8 Best NFL Streaming Services in 2020

By Novak Bozovic / September 17, 2020

One of the biggest obstacles of cord-cutting (until recently) was the inability to watch live sports. However, considering that many live TV streaming services now offer sports channels, avoiding the high price of cable TV seems like an easy decision. So, what are your options if you want to watch NFL games live and on-demand?

Well, there’s a range of options in front of you that you’ll have to combine. Don’t worry, we're here to report on all those streaming services, allowing you to make a well-informed decision. With this said, let’s talk about the best NFL streaming services in 2020.

First of all, a few useful bits of information to help you get started. As you probably already know, NFL games typically occupy four different time slots during the regular season. We’re talking about Thursday Night Football (Fox and NFL Network), Sunday Afternoons (Fox and CBS), Sunday Night Football (Fox, CBS, and NBC), and Monday Night Football (ESPN).

Then, there are playoff games that are split between all of the previously mentioned channels. And of course, CBS has the exclusive rights to the upcoming Super Bowl (2021).

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Without further ado, these are the 8 best NFL streaming services in 2020.

1. FuboTV - Best NFL-Centric Streaming Service

FuboTV Website

First, we have fuboTV - which started out as a sports-centric streaming platform. If you go for its base plan, you get 112 channels and up to 250 hours of cloud-based recording. The most comprehensive plan brings more than 200 channels (depending on your location), includes the Sports Plus add-on, and even a few high-profile entertainment channels.

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In terms of the NFL, you get ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and more. You also get NFL Network and even NFL Redzone is on offer (via an add-on, priced at $10.99/month). When it comes to other sports channels, you get Golf Channel, NBA TV, TBS, and TNT, in addition to a healthy range of regional sports networks. With this said, it's clear that FuboTV is the best option right now when it comes to streaming NFL games.

Of course, make sure to read our full fuboTV review, where you can learn the specifics, including the platform’s TV channels lineup, pricing, and plenty more.



2. Hulu + Live TV - Best All-Around Streaming Service

Hulu Live TV Website

If you want to catch as many NFL games as possible, you need a streaming service that covers a large number of TV channels (national + local). This is why we recommend Hulu + Live TV as one of the topmost options for the best NFL streaming service. By using this platform, you can access ABC, CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC - which means that you’re covered more than well.

It’s interesting to note that ESPN comes in the base (standard) plan of Hulu + Live TV, which is not something you’ll find often. That’s because Hulu is owned by Disney, which also owns ESPN (hence the connection). In addition, you get a really nice range of entertainment and news channels, in addition to Hulu’s entire catalog of on-demand movies and TV shows (with ads, in this case).

When it comes to some of its downsides, Hulu + Live TV doesn’t get you NFL Network or NFL Redzone, which means that you’ll still miss out on some of the NFL-related content after all. However, you’re covered well when it comes to Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football.

To learn more about what this streaming platform offers, make sure to read our in-depth Hulu + Live TV review. And remember, this is a non-contract service (like other streaming platforms), and you can always take a free trial to test-drive it before you commit.



3. Sling TV - Best Entry-Level NFL Streaming Service

Sling TV Website

Sling TV has always been marketed as an affordable solution for live TV streaming. It offers two plans (Orange and Blue), each priced at $30/month - with an option to include affordable extra plans as well. However, considering the affordable price of its Orange and Blue channels, you will have to think hard about how to combine these plans.

The Orange plan gets you ESPN channels, while the Blue plan includes channels like Fox Sports, NFL Network, and NBC. In case you’d like to watch NFL games on CBS, you’re out of luck - and you’ll need to use an antenna, which complicates the whole situation.

If you’d like additional sports channels, Sling TV comes with a Sports add-on (priced at $10/month), which includes NFL RedZone, beIN Sports, ESPN U, NBA TV, NHL Network, and more. Even though plenty of you should be happy with this selection, you can easily see how this can easily add up to a significant monthly cost. Therefore, make sure to pick your plan wisely if you want to keep things within a certain budget.

We are sure that you’ll want additional information about this streaming service, so we offer you our Sling TV review. Make sure to take a look.



4. Amazon Prime Video - Best for Includes NFL Extras & Add-Ons

Amazon Prime Video Website

It’s true that Amazon Prime Video isn’t the most comprehensive NFL-related solution out there. However, the fact is that Thursday Night Football might be the most complicated piece of this NFL puzzle. Well, that’s precisely why you should consider using Prime Video.

So, you already know that Prime Video only streams Thursday Night Football, which makes it suitable for casual football fans (in the best-case scenario). However, this on-demand streaming platform allows you to add extras, including entire standalone streaming platforms. For example, you can add CBS All Access to your Prime Video subscription, which means that you’ll also get Sunday Night Football coverage. There are plenty of these sports-related add-ons, including NBA League Pass or PGA Tour Live. You can combine what you want to watch, and therefore keep your monthly costs under control.

Let’s not forget to mention that you’ll need an Amazon Prime Subscription for this streaming service. This subscription also gets you free and fast shipping, special deals when buying on Amazon, limited music streaming, ebooks, and plenty more. To learn all there’s to know, here’s our Prime Video review.



5. YouTube TV - Best Local TV Coverage

YouTube TV Website

Starting at $64.99/month, you get access to more than 85+ TV channels with YouTube TV. What’s even more important, many praise YouTube TV’s coverage of local TV stations. Considering that it offers ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and Fox Sports - you get plenty of your money. More importantly, you get plenty of NFL-related action on your screen.

Keep in mind that when it comes to YouTube TV, you get NFL Network in the base plan. However, if you also want NFL RedZone, you will need to include the 'Sports Plus' add-on to your subscription.

It’s also worth noting that YouTube comes with a series of highly polished applications, compatible with just about any platform out there. In case you’re using an Android device or if you have a Google smart-speaker, you’re in luck because all of these are Google-made products. In addition, YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR that keeps your recordings up to 9 months, which is something that no other streaming platforms offer.

To learn more and see why this is one of the best NFL streaming services in 2020, we’ve prepared our YouTube TV review with all the information you need.



6. AT&T TV Now - Best for Watching Premium TV Channels


AT&T TV Now comes with a solid offer of TV channels, available for $55/month if you go for its most affordable plan. However, if you want to get the best possible offer, you will most likely go for a pricier plan (called Max, priced at $80/month). This gets you CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, in addition to a whole slate of sports channels like the Golf Channel, SEC Network, and some regional sports networks as well. Both of these plans come with HBO included as well, which is a unique feature.

Last year, AT&T TV Now was the best option for streaming NFL games. That’s because this platform used to include the NFL Sunday Ticket, giving you access to all out-of-market NFL games. However, this is now reserved for DirecTV Satellite customers.

Technically, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket via AT&T TV Now, but only if you don’t meet the requirements for using DirecTV Satellite (priced at $300 per season) or if you’re an active student (priced at $100 per season). In other words, this option is viable only for those who live in rural areas (and students as well).

We’re sure that you’ll want additional information about this streaming platform. So, your next Web destination should be our AT&T TV Now review.



7. CBS All Access - Best for Watching Sunday Night Football

CBS All Access Website

In comparison to other NFL streaming services found in this article, CBS All Access is the 'smallest' option here. This is a standalone streaming service that comes from CBS, allowing you to watch your local CBS affiliate in addition to plenty of on-demand content like movies and TV shows.

By using this streaming platform, you can watch live football on Sunday. Considering that CBS will broadcast plenty of games this NFL season, this could be an affordable way to watch NFL. The prices start at $5.99/month but this plan comes with ads. To improve your experience and get rid of ads, you’ll need a plan priced at $11.99/month.

And also, one more tip - if you want to watch more games, we recommend getting Amazon Prime Video, and then buying CBS All Access as a 'video add-on'. This way, you’ll be covered with Sunday and Thursday NFL games.

This isn’t only one of the best streaming services overall, this is definitely one of the best NFL streaming services for those on a budget. To see why - we offer you our CBS All Access review.



8. NFL Game Pass - Best for Watching On-Demand NFL Content

NFL Game Pass Website

We’ll end our list of recommendations for the best NFL streaming services with NFL Game Pass. You might be wondering why we haven’t placed this option first, considering that this is a dedicated NFL platform? Well, this is an amazing platform that offers 250+ NFL games, but still - there’s a catch.

NFL Game Pass provides on-demand replays of all regular-season games, and you get live coverage of out-of-market preseason games. This means that you won’t get to watch the regular season games live, which are instead available right after their broadcast ends. So, if you don’t might waiting for on-demand replays, this could be a viable option.

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It’s worth noting that this platform isn’t available in the USA only - it’s available worldwide. You also get access to the NFL Network live, NFL RedZone Live, plenty of on-demand movies, and more. And finally, please note that you’ll get to stream this year’s Super Bowl, which is yet another interesting benefit.



Can’t Make Up Your Mind? Here’s a Quick Breakdown of The Best NFL Streaming Services in 2020!

Yes, we understand that we’ve presented plenty of information in this article. So, to make things a bit easier, let’s get to the point and give you some quick recommendations.

So, we’ve finally reached the end of our guide to the best NFL streaming services. We hope that all your questions have been answered and that you’ll now more easily find a solution that’s aligned with your needs. Thanks for visiting TechNadu!

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