How to Download, Install, and Use NordVPN on Linux

NordVPN offers a .rpm package to install its client app on different Linux distributions. This native application supports all widely-used CPU architectures, i.e., aarch64, armv7, armv5, i386, and x86_64 3.7.0. The supported minimal kernel version is 3.7.0 for aarch64 and 3.2.0 for other architectures. If you’re going to use NordVPN for the first time on Linux, you need to perform the exact installation process to avoid errors. Here we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help you with that. Have a look. 


NordVPN client app can be installed on Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, QubesOS, and openSUSE. The installation process is almost similar for each of these distributions.

1. First, visit the NordVPN website

2. Next, click the Grab a Deal button to continue to the subscription page. 

3. Now, you have to pick a subscription and submit the required details to complete your purchase.

4. Once you get a confirmation on that, visit the NordVPN official website.

5. Click the Log in button at the top-right corner.

NordVPN Log in

6. Enter your Username or email address to continue.

Log in to your Nord account

7. On the next screen, type in your password to access your online account dashboard.

Nord account access

8. From there, click Download apps.

NordVPN app download

9. Next, hit the Download button on the right side of Linux under Desktop apps. 

Linux download button

10. The DEB package will be downloaded now on your system.  

11. Enter the below command in a terminal window to install it.

sh <(curl -sSf

12. If it doesn’t work, you probably do not have a curl package; use an alternative command in that case- 

sh <(wget -qO -

If you receive an error message like 'Whoops! Permission denied accessing /run/nordvpn/nordvpnd.sock'; you've to enter the following command and reboot your system.

sudo usermod -aG nordvpn $USER

13. Once you install, log into your account by entering the below command in a terminal window- 

nordvpn login

14. To connect to a NordVPN server, enter the below command- 

nordVPN connect

15. As soon as you do that, your VPN connection will be established. 

16. To use NordVPN on Linux, enter the suitable commands from the below list in a terminal window-

  • nordvpn login - Log into your NordVPN account.
  • nordvpn connect or nordvpn c - Connect to NordVPN. For specific servers, use nordvpn connect <country_code server_number>
  • nordvpn disconnect or nordvpn d - Disconnect from NordVPN.
  • nordvpn c double_vpn - Set up a connection to the closest Double VPN server.
  • nordvpn connect --group double_vpn <country_code> - Connect to a specific country using DoubleVPN servers.
  • nordvpn connect P2P - Connect to any P2P server.
  • nordvpn connect The_Americas - Connect to servers placed in the Americas.
  • nordvpn connect Dedicated_IP - Connect to a NordVPN server with Dedicated IP.
  • nordvpn set or nordvpn s - Set a configuration.
  • nordvpn set cybersec on or off - Enable/ Disable CyberSec
  • nordvpn set killswitch on or off - Enable/ Disable Kill Switch
  • nordvpn set autoconnect on or off - Enable/ Disable auto-connect. To set a specific server for automatic connection, use nordvpn set autoconnect on country_code+server_number. For example, nordvpn set autoconnect on us2435.
  • nordvpn set notify on or off - Enable/ Disable notifications
  • nordvpn set dns - Set custom DNS (you can set up a single DNS or two like shown in this command).
  • nordvpn set protocol udp or tcp - Switch between the UDP and TCP protocols
  • nordvpn set obfuscate on or off - Enable/ Disable the obfuscated servers.
  • nordvpn set technology - Set the connection technology (OpenVPN or NordLynx)
  • nordvpn whitelist add port 22 - Add a rule to the whitelist, a specified incoming port. To whitelist multiple ports — just separate their numbers with a space.
  • nordvpn whitelist remove port 22 - Remove the rule in order to whitelist a specified port.
  • nordvpn whitelist add subnet - Add a rule to the whitelist, a specified subnet.
  • nordvpn whitelist remove subnet  - Remove the rule to whitelist a specified subnet.
  • nordvpn account - See your account information
  • nordvpn register - Register your new user account
  • nordvpn rate - Rate your last connection quality (1-5)
  • nordvpn settings - Check the current settings.
  • nordvpn status - Check the connection status.
  • nordvpn countries - Check the country list.
  • nordvpn cities- Check the city list, e.g., nordvpn cities united_states  
  • nordvpn groups - Check the list of available server groups.
  • nordvpn logout - Log out from NordVPN.
  • nordvpn help or nordvpn h - See the complete list of available commands or find help for a specific command.

To get an extensive explanation of all the NordVPN commands on Linux, use the man nordvpn command in Terminal.

That’s all! Now you know how to download, install, and use NordVPN on Linux. If you have further queries, drop us a comment through the button below. Thanks for reading!

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