How to Watch ITV Hub in Canada for FREE in 2024

By Novak Bozovic / June 17, 2022

There’s a reason why ITV Hub is among the most popular streaming services of its kind. You’ll find an impressive range of British TV shows and international movies there, and you’ll get to watch a range of ITV-branded channels live. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Canadians wish to access that treasure trove of content as well. So, if you want to know how to watch ITV Hub in Canada for free, know that we’re here to answer exactly that.

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that ITV Hub is available in the United Kingdom only. We don’t expect that to change in the future, as ITV is a British brand oriented towards that specific market. However, the solution is to use a VPN to unblock ITV Hub in Canada.

Unless you use a VPN, ITV Hub will detect your location. If it learns you’re outside the UK, the following error message will appear: Sorry! We’ve detected that you’re outside of the UK. Live TV and Catch Up are only available for viewing in the UK, as of December 31st, 2020. If you are an ITV Hub+ subscriber, you can watch already downloaded content.”

ITV Hub Geo Block Error Message

So, even though ITV Hub can easily see your location, you can trick the streaming service into thinking you’re elsewhere. If you want to learn how that’s done, just keep reading!

Do You Need a VPN to Watch ITV Hub in Canada?

You absolutely need a VPN if you wish to watch ITV Hub in Canada. There really isn’t a better or more effective method currently available. Nothing beats a VPN.

That’s because ITV Hub (just like most other streaming services and regular websites) detects your location based on your IP address. If you didn’t know, your IP address doesn’t only reveal the country you're currently in but also more precise geo-data (like the name of your city or even the name of your street).

To watch ITV live and on-demand in Canada, you need to have a British IP address pointing to a location in the United Kingdom. That’s what a VPN gives you as soon as you connect one of its UK-based servers.

If you check our comprehensive guide on watching ITV outside the UK, you’ll see that our #1 recommendation is ExpressVPN. We’ve based our recommendation on our in-depth research and hands-on testing. With that said, we guarantee that ExpressVPN will unblock ITV from Canada every single time.

Of course, ExpressVPN offers plenty more. It has modern-looking apps for any device and gives you 5 simultaneous connections. Also, it works with many other streaming services. Try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days!

How to Watch ITV Hub in Canada for FREE?

To watch ITV Hub from Canada, you need to change your IP address using a UK-based VPN server. That’s quite easy to achieve, so just do the following:

1. If you don’t have a VPN subscription yet, make sure to subscribe to ExpressVPN.

2. Get started with ExpressVPN by downloading and installing it on your device(s).

3. Open the VPN app. Reach its home screen using your ExpressVPN credentials.

Going Through Initial ExpressVPN Setup

4. Navigate to ExpressVPN’s servers and connect to a UK-based one.

Connecting to a Server in the UK via ExpressVPN

5. Wait until you get connected. ExpressVPN’s home screen should turn green.

6. Open your Web browser and go to ITV Hub’s website.

ITV Hub Website Home Page

7. Log in to your account by clicking on ‘Sign In.’ You can also get a new account.

Log In Dialog Box ITV Hub

8. ITV Hub will now return you to its home screen, showing you its full library.

ITV Hub Home Screen

9. Pick any title. Your chosen video should start streaming immediately. That’s it!

Streaming ITV Hub via ExpressVPN

What Can You Watch on ITV Hub?

ITV Hub has a surprisingly sizeable library of content. You’ll find live TV channels here, as well as TV shows and a selection of movies, cartoons, and sports content.

This streaming service is the only way to watch ITV channels live in Canada. More precisely, you can watch ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITVBe, ITV4, and CITV. So, the entire range of ITV-branded channels is on offer, accessible as soon as you sign up for a (free of charge) account.

In the UK, ITV is known for its TV shows. With that said, ITV Hub certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard. We recommend titles such as The Ipcress File, Our House, The Tower, Hollington Drive, The Durrells, Prime Suspect, and more. The provided links will take you to their respective descriptions on ITV’s website, from where you can stream them.

When it comes to movies, ITV Hub might not be the best option. That's because ITV Hub brings a handful of films, even though most of those are blockbusters.

Finally, there’s also a small but interesting selection of sports content. If you're into wrestling and racing, you'll love what ITV Hub offers. However, keep in mind that ITV typically doesn’t have broadcast rights to high-profile games, as it’s not a sports-first streaming service.

Can’t Access ITV Hub in Canada with a VPN? – Try This!

Having issues trying to unblock ITV Hub in Canada? Well, even the most powerful VPN might need a nudge from time to time. Here’s how to resolve your problem(s).

Step #1: Use Another UK-Based VPN Server

VPNs typically bring a range of servers in countries such as the United Kingdom, a highly popular VPN "destination." However, users tend to connect to the first server they see. That means those first servers your VPN shows via its interface are typically overcrowded.

Overcrowded servers tend to have limited speeds, and their website-unblocking power can be limited. So, we recommend picking a different UK-based server by clicking on it manually (instead of letting your VPN decide which one to use). Here’s how that’s done in ExpressVPN.

Step #2: Switch to Another VPN Protocol

VPNs route your data in several distinct ways dictated by their VPN protocols. With that said, some of those are more successful in unblocking websites than others. So, if you can’t unblock ITV Hub from Canada using your VPN’s default protocol, you can always try another.

More precisely, we recommend you try OpenVPN and WireGuard first. Then, you can go with less secure protocols (secure enough, though) that work great for streaming, such as IKEv2 and IPSec. We’ll also mention that ExpressVPN has Lightway, an excellent protocol for ITV Hub.

Step #3: Clear Your Device’s Cache & Cookies

Cache data is stored on your device upon each visit to every website or Web app (such as ITV Hub). That's how ITV Hub can see your actual location, even if you hide behind a VPN. So, you need to clear any residual data from your device, forcing ITV to read your VPN connection data.

If you use a Web browser, you can clear its cache by removing cookies and similar data types. Here’s how to clear cookies and other data. And if you use ITV’s app on a mobile device, you need to uninstall the app, restart your device, and install the app once again.

Step #4: Use Your Browser’s Private Mode

If clearing your device’s cache doesn’t help, you have another trick up your sleeve. You can use your Web browser’s Private/Incognito/InPrivate mode. That way, you’ll force ITV Hub to bypass its cache data and read your VPN connection’s metadata.

We recommend turning to Google to learn how to enable your browser’s Private mode. Every Web browser has one, so you shouldn’t face any troubles along the way.

Step #5: Ask Your VPN for Support

If you’re having issues streaming ITV Hub using your VPN, you should turn it to its support. You'll get to create a support ticket or send an email in most cases. However, top-rated VPNs such as ExpressVPN offer live chat as well. That’s the quickest way to have your issues resolved.

While waiting on your VPN to respond, turn to our central guide on troubleshooting VPNs. That’s where you’ll find additional fixes for technical problems with VPNs.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we’ll remind you that the easiest way to watch ITV Hub in Canada is via ExpressVPN. No other VPN comes close, as ExpressVPN is unbelievably easy to use while also being incredibly powerful at the same time. So, it's a bulletproof pick.

However, our guide to the best VPNs for streaming will help you expand your list of options. That especially goes for those who wish to use multiple streaming services, no matter if they originate from the UK or elsewhere.


Is ITV Hub Available in Canada?

No, ITV Hub is not available in Canada. More precisely, ITV Hub works only in the United Kingdom, without any plans to expand in the future.

Of course, that applies to those without a VPN. Once you get a VPN and connect to a UK server, you’ll get to watch ITV live from Canada or any other country.

How Can I Watch ITV Hub in Canada?

The easiest way to watch ITV live and on-demand in Canada is via ExpressVPN. We’ve been using it for quite some time now, so we guarantee it’ll work every single time.

ExpressVPN gives you access to a range of UK-based servers. You can use any of those to unblock ITV Hub via its website. On top of that, you get streaming-friendly speeds and support for up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Can I Get ITV Hub in Canada on an iPhone?

You can download ITV Hub on your iPhone in Canada only if you have an Apple ID registered to an address in the UK. If you have a Canadian Apple ID, you won’t be able to download the app.

In other words, ITV Hub offers a native iOS/iPadOS app. However, it’s available on the UK version of the iOS/iPadOS App Store. The only way to access that version is using a British Apple ID account.

Can I Get ITV Hub in Canada on Android?

It’s true that ITV Hub is available on Android. However, you most likely need a Google Account registered in the United Kingdom to download the app from the Play Store.

If you have a Canadian Google account, you can resort to sideloading ITV Hub. You’ll need ITV Hub’s APK file for that, so make sure to download it from a trusted source. Otherwise, your Android device might end up with malware.

Is It Legal to Watch ITV Hub in Canada with a VPN?

ITV Hub says that you can only access the streaming service from the UK. So, it's not illegal to access it from Canada, but that's still against ITV's rules.

Still, there’s no need to be concerned. If ITV detects that you’re not from the United Kingdom, the streaming platform will block your access. As soon as you get a VPN, your access will be unblocked again. So, you won’t risk your ITV account at any point.

Is ITV Hub Free to Watch in Canada?

Yes, you can watch ITV Hub for free in Canada. To register for an account, you need to provide your email address and create a password, and that’s practically it.

We’ll also note that ITV Hub offers a premium tier that eliminates advertisements. However, there’s no way to pay for that subscription from Canada (you need a British payment method to make that happen).

So, now you know how to watch ITV Hub in Canada for free. If you have any questions or doubts, let us know via the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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