How to Watch ‘Prop Culture’ Online – Stream on Disney+

By Gabriela Vatu / May 1, 2020

When you love something, you tend to gather a lot of items related to that specific passion, and for Dan Lanigan, that was Disney movie props. In Prop Culture, we're going to take a trip down memory lane with all these iconic items. Let's see how we can watch Prop Culture online.

Lanigan is a film historian and a prop collector, and he's managed to bring together an impressive selection of items we're sure you'll remember from some of the most iconic movies produced by Disney, such as Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Prop Culture will follow Lanigan meeting actors, collectors, and more. The show will feature eight episodes, so we're eager to see them all.

When and Where to Watch Prop Culture?

Prop Culture will premiere on Disney+ on May 1st, 2020, and we'll get an episode per week.

How Can I Stream Prop Culture?

Prop Culture is a show for all of us who have been passionate about Disney for years. Disney+ is a cool service that is available in numerous markets around the world, and it just keeps expanding. Some of the countries Disney+ is available in today are the United States, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Spain. With more and more countries getting added to the list, they've already managed to gather some 50 million subscribers.

In the United States, subscribers have to pay $6.99 or $69.99 for the service, while those living in other countries will pay a similar price in their local currency. There's also the option of mixing in Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month, but that's only available in the United States. If you go for the bare Disney+ subscription, you can get a 7-day free trial, but that's no longer available if you choose the bundle.

Disney+ has a ton of apps for pretty much any device you have at home, including iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more.

Here's how you can start your 7-day free trial on Disney+:

Are There Other Ways to Watch Prop Culture?

Unfortunately, there's not going to be an option because Prop Culture is an original Disney+ show. That being said, it means that it won't be available on other streaming services, although Hulu may be able to get it at one point or another, given the connection between the two platforms. For now, however, it's not going to be possible.

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