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With the FIFA World Cup 2018 already well underway, there’s plenty of action on any given day. However, staying on top of the latest matches and keeping track of the scores might turn out to be overwhelming. Don’t worry, TechNadu is here to help. You can use this article as the exclusive source of the latest information since we are keeping it updated at all times. Let’s see how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 using national broadcasters, media streaming services, and using other ways as well. Welcome to TechNadu’s ultimate guide to watching and streaming FIFA World Cup 2018!

FIFA World Cup 2018: Latest Updates & Scores

Before diving any deeper, let’s take a look at the latest matches. We will keep the following tables updated daily, so make sure to visit this website often.

Today’s World Cup Matches – Upcoming Games

Here are the upcoming matches that you can watch today. We have used the CET (Central European Time) time zone, so you can use the Time Zone Converter to check your local time. To see all upcoming games, check our complete FIFA World Cup 2018 TV schedule, found at the bottom of this article.

July 15, 2018
France vs Croatia (Final)
4 – 2

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Via a VPN

When you use a VPN, the entire Web is suddenly open. There are no restrictions and you can visit just about any website. This is especially helpful when it comes to the World Cup since a reliable VPN allows you to unblock just about any streaming platform.

FIFA World Cup 2018 ExpressVPN

Before we continue, you should know that each of the following options requires a powerful VPN. Based on our extensive testing and experience, we recommend ExpressVPN. Aside from unblocking all of the following streaming services, this VPN provider protects you against malware, encrypts your connection using the latest security standards, and takes care of your online privacy.

Aside from its amazing features, ExpressVPN is currently running a special World Cup promotion. This means that now is the best time to think about your online privacy – and this goes way beyond watching football online. ExpressVPN can be your biggest ally in keeping away numerous dangers of the Web. So, go ahead and sign up for ExpressVPN today.

Watch the 2018 World Cup via BBC or ITV

BBC and ITV are the most popular British TV channels that also stream all their content online. You can access these channels free of charge but you’ll need a VPN.

  • Download ExpressVPN after you sign up for a new account;
  • Use the VPN to connect to a server located in the UK;
  • Open a Web browser and go to TVPlayer to access the BBC or ITV channels. There’s no registration or payment requirement.

Watch the 2018 World Cup via The World Game

Next, we have another free option. You can use The World Game website to live stream a number of matches, including a daily ‘game of the day’, two-quarter finals, one semi-final, and the final.

Watch the 2018 World Cup via TSN and CTV

Two of the most popular Canadian broadcasters will stream all games from the World Cup. You can watch them free of charge if you’re located in Canada and if you have a valid cable subscription, or by using a VPN. This makes it a perfect choice for traveling Canadians.

Watch the 2018 World Cup via Optus

In case you don’t want to miss a single moment and stream all 64 matches, Optus is your best bet. This is a premium priced service that comes with a 14-day free trial.

  • Open ExpressVPN;
  • You need to connect to an Australian server to overcome roadblocks;
  • Open Optus in your Web browser;
  • Sign-up and enjoy the games!

Watch the 2018 World Cup via FOX Sports

Needless to say, FOX Sports is one of the most popular TV channels and streaming services for sports. You can access it if you have a cable US subscription, or by using a VPN. One of the good things about FOX Sports is that you can use native apps for various types of devices.

How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Live in the USA

Football (soccer) fans in the USA have a whole slate of streaming services available. Depending on your location and your cable subscription (if you have it or not), you can use FuboTV, FOX Sports, Sling TVYouTube TV, and many other services. Please note that the official broadcaster that is licensed by FIFA is FOX Sports, which airs the event in the English language. In case you want Spanish commentary, you can turn to Telemundo.

Best VPN for USA in 2018 - Featured

As noted earlier, those living abroad will need to use ExpressVPN. That’s because the World Cup broadcasts are restricted to their respective countries.

How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Live in the UK

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can rely on BBC and ITV to watch all games. These are the official broadcasters, who will also use their online platforms to air the games. In case you’re currently abroad, or if you wish to access BBC or ITV outside the United Kingdom, you need to rely on a VPN. For this purpose, we highly recommend ExpressVPN.

Best UK VPN - Featured

All you need to is to launch ExpressVPN, connect to a server in the UK, and you’ll be able to visit BBC or ITV without any problems. Since this VPN doesn’t throttle your connection, you can count on streaming in high definition.

How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 Live in Canada

When it comes to Canada, there are three licensed broadcasters. These are CTV, RDS, and TSN. To watch these TV channels or live-stream them, you need to be in Canada. If you’re not in this country, you can always use a VPN. The good news is that all three broadcasters will be live-streaming the World Cup, which means that you’ll get to stay on top of the latest games easily.

Best VPN for Canada 2018 - Featured

In case you want a recommendation, you should know that ExpressVPN has fast-performing Canadian servers. These work great no matter which of those three broadcasters you want to access.

How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 in Australia

To watch the World Cup in Australia, you need to rely on SBS – which is the only licensed broadcaster in this country.

Best VPN for Australia 2018 - Featured Image

As you can imagine, access to this TV channel and its website (which includes live-streams) is blocked from elsewhere. The only way to access the website, you need an ExpressVPN. Connect to an Australian server, and you can watch all the games free of charge.

How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2018 on Different Devices

We understand that many of you are using various devices to enjoy video streaming. Aside from computers and smartphones, there are numerous media streamers and even gaming consoles. Here’s an overview of the most popular devices, and how to use them to watch the World Cup.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Kodi

One of the best things about Kodi is that it’s available on a whole range of devices. You can install it on your computer, smartphone, media streamers, and even on gaming consoles. Here’s our guide.

  • First, you need to install Kodi on your device of choice. Please take a look our Ultimate Kodi Guide, where you’ll find a range of installation guides covering various devices;
  • Next, you need to install Fox Sports GO as an addon for Kodi. This is an official addon, and you can find by clicking on the Search icon. Type in the addon’s name, hit Enter, and then click on its name. Finally, install Fox Sports GO;
  • To use this addon, you need a VPN. When it comes to unblocking Kodi, there’s no better option than ExpressVPN. You can install in on your computer, mobile device, or directly on your router;
  • That’s it. Once you have the VPN up and running, connect to a US server, open Fox Sports GO and live stream any World Cup game.

How to Install VPN on Kodi

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Amazon Firestick

Similar to how Kodi works, you can use your Amazon Firestick device to install Fox Sports GO. Here’s our guide;

  • First, make sure to install Fox Sports GO. This means launching the Amazon App Store, where you can find the app. It comes free of charge;
  • Next, you need a VPN. Once again, ExpressVPN is the right choice since you can install it on your router. That’s how you can encrypt your connection at its source. Since your Firestick is connected to your router, you will get to unblock Fox Sports GO.
  • Make sure you’re connected to a server in the USA. That’s the only way to make Fox Sports GO work.
  • Open the app and enjoy!

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on PlayStation 4

The easiest way to watch the World Cup on your PS4 is to use its Web browser. This will give you a complete freedom of using a platform or website of your own choosing.

  • Configure ExpressVPN on your router;
  • Make sure that your PS4 is connected to the VPN-enabled router;
  • You can use PS’ Web browser to open the desired broadcaster that also offers live-streaming. If you want to use a Web service located in the US, you need to connect to a US service. Otherwise, you can always count on BBC and ITV by connecting to a UK service.
  • That’s it. Enjoy!

PlayStation 4

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Xbox Consoles

In case you use an Xbox One device, you can count on a whole slate of native apps. Just like with PlayStation 4, you can also count on your device’s Web browser. Owners of Xbox 360 devices will find it easier to use a Web browser and live-stream events there.

  • An important requirement is to set up ExpressVPN on your router;
  • Then, make sure your Xbox is using your home Wi-Fi;
  • Either download an app or go online and visit a broadcaster’s website. Prior to activating a live-stream, make sure that you’re connected to the server in the country where your preferred broadcasting service is located.
  • That’s it. You shouldn’t have any problems live-streaming the World Cup.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Apple TV

Unsurprisingly, your Apple TV can also be an amazing way to watch the World Cup games on your large-screen TV. However, this device doesn’t allow VPN installation, so you’ll have to install a Virtual Private Network on your router.

  • First, set up ExpressVPN on your router;
  • Then, select a website or Web service using which you’ll stream the games. Based on which country that service comes from, use ExpressVPN to connect to that country;
  • Finally, you can use Apple TV app or the device’s Web browser to live-stream the World Cup games.

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How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Android Devices

Finally, we also have a whole slate of Android devices. Aside from smartphones and tablets, many of you are using Android-powered set-top boxes. Since this operating system is quite open, it’s easy to set up a VPN and enjoy the World Cup without any limitations.

  • Based on what kind of Android device you use, install ExpressVPN on your device or set it up on your router;
  • Make sure use the VPN to connect to a remote server that will unlock your favorite streaming app or website;
  • Also, make sure that your device is using the VPN. This means connecting it to your VPN-enabled server or opening the VPN app on your Android device. Connect to a remote server, and you’re ready to go.
  • From now on, you can use any streaming app or website to watch the World Cup games.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Without Cable

What can you do if you’re a cord cutter? If that’s so, you don’t have access to your national broadcaster via your TV. Well, don’t worry because there are many helpful solutions.

FIFA World Cup 2018

Your best bet is to use a sports-oriented media streaming service. Depending on where you live, you can opt for services like FuboTV, SlingTV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live TV, and many others. However, please note that many of these are restricted to a certain country. Still, even this isn’t a problem. Once you pick a streaming platform, all you need to do is to use a VPN to unlock that platform. Allow us to guide you through this entire process via our guide named Watch FIFA World Cup Without Cable.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Online: National Broadcasters

More than 120 channels worldwide acquired the broadcasting rights from FIFA. As such, many of them offer live-streams on their websites, which is a good way to stream the World Cup in your language. To make things easier to handle, we are going to show you a list of national broadcasters and streaming services. Take a look.

Broadcast LanguageTV ChannelFree / Paid
English – AustraliaOptus SportFree trial
English – AustraliaSBSFree
English – CanadaCTVRequires cable
English – CanadaTSNRequires cable
English – United StatesFox Sports GORequires cable
English – United StatesFubo TVFree trial
English – United KingdomBBCFree
English – United KingdomITVFree trial
French – CanadaRDSRequires cable
French – FranceTF1Free
French – FranceBeIN SportsSubscription required
German – GermanyARDFree
German – GermanyZDFFree
German – GermanySky SportsSubscription required
German – AustriaORFFree
German – SwitzerlandSRG SSRFree
Italian – ItaliaMediasetFree
Portuguese – PortugalRTPFree
Portuguese – PortugalSICFree
Portuguese – BrazilGloboSubscription required
Portuguese – BrazilSporTVSubscription required
Portuguese – BrazilFox SportsSubscription required
Russian – RussiaPerviy KanalFree
Russian – RussiaVGTRKFree
Russian – RussiaMatch TVFree
Spanish – ArgentinaTV PublicaFree
Spanish – ArgentinaDirecTVSubscription required
Spanish – ArgentinaTyC SportsSubscription required
Spanish – United StatedTelemundoRequires cable
Spanish – SpainMediaset TelecincoFree
Spanish – SpainMediaset CuatroFree
ArabicBeIN SportsSubscription required
ArabicKAN 11Free
ArabicMAKAN 33Free
BengaliNagorik TVSubscription required
HindiSony Pictures NetworkSubscription required

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 via TV

By taking a look at the table above, you can see that not every national broadcaster has the rights to live-stream the World Cup games. So, we will provide a list of official broadcasters that you can tune to, depending on where you live. Please note that we’re talking about traditional broadcasts on your TV that you receive via cable or antenna. Still, there are numerous ways to stream this event, which we’ll talk about later on in this article.

CountryLicensed Broadcasters
ArgentinaTV Publica, TyC Sports
ArmeniaARM TV
BelgiumVRT, RTBF
BoliviaUnitel, Red Uno
BrazilGloboTV, Band, SporTV, Fox Sports
ChileCanal 13, TVN, Mega, Movistar
ColombiaCaracol TV, RCN TV
Costa RicaTeletica, Sky, Movistar
Czech RepublicCT
DenmarkDR, TV 2
Dominican RepublicAntenna 7, Sky
El SalvadorTCS, Sky
FranceTF1, BeIN Sports
GermanyARD, ZDF
GuatemalaTV Azteca, Tigo Sports, Sky, Movistar
HondurasTVC, Sky, Movistar
Hong KongViuTV, Now TV
IndonesiaKompiTV, TransTV
JapanFuji TV, NHK, NTV, TBS, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo
LiechtensteinSRG, SSR
MalaysiaAstro TV
MexicoTelevisa, TV Azteca
MonacoTF1, BeIN Sports
MoroccoSNRT, BeIN Sports
New ZealandSky Sport
NicaraguaRatensa, Sky, Movistar
NorwayNRK, TV 2
PanamaCorporacion Medcom, Televisora Nacional, Sky, Movistar
ParaguaySNT, Telefuturo, TyC
RussiaPerviy Kanal, VGTRK, Match TV
South AfricaSABC
South KoreaKBS, SBS
SpainMediaset Espana
SurinameSCCN TV
SwedenSVT, TV4
SwitzerlandSRG SSR
Trinidad & TobagoCNC3
United KingdomBBC, ITV
United StatesFOX, Telemundo

Now that you know which TV channels from your country broadcast the World Cup, all you need to know is when to be in front of your TV. To help you with this, we have included our World Cup TV Schedule at the bottom of this article, so make sure to take a look.

FIFA World Cup 2018 TV Schedule

The final piece of information you need to have is when to watch the World Cup games. We have put together a helpful table with the necessary information. Take a look.

DateTime (GMT)Venue – City
Thursday, June 14
Opening Ceremony2 PMMoscow
Russia – Saudi Arabia3 PMMoscow
Friday, June 15
Egypt – Uruguay12 PMYekaterinburg
Morocco – Iran3 PMSaint Petersburg
Portugal – Spain6 PMSochi
Saturday, June 16
France – Australia10 AMKazan
Argentina – Iceland1 PMMoscow
Peru – Denmark4 PMSaransk
Croatia – Nigeria7 PMKaliningrad
Sunday, June 17
Costa Rica – Serbia12 PMSamara
Germany – Mexico3 PMMoscow
Brazil – Switzerland6 PMRostov
Monday, June 18
Sweden – South Korea12 PMNizhny Novgorod
Belgium – Panama3 PMSochi
Tunisia – England6 PMVolgograd
Tuesday, June 19
Poland – Senegal12 PMMoscow
Colombia – Japan3 PMSochi
Russia – Egypt6 PMVolgograd
Wednesday, June 20
Portugal – Morocco12 PMMoscow
Uruguay – Saudi Arabia3 PMRostov
Iran – Spain6 PMKazan
Thursday, June 21
France – Peru12 PMYekaterinburg
Denmark – Australia3 PMSamara
Argentina – Croatia6 PMNizhny Novgorod
Friday, June 22
Brazil – Costa Rica12 PMSaint Petersburg
Nigeria – Iceland3 PMVolgograd
Serbia – Switzerland6 PMKaliningrad
Saturday, June 23
Belgium – Tunisia12 PMMoscow
South Korea – Mexico3 PMSochi
Germany – Sweden6 PMRostov
Sunday, June 24
England – Panama12 PMNizhny Novgorod
Japan – Senegal3 PMYekaterinburg
Poland – Colombia6 PMKazan
Monday, June 25
Saudi Arabia – Egypt2 PMVolgograd
Uruguay – Russia2 PMSamara
Iran – Portugal6 PMSaransk
Spain – Morocco6 PMKaliningrad
Tuesday, June 26
Australia – Peru2 PMSochi
Denmark – France2 PMMoscow
Iceland – Croatia6 PMRostov
Nigeria – Argentina6 PMSaint Petersburg
Wednesday, June 27
South Korea – Germany2 PMKazan
Mexico – Sweden2 PMYekaterinburg
Switzerland – Costa Rica6 PMNizhny Novgorod
Serbia – Brazil6 PMSaint Petersburg
Thursday, June 28
Japan – Poland2 PMVolgograd
Senegal – Colombia2 PMSamara
England – Belgium6 PMKaliningrad
Panama – Tunisia6 PMSaransk
Saturday, June 30
Match 50: Group C winner – Group D runner-up2 PMKazan
Match 49: Group A winner – Group B runner-up6 PMNizhny Novgorod
Sunday, July 1
Match 51: Group B winner – Group A runner-up2 PMMoscow
Match 52: Group D winner – Group C runner-up6 PMNizhny Novgorod
Monday, July 2
Match 53: Group E winner – Group F runner-up2 PMSamara
Match 54: Group G winner – Group H runner-up6 PMRostov
Tuesday, July 3
Match 55: Group F winner – Group E runner-up2 PMSaint Petersburg
Match 56: Group H winner – Group G runner-up6 PMMoscow
Friday, July 6
Match 57: Match 49 winner – Match 50 winner2 PMNizhny Novgorod
Match 58: Match 53 winner – Match 54 winner6 PMKazan
Saturday, July 7
Match 60: Match 55 winner – Match 66 winner2 PMSamara
Match 59: Match 51 winner – Match 52 winner6 PMSochi
Tuesday, July 10
Match 61: Match 57 winner – Match 58 winner6 PMSaint Petersburg
Wednesday, July 11
Match 62: Match 59 winner – Match 60 winner6 PMMoscow
Saturday, July 14
Match 63: Match 61 loser – Match 62 loser2 PMSaint Petersburg
Sunday, July 15
Match 64: Match 61 winner – Match 62 winner5 PMMoscow

Final Thoughts

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