Discovery Plus Free Trial 2024: Get Discovery+ for Free

By Lore Apostol / May 27, 2022

Almost all of the live TV and streaming platforms nowadays have free trials on offer since they attract new customers and let them test their features, and Discovery Plus is one of these services. This is one of the newest names when it comes to streaming services on the market right now, and even though it does not offer as many things as its competitors, it has a really competitive price. It's only normal to look for a free trial before actually paying a subscription fee for one of the many live TV and streaming platforms currently on the market, so if you're thinking about becoming a Discovery Plus customer, we have all the information you may need regarding its free trial.

Before we go any further, we'd like to remind you that the Discovery Plus streaming platform has geo-restrictions in place. Since this is a US service, it means the platform is blocked abroad, and you can create an account with the service, use the platform, or take advantage of any of its offers only while you are within the United States borders.

Does Discovery Plus Have a Free Trial?

Yes, at the moment, Discovery Plus has a free trial. In the US and Canada, the streaming platform has two paid tiers, and both of them come with free trials for new users:

In the UK, there are two plans that can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis, but only one has a free trial included: Entertainment (ad-supported plan). Moreover, Discovery Plus has a free tier for UK users, who can register for a free account and get access to some of the libraries.

You can also create a Discovery Plus account and enjoy the same free trial through a third-party service if you:

How Long Is the Discovery Plus Free Trial?

The standard offer we've seen until now is that Discovery Plus offers a 7-day free trial that you can get your hands on quite easily as long as you are a new customer. This trial is available and has the same length for both paid tiers and also for the student offer, so you can choose whichever you think suits you best.

However, the length of the free trials may vary, so you may find different deals. To be sure, check their website when you decide to take advantage of the offer.

How to Get Discovery Plus for Free?

It's pretty easy to get one since it's advertised all over the Discovery Plus website. We should remind you that it is available exclusively for new customers. So, here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the Discovery Plus free trial in the US.

1. First, access the Discovery Plus website in order to create your account.

2. Use the big blue Start Free Trial button to begin.

3. Now, choose one of the two plans and use the Continue button to go to the next screen.

Discovery Plus choose your plan

4. Enter your email address and create a strong password, then click the Agree and Continue button.

Discovery Plus create your account

5. Finally, you will be asked to enter your payment details on the Billing Information screen, then click the Agree and Continue button.

6. Follow any other on-screen instructions that may appear, and that's it!

7. You just need to log in to your new Discovery Plus account with your credentials to enjoy the free trial.

If you're looking for the Student offer, you need to apply for your free trial differently.

1. Access the Discovery Plus Student offer page or look for it on the service's homepage.

2. Click the blue Start Free Trial button.

Discovery Plus student status

3. Fill out the form (you may need to upload official documents, like your student ID and class schedule) and click Verify My Student Status.

You will have to wait to get the response (all communications are sent to the email address you entered on your original verification request) that your student status is ok and your account is good to go.

What Devices Are Compatible With Discovery Plus?

We are happy to say that this streaming service has already reached quite a lot of different device types. Here's the full list of devices compatible with Discovery Plus:

Make sure to use the links we've provided above to learn how to install Discovery Plus on those specific devices (you'll find other helpful information there as well).

Does Discovery Plus Have a 30-Day Free Trial?

No, Discovery Plus does not have a 30-day free trial. There are only a few services left that offer a free trial of this length - most of the streaming platforms offer around 7 days of free access, and Discovery Plus is among them.

Is Discovery Plus Free for Amazon Prime Members?

This Prime channel is not free for Amazon Prime subscribers, but Prime members can add Discovery Plus and get a 7-day free trial on Amazon Prime Video. You can select the service with ads for $4.99 per month or without ads for $6.99 per month.

Here's how to add the Discovery Plus Prime Video Channel to your Prime subscription:

Is Discovery Plus Free on Roku?

You can get Discovery Plus free on Roku for 7 days if you are a new customer. To sign up for your Discovery Plus free trial, access your account and download and install the Discovery Plus app onto your Roku. When you open the app, you'll see a button that says "Start Free Trial" - use the free trial button and follow the steps to create your account and enjoy the service for free on Roku for a week.

If you find this service does not suit your needs, you can cancel before the trial ends.

Is Discovery Plus Free With Anything?

You can get up to 6 months free of Discovery Plus on Verizon with select Unlimited plans. After the promotional period ends, the price for the Discovery Plus streaming service is $6.99 per month (you get the ad-free plan). You can enjoy this offer when you have one line on Play More or Get More Unlimited. Eligible plans for 6 months of the "Discovery Plus on us" promo include the Verizon Unlimited plan, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Start Unlimited. Business accounts are not eligible.

Eligible new and existing subscribers to SiriusXM's Platinum VIP plan will have the opportunity to activate a complimentary 12-month Discovery Plus subscription and eligible new subscribers to its Platinum, Music and Entertainment, and Streaming Platinum packages, and eligible existing subscribers who upgrade to one of these packages, get a complimentary 3-month subscription to Discovery Plus.

If you live in the UK, Sky and Vodafone customers can get discovery+ at no extra cost for a limited time. Sky customers can get Discovery Plus for 12 months for free with Sky Q, while Vodafone pay-monthly customers can enjoy Discovery Plus for 6 months at no extra cost.

What Does the Discovery Plus Free Trial Offer?

Once you start your free trial on Discovery Plus, you get unlimited access to the entire platform. A subscription to discovery+ gives you instant, unlimited access to more than 55,000 episodes of 2,500+ current and classic shows from the most beloved TV brands. Fresh new series to inspire, inform and entertain you are added all the time, from lifestyle and true crime to home improvement, food, adventure, and more. Moreover, you will be able to create up to five profiles.

You'll find all of your favorite personalities like the Irwins, Jonathan and Drew Scott, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Bobby Flay, Ree Drummond, Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis, Lieutenant Joe Kenda and so many more.

The service will also include exclusive Discovery Plus Originals - exciting, can’t-miss series and specials you won’t see anywhere else. And Discovery Plus is home to the definitive collection of award-winning natural history series, including exclusive streaming access to the BBC's largest natural history offering, featuring shows like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Frozen Planet. 

Discovery Plus is the only streaming service with the greatest real-life entertainment from your favorite TV brands - including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel - and also popular shows from A&E, History, and Lifetime, including The First 48, Dance Moms, Ice Road Truckers, Married at First Sight, 60 Days In, and more.

In the UK, the Discovery Plus free tier offers access to live TV and 30-day on-demand access from Quest, Really, Quest Red, HGTV, Food Network, and DMAX absolutely free.

What Channels Come With the Discovery Plus Free Trial?

Here are some of the channels that are included in the platform's offer and that you will also get as part of the free trial, depending on your home country:

  1. HGTV
  2. Food Network
  3. TLC
  4. ID
  5. Animal Planet
  6. Discovery Channel
  7. A&E
  8. History
  9. Lifetime
  10. Quest
  11. Quest Red
  12. Really
  13. DMAX
  14. Discovery Science
  15. Discovery Turbo
  16. Discovery History
  17. Motortrend
  18. Magnolia Network

Can You Get a Discovery Plus Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a Discovery Plus free trial without a credit card. The Discovery Plus platform does not let you subscribe to its services unless you provide a future form of payment and forces you to enter your credit or debit card details in order to create your account.

However, keep in mind that you can cancel at any time in order to avoid being charged if you think the service is not suited for your needs and don't want to subscribe after all.

Will the Discovery Plus Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Subscription?

After the free trial ends, Discovery Plus automatically renews for the same subscription period at the same price you selected upon creating your account unless canceled prior to renewal. The date when your free trial ends will become your monthly billing date from now on.

You may have seen it coming since you are asked to attach a payment method to your account, but you can always cancel just before the free period ends if you find you don't like the service.

How Much Does Discovery Plus Cost After the Free Trial?

After your 7-day free trial ends, the subscription fee will be the following (in the UK):

After your 1-week free trial ends, the subscription price will be the following (in the US and Canada):

Student subscription auto-renews at $2.99 per month so long as student enrollment status remains verified. The student status must be re-verified every 12 months. If the status is not re-verified student subscription will expire at the end of the then-current monthly billing cycle. Student subscription includes a 7-day free trial for new discovery+ subscribers enrolled at a U.S. Title IV accredited college or university who meet verification qualifications.

Dependent on your billing location, required taxes are calculated on and billed in addition to your monthly subscription charges. To find your monthly recurring amount, visit Manage My Account,  and you’ll see the cost and a note that says “+applicable taxes.”

How to Cancel the Discovery Plus Free Trial?

In order to cancel your subscription, you need to do this via the same method you used to subscribe to the Discovery Plus service in the first place.

If you've subscribed to Discovery Plus through your desktop, things are pretty simple:

If you used other ways to subscribe, here is how to cancel your Discovery Plus free trial on Android, iOS, Amazon, Apple TV, and Verizon.

If you no longer wish to be a subscriber, there are no fees or cancellation charges. You will continue to have access to Discovery Plus for the remainder of your current billing period. 

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