How to Get Pluto TV on Apple TV in 2021?

Apple TV is a really cool way to watch TV, and thankfully Pluto TV works on these devices. So, let's see exactly what you have to do to get Pluto TV on Apple TV, with all the steps and details you need to have to make it work. 

What Apple TV Models Work With Pluto TV?

When it comes to enjoying this free service on Apple TV, you should know that the official list from Pluto TV mentions the latest version.

More specifically, Pluto TV requires at least Apple TV 4th generation to work. That means it is quite likely that you have one of these devices if you upgraded anytime in the past five years. 

How to Get Pluto TV on Apple TV?

Getting Pluto TV on Apple TV is not necessarily a very difficult thing to do. Nonetheless, we have the detailed instructions ready for you, so let's dive right in. 

  • First, you'll want to turn on your Apple TV
  • Go to the home screen and navigate to the App Store you have available on your tvOS. 
  • Then, go to the search tab in the top right corner of your screen. 
  • A virtual keyboard shows up, and you need to type in Pluto TV in there.
  • Pick the Pluto TV icon from the list. The app's overview shows up, and you simply have to tap "Get."
  • It will take a few seconds (or minutes) to download, depending on your Internet speed, and a tiny bit more to also install the tool. When that's done, open the Pluto TV app
  • Log in to your account and start enjoying all the free content you get on Pluto TV. 

What Other Devices Are Compatible With Pluto TV?

Using Pluto TV is a real treat since all the content is free, both the channels they have available or the on-demand content. So, let's see what other devices you can enjoy watching Pluto TV on.  

We have the instructions on how to get Pluto TV on all of these devices we mentioned above, and we even have an article with the specific models and system requirements for Pluto TV. You should definitely check all of them out, depending on your necessities and the devices you have at home. Since Pluto TV is free to use, you should definitely have it on all devices you have at home.



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