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How to Download Movies Using uTorrent

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated January 10, 2022

Despite its ups and downs, uTorrent is still one of the most popular torrent clients. You can use it to download any P2P file out there on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. With that said, we'll show you how to download movies using uTorrent, which is a very straightforward procedure.

Downloading movies using uTorrent requires installing the software on your device and then finding a torrent file to download. And finally, you need to open that torrent file in uTorrent, which will let you download its data. If that sounds complicated, worry not, as we're here to guide you every step of the way. So, let's jump right in!

Do I Really Need a VPN When Torrenting?

Yes, you really do need a VPN when torrenting. That's the only way to protect your IP address, your privacy and hide your torrenting-related activities.

No matter what kind of files you plan to download, it's crucial to remain anonymous when downloading torrents. That's because your ISP (Internet service provider) sees what you do online. And also, since your IP address is visible when downloading torrents, anyone can see your location and other sensitive information.

All of those are the reasons why you should use a VPN when torrenting. However, aside from protecting your P2P traffic, VPNs can do much more. So, use the provided links to learn more.

In the end, we'll say that our #1 recommendation is ExpressVPN. At the moment, you can save up to 49% and you'll get 3 EXTRA MONTHS added to your subscription. However, if you wish to review other options, here are the best VPNs for torrenting.

How to Download Movies Using uTorrent

To download any movie torrent file using uTorrent on Windows, macOS, and Linux, make sure to go through the following steps:

1. First, open uTorrent's website using any Web browser.

2. Then, decide whether you'd like to use uTorrent Web or uTorrent Classic.

Downloading uTorrent Web and Classic

3. Once you made up your mind, click on 'Free Download.'


It makes no difference if you pick uTorrent Web or Classic when it comes to downloading movies. Both of those uTorrent versions are easy to use, they let you download any torrent, and they take very little space on your hard drive. However, if you want to have the latest from uTorrent, use its Web version.

4. If you don't wish to pay for uTorrent, go with 'Basic' and click on 'Download Now.'

Selecting Pricing Plan Before Downloading uTorrent Web

5. Wait until the file is downloaded and double-click on it to initialize the installation.

6. Follow the prompts you'll see to install uTorrent. Once done, exit the installer.

Installing uTorrent Web Mac

7. You now need to find a reliable torrent website (such as The Pirate Bay, for example).


Here are our suggestions when it comes to the best torrent sites. You'll also want to check the best torrent search engines, for an even wider reach.

8. Once you open The Pirate Bay in your browser, use its search bar to look up any torrent.

9. Check your search results, and pay attention to SE (seeders) and LE (leechers).

Choosing Torrent File on Pirate Bay

10. Once you find a torrent file you'd like to download, go ahead and click on its name.

11. To download the torrent file, click on 'Get This Torrent.'

Downloading File from Pirate Bay

If the 'Get This Torrent' link doesn't work, or if ads start appearing, you can right-click on it and open it in a new tab. The movie torrent file will now download to your device.

12. You can double-click on the torrent file to open it in uTorrent.

13. Review the options that uTorrent will give you.

Picking Files to Download in uTorrent

14. Pick which files you want to download and the location for those files. Then, click on 'Add.'

15. uTorrent will now connect to seeders and start downloading your movie.

Movie Downloading via uTorrent Web

16. Wait until the movie is transferred in full. That's when you can open and watch it.

Seeding Torrent File in uTorrent

17. If you'd like to help others, keep your torrent file active. uTorrent will start to seed it.

How to Download Movies Using uTorrent on Mobile

As mentioned earlier, uTorrent works on Android devices as well. So, let's explain how to use uTorrent to download movies on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Go ahead and open uTorrent's Play Store listing.

2. You can also navigate to Play Store and search for uTorrent manually.

3. Once you open uTorrent's overview, tap on 'Install.'

4. After installing the app, tap on 'Open' to launch uTorrent.

5. You can now search for torrents using uTorrent's top-placed search icon.

6. Alternatively, you can search for torrents using your Web browser.

7. Once you download a torrent file, tap on it. It should open in uTorrent.

8. You can review the download location and files. Then, tap on 'Add.'

9. Wait for your torrent file to download. That's it!

If you want more in-depth instructions along with screenshots, make sure to read our complete guide on how to use uTorrent on Android.

Once your movie is downloaded, you'll want to watch it, of course. So, if your Android device refuses to play the video file, you'll need a third-party video player. Our pick would be VLC for Android, which can play just about any video file type out there.

Is uTorrent Safe to Use to Download Movies?

Yes, it's safe to use uTorrent to download movies. That's because uTorrent is legal to use, which means you have every right to download, install, and use it.

Of course, you also need to be careful about what you download using uTorrent. Not all torrent files are legal. In fact, most of them bring commercially available movies, TV shows, software, and similar types of files - which is what you should avoid downloading.

To learn more, turn to our guide that explains the legality of downloading torrents. And if you wish to stay on the safe side of the law, here's how to download torrents legally.

Dear readers and visitors, this is where we end our guide on how to download movies using uTorrent. We do hope that you've found this article to be useful. In case of any issues, please let us know in the comments section below.

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