How to Get Pluto TV on PlayStation in 2021?

Pluto TV keeps growing, and so does the PlayStation platform. As you know, PlayStation consoles are more than devices that help everyone have a good time gaming - they are tools that keep us entertained in every way. So, let's see what we need to do to get Pluto TV on PlayStation. 

What PlayStation Consoles Are Compatible With Pluto TV?

Currently, Pluto TV is compatible with PlayStation 4, a device that works with loads of other streaming platforms. PlayStation 5 is likely to get added to the list as well in the months to come, especially as more and more people finally get their shipments. 

How to Get Pluto TV on PlayStation?

PlayStation is a cool device, and if you have one, you know just how cool it is to mix entertainment with gaming. Nonetheless, Pluto TV is available to get, so let's see how you can do this. 

  • First, you're going to have to turn on your PS4
  • Then, you want to open the PlayStation Store app. 
  • Next, go straight to the Search tool and type in Pluto TV. 
  • The results will pop up in a second, and you can select the icon for the service. 
  • Once it's open, from the overview screen, select Download. This will download and install the app on your device. 
  • Already, on the main screen of your PS4, you'll see the progress bar under the Pluto TV icon
  • Go to your Library, then go to Apps, and launch Pluto TV
  • You can log in to your account and enjoy all the channels and on-demand content the service has to offer. 

What Other Devices Does Pluto TV Work On?

Since Pluto TV is a cool service that offers so much content for free, it would be a shame not to enjoy it on as many devices as possible, right? Smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, and so on! Well, let's see the full list below:

We have a more detailed list of compatible devices here, and you can even see exact models for some of these platforms. Also, if you tap on the links above, you can gen custom instructions on how to install Pluto TV on that specific platform.



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