nord Account dashboard.

Log in to your NordVPN account

3. When you're in, navigate to "Download apps." 

NordVPN app download

4. click the "Download" button next to "Android" and save the setup package.

Get the mobile app for NordVPN

5. Install the VPN app on your Chromebook and launch the NordVPN app.

6. Next, select "Log In" and enter your credentials to gain full access to the app.

7. Connect to a suitable server location, according to your requirements, to browse the Web with VPN security. You can now close NordVPN or leave it running in the background.

Method #2: Use NordVPN's Chrome Extension

Another way to set up NordVPN on a Chromebook is to use its Chrome extension. However, keep in mind that you'll protect your Chrome-related traffic only. Do the following:

1. Sign up for NordVPN using Chrome on your Chromebook.

2. Next, visit NordVPN's listing on the Chrome Web Store. Click 'Get' and confirm when asked if you're sure that you want to add NordVPN to your Chrome.

NordVPN Chrome Web Store Listing

3. Launch the extension by clicking on its icon (top-right corner). You'll be asked to log in, so pick 'Log In,' enter your username and password, and then activate the extension.

NordVPN for Chrome Login Screen

4. Return to NordVPN's Chrome extension. Click 'Quick Connect' to allow the VPN to connect you to the closest VPN server available.

NordVPN Chrome Extension Home Screen

5. To pick a custom server, use the drop-down arrow to reveal NordVPN's list of countries. Then, click on any country name and NordVPN will connect you automatically.

Picking Server Location in NordVPN for Chrome

6. We also recommend visiting the extension's settings using the cogwheel icon. Pick 'Security and Privacy' and then enable all of the options visible there. That's it!

NordVPN Additional Settings Chrome Extension

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it takes only a couple of minutes to install NordVPN on a Chromebook. That said, we highly recommend going with the Android VPN app, as that's the only way to secure your entire incoming and outgoing traffic.

Also, make sure to protect your other devices as well, as even a single exposed device can put your data in danger. That said, our central guide on how to set up NordVPN should be your next destination - where we cover dozens of different devices.


Does NordVPN Work on a Chromebook?

Yes, NordVPN works on Chromebooks. You can use NordVPN's Android app to run the VPN on your tablet, or you can use its Chrome extension.

Is NordVPN for Chrome Better Than the App?

No, NordVPN's Chrome extension isn't better than its app. The extension will only protect what you do in Chrome. The app will protect all your other Web-connected apps as well.

Is NordVPN Free on a Chromebook?

Yes, NordVPN is free on Chromebooks. More precisely, you can download its Android app from the Play Store for free. However, you need to be a paying subscriber to use the app.

That’s all! Now you know how to download and install NordVPN on a Chromebook. If you have further queries, drop us a comment through the button below. Thanks for reading!

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