How to Set Up and Use NordVPN Proxy on uTorrent

By Shummas Humayun / May 22, 2024

Torrenting is a great way to share and receive files. However, you need to follow certain basic security practices when downloading torrents with clients like uTorrent. For instance, you need to hide your real IP address from other users on the P2P network, as it's visible to everyone by default.

This will help keep your privacy and anonymity intact. The best way to do this is by installing NordVPN's native app on your device. However, if you don't want to use its native app, you can always set up the NordVPN proxy with your uTorrent client to anonymize your IP and change your virtual location.

In this article, we'll teach you how to set up and use NordVPN proxy on uTorrent with detailed guides.

How to Set up NordVPN Proxy on uTorrent

To set up a NordVPN proxy on uTorrent, you first need to update your preferred server's host address in uTorrent's client, followed by your NordVPN service credentials. Here's the complete process:

1. Subscribe to NordVPN from your computer and your preferred Web browser.

2. Visit your NordVPN account dashboard and click on 'NordVPN' > 'Set up NordVPN manually.'

3. Enter the security code received in your Nord-associated email.

4. Copy the service Username and Password under the box 'Service credentials (manual setup).'

NordVPN Service Credentials

5. Now, open your uTorrent client. 

uTorrent client

6. You have to click Options from the toolbar at the top of your uTorrent app screen. 

7. Choose Preferences after that from the pop-up menu. 

uTorremt app UI

8. A new window will appear next; select Connection

Connection in uTorrent app preferences

9. Navigate to the 'Proxy Server' section and click drop-down button next to Type

10. Choose 'Socks5' from the drop-down menu. 

Socks5 Proxy

11. Within the Proxy field, type one of the 'NordVPN server IP' addresses mentioned in the below list:
uTorrent proxy server

12. Now, within the Port field, type in 1080 and check all the boxes mentioned below:

Connection port preference on uTorrent

13. Type in your Service Username and Password that you copied earlier.

NordVPN login on uTorrent

14. Once done, your P2P traffic will flow through the NordVPN Proxy server in your desired location. 

15. To check whether you're connected or not, first visit this website

16. Next, scroll down to Torrent Address detection and click the 'Activate' button. 

17. After that, click 'this Magnet Link' and choose 'uTorrent' in the appearing window. 

Magnet Link on IPleak website

18. Now, hit the OK button. 

19. uTorrent will automatically launch, and the Magnet Tracking Link will start to synchronize

uTorrent launch

20. Move back to the IP Leak website and check your IP address. If your IP address is different from your real one, you've set up a successful proxy connection

Virtual IP for NordVPN proxy server

Final Thoughts

Overall, setting up a NordVPN proxy is quick and simple. If you're not using NordVPN's native app, you should at least use a proxy when torrenting with uTorrent. However, remember that a proxy will change your IP address and location but won't encrypt your Web traffic.

For maximum security and protection on the Web, you may want to install NordVPN on a router or set up NordVPN natively on the device you use for torrenting. Both these options will fully encrypt your Web data with unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption.

That's all! Now you know how to set up and use the NordVPN Proxy server on uTorrent. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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