NordVPN Free Trial vs. Paid Subscription (2021) – What’s the Best Way to Invest Your Money?

Even though NordVPN isn’t a perfect VPN, we still believe that it deserves the trust of its users. As you can check via our NordVPN review, this is a comprehensive VPN service that comes with a set of highly advanced options. However, that won’t be enough to persuade many of you into buying a subscription straight away. Therefore, we think you’ll find the following NordVPN free trial vs. paid subscriptions comparison to be of great help. 

So, to make things clear, we’ll compare two things in this article. First, we’ll tell you what NordVPN’s free trial brings – including any limitations you might encounter. And then, we’ll compare that with what NordVPN’s regular subscriptions bring.


At the moment, NordVPN offers a 7-day trial – which can be accessed via Google’s Play Store only. So, you can sign up only from Android devices. Still, once you sign up that way, you can use the VPN on any device within the VPN's limit of simultaneous connections. 

If you don’t have an Android device using which you can subscribe (and pay for your NordVPN subscription), you have no other option than to sign-up via NordVPN’s website (and pay immediately). 

NordVPN Free Trial vs. Paid (2021)

Finally, join us as we explore our NordVPN free trial vs. paid subscriptions comparison, diving into the most critical aspects of this VPN service. Let's get started, shall we? 

Supported Devices & Simultaneous Connections

Device Compatibility Section on NordVPN Website

First and foremost, let's check what platforms and devices NordVPN's free trial supports. And then, we'll compare that with what regular subscriptions include.

Desktop Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebooks. Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebooks.
Mobile Platforms Android, iOS.  Android, iOS.
Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox.  Chrome, Firefox.
Other Platforms Fire TV, routers, and more.  Fire TV, routers, and more.
Parallel Connections Up to 6.  Up to 6. 
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: Once again, we need to remind you that NordVPN’s free trial is accessible via the Play Store. However, once you sign-up using your Android device, you can use your credentials to activate NordVPN on other devices. The only limit is NordVPN’s limit of 6 simultaneous connections, and that’s it. 
  • NordVPN PAID: In essence, there’s no difference in what paid subscriptions bring in comparison to NordVPN’s trial. However, you path to downloading and activating NordVPN will be much easier. You'll use its website to get a subscription, you pay for it, and then you can download the VPN on pretty much any device. 

SUMMARY: Both NordVPN's free trial and a paid subscription will get you the same ability to use the VPN on any of its supported devices. However, the path to getting your account and activating it is much easier if you subscribe to NordVPN via its website. 

User Privacy & Security (VPN Features)

List of NordVPN Features

You’re probably wondering if NordVPN will limit its functionality during the free trial? Let’s find out – and let’s see what regular subscriptions bring. 

No-Logs Policy YES YES
DNS Leak Protection YES YES
IPv6 Leak Protection YES YES
Kill Switch YES YES
Split Tunneling YES YES
Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware YES YES
Unlimited Server Switches YES YES
Unlimited Bandwidth YES YES
Unlimited Data  YES YES
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: We’re happy to report that NordVPN imposes no limitations when it comes to trial accounts. In other words, the VPN unlocks all of its features, and that includes advanced options such as 'Onion over VPN' and 'Double VPN' connections. And if you’re in a country with strong anti-VPN measures, NordVPN’s obfuscated servers are there to help you. 
  • NordVPN PAID: Everything said above applies to NordVPN's paid subscriptions as well. You get access to everything the VPN offers from the get-go, fully unlocked. So, there's no difference in what you'll get when comparing NordVPN's free trial and paid subscriptions. 

SUMMARY: No matter which route you take, expect NordVPN to welcome you with its arms wide open. In other words, all of its features and tools will be unlocked for the duration of your subscription (or your 7-day trial). 

Server Count & Infrastructure

Listing NordVPN Servers on Its Website

NordVPN comes with a sizeable network of servers spread across the entire world. With that said, let's check out what NordVPN gives to its free trial users and what do you get from its full subscription. 

Number of Servers 5,250+ 5,250+
Number of Countries 60 60
Unlimited Switching YES YES
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: As you can expect, NordVPN wants to present itself in the best possible light, especially while you're using its trial. That’s the reason why you’ll have full access to its server network, which counts more than 5,200 units in 60 countries. You’ll also have access to the VPN’s specialty servers, as there are no restrictions imposed. 
  • NordVPN PAID: Regular NordVPN users have access to everything this VPN offers, from the get-go. That includes all of its regular and specialty servers, which can be used without any restrictions. 

SUMMARY: In terms of NordVPN’s server count and infrastructure, both trial users and paid subscribers will have access to everything NordVPN offers. Of course, trial users will be restricted to the period of 7 days, which is the only difference here. 

Data & Speed Limitations

NordVPN Marketing Message on Speed and Streaming

Wondering if NordVPN limits the speed of its servers for trial users? Let's find out, and let's see what do premium subscribers get. 

Data Limitations Unlimited Unlimited
Speed Limitations Unlimited Unlimited
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: Considering that NordVPN offers no restrictions on the selection of servers available for free trial users, there are no performance-related restrictions either. You’ll be free to test-drive everything NordVPN offers, and that includes all of its VPN protocols. That should give you a clear indication of what to expect if you decide to become a premium user. 
  • NordVPN PAID: While testing this VPN, we found that its speeds weren’t the fastest. However, as long as you have a fast Web connection, that shouldn’t be a problem. Keep in mind that premium subscriptions give you access to NordVPN’s servers and protocols without any limits, so you can fine-tune and optimize the VPN’s speed. 

SUMMARY: There are no differences in data and speed limitations when comparing NordVPN’s free trial vs. paid subscriptions. Both of those give you unrestricted access to NordVPN’s network, which you can further optimize for performance. 

Media Streaming & Torrenting

NordVPN Website Section on VPN Apps

In our guide on the best VPNs for streaming, we mentioned NordVPN as one of the most reliable VPNs. It unblocks a range of streaming sites with ease. So, here's what you can expect. 

Access to Restricted Sites YES YES
Media Streaming YES YES
Torrenting YES YES
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: NordVPN doesn't offer specialized servers for streaming. Instead, its regular servers are used for that purpose. And since the VPN imposes no limits on free trial accounts, that means that you'll get to test it with Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and any other streaming service – for up to 7 days, of course. 
  • NordVPN PAID: Everything said just above applies to NordVPN’s paid subscriptions. You’ll get to unblock restricted sites, access media streaming platforms, and even use servers optimized for P2P file transfer. 

SUMMARY: If you’d like to test NordVPN’s streaming and torrenting capabilities, it doesn’t matter if you chose its trial or subscribe directly. You won’t find any limitations, which means that you’ll use NordVPN up to its full extent.

Customer Support

FAQ Section on NordVPN Website

In case of any issues, you’ll want a VPN that respects your time while also offering a helpful team of support agents. This is even more important when using a trial account, so here’s what to keep in mind. 

Live Chat YES YES
Installation Guides YES YES
Knowledgebase YES YES
Support Tickets YES YES
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: At least in theory, NordVPN sees trial accounts and paid subscribers in the same way. That means that users of trial accounts are entitled to NordVPN’s entire customer support system, including live chat, installation guides, FAQs, supports tickets, and plenty more. 
  • NordVPN PAID: We always recommend going for a VPN with a live chat option on its website, which is precisely what NordVPN offers. That allows you to introduce yourself as a NordVPN subscriber, giving you access to a quick customer support system. So, no matter how complex of an issue you face, you’ll resolve it in no time. 

SUMMARY: It makes no difference if you use NordVPN’s free trial or if you have a premium subscription. This VPN will be happy to assist you 24/7 via its numerous ways of contact. 


Pricing Structure of NordVPN

And lastly, we come to perhaps the most important segment of our NordVPN free trial vs. paid subscription comparison. Let’s talk about the VPN’s pricing structure. 

  Price How to Sign Up? Money-Back Guarantees When You’ll Be Charged? 
Free Trial Free (7 Days) Android only Not Applicable After 7 days
1 Month Plan $11.95/month VPN’s website 30 days Immediately
1 Year Plan $4.92/month VPN’s website 30 days Immediately
2 Years Plan $3.67/month VPN’s website 30 days Immediately
  • NordVPN FREE TRIAL: NordVPN’s free trial is obtainable only on Android (where you’ll need to have a payment method set up). Even though you can access platforms once you sign up on Android, this is still an obstacle. On top of that, you’ll lose access to NordVPN’s money-back guarantee, and you'll be charged automatically (based on the chosen plan) once the trial is up. 
  • NordVPN PAID: If you decide to subscribe directly via NordVPN’s website, you’ll find a range of subscription plans (that are currently priced as low as $3.67/month). On top of that, you can count on no-questions-asked money-back guarantees. In that sense, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind, instead of having only 7 days when using NordVPN’s free trial. 

SUMMARY: Even though NordVPN’s trial sounds very enticing, let’s not forget that you get more benefits if you pay upfront – which includes NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee. In that sense, getting a subscription to this VPN is a risk-free investment. 

In the End – Is It Worth Getting NordVPN’s Trial? Should You Pay Straight Away Instead? 

NordVPN Website Explanation of How VPNs Work

We know that we’ve presented a lot of information in this NordVPN free trial vs. paid subscriptions comparison. So, let’s help you reach your decision by comparing only the most prominent aspects. Check the table found just below.

Supported Devices Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and plenty more.  Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and plenty more.
Simultaneous Connections 6 6
Bandwidth Limitations NO NO
No-Logs Policy YES YES
Available Server Network 5,250+ servers in 60 countries. 5,250+ servers in 60 countries.
Advanced VPN Features YES YES
Expected Speed Unlimited Unlimited
P2P Support YES YES
Media Streaming YES YES
Customer Support Full access Full access
Subscription Duration 7 days 1 month / 1 year / 2 years
Money-Back Guarantee NO 30 days
When You’ll Be Charged?  After 7 days (automatically) Immediately

It’s clear that some differences exist between NordVPN’s trial accounts and paid subscriptions. However, those are very subtle, and they are mostly related to payment-related options. So, if you want to avoid paying straight away, we recommend using NordVPN’s free trial. Just remember that you need an Android device to get your free 7-day account. 

If you want to bypass any complications that NordVPN’s free trial might bring, you should go ahead and subscribe to NordVPN via its website. Don’t forget that you’ll be eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you won’t regret your decision. 

That would be all for our NordVPN free trial vs. paid subscriptions comparison. If you have any questions or doubts on your mind, share them via the comments section below. And lastly, thank you for reading!

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