How to Download and Add NordVPN Extension on Microsoft Edge

By Srijani Ghosh / August 2, 2023

NordVPN has a native Microsoft Edge extension, so there's no need for workarounds or having to enable Chrome extensions on Edge. The process of adding the extension is very simple and takes only a few moments of your time. However, you also need to know what you'll get.

More precisely, NordVPN's extension is different from its native apps. Even though it protects your privacy and unblocks Web content, it still has some limitations. For example, you won't get to select a protocol, access specialized servers, or use this VPN's kill switch.

If you need those features, you should install NordVPN on Windows, Mac, or Linux. However, if you want this VPN to work only within your browser, just keep on reading.

How to Set Up NordVPN Edge Extension

To set up NordVPN on Edge, you need to become a subscriber and then use the Edge Add-Ons page to download and install NordVPN - like so:

1. Sign up for NordVPN using your computer and Microsoft Edge.

2. Access NordVPN's listing on the Edge Add-Ons page. Then, click on 'Get' on the right-hand side to begin the process of adding NordVPN to your Edge.

Installing NordVPN on Edge

3. A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm your decision. Go with 'Add Extension.'

Adding NordVPN to Edge

4. To activate the extension, click on its icon in the top-right corner (next to the address bar). Then, click 'Log In' and provide your credentials.

NordVPN Extension Login Screen

5. Pick 'Quick Connect' if you want NordVPN to connect you to the most suitable server, which should also be the server closest to your physical location.

NordVPN Extension Home Screen

6. To select a server manually, click the dropdown icon on NordVPN's home screen. Then, pick any country or location and NordVPN will connect you automatically.

Picking Server Location in NordVPN Add-On

7. We also recommend clicking the cogwheel icon to reveal NordVPN's settings, where you can set up split tunneling, WebRTC leak protection, anti-tracking protection, and more.

NordVPN Additional Settings Extension

Final Thoughts

NordVPN has done a good job of creating a native Edge extension, which makes getting started with this VPN extremely simple. Still, as we said above, don't forget that NordVPN's apps will give you even more features while still protecting everything you do in Edge.

So, if you wish to set up NordVPN on more devices, make sure to use the provided link. You'll be taken to our central guide, which covers dozens of platforms and devices.

Now you know how to download and add the NordVPN Edge extension. If you have any queries, drop us a comment through the button below. Thanks for reading!

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