Is It Okay to Play Games While Charging iPhone 13? 

The iOS App Store offers more than one million games. Your options are practically limitless, with console-like games taking full advantage of iPhone 13’s power. With that said, we’re sure that you’re planning some extended gaming sessions (made possible by bigger-than-ever batteries). So, you probably wonder – is it okay to play games while charging your iPhone 13? We’ll help you find out, so keep on reading!


The following applies to all iPhone 13 models, which bring up to 2.5 hours of extra use compared to the previous iPhone generation. However, what you’ll read below also applies to older iPhones, especially those produced in the last three years. 

Is It Okay to Play Games While Charging My iPhone 13? 

Yes, it’s okay to play games while charging your iPhone 13. Know that such activities won’t harm your device’s battery in the long term. 

Still, it’s essential to understand how your iPhone uses its energy in such cases, letting you approach its charging from a point that will preserve its battery health. With that said, know that once you plug in your iPhone 13 to a wall outlet, and if you then decide to use it, your device will automatically use that power for any in-progress activities. 

As you know, we’re talking about playing games in this article. You also know that iOS games can be quite simple as well as extremely complex, often forcing your device to increase its temperature. Those games require a lot of power, putting your battery under a lot of pressure. 

Consequently, you’ll want to ensure that you’re charging your iPhone 13 properly – especially if you want to play high-end games while charging the device. More precisely, you’ll want to use a fast-charging adapter, providing your iPhone with enough energy to run your games while also storing some power in its battery. 

If you have a very old charger, the chances are that it’s capped at 5W (as opposed to fast-charging adapters, capped at 20W). In that case, your iPhone’s battery won’t be able to store any power as all of that energy will be “spent” on your gaming session. 

The conclusion is the following. You won’t damage or harm your battery if you decide to play games while charging your iPhone 13. However, you’ll want to use a certified 20W adapter to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


For more information, turn to our freshly published iPhone 13 articles. That’s where you’ll find a vast number of guides and tutorials, showing you how to use your new phone.

That would be all on whether it’s okay to play games while charging your iPhone 13. If you have any questions, post them just below. And finally, thank you for reading!



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