How Does Net Neutrality Affect Netflix

How Does Net Neutrality Affect Netflix?

These days, it seems like the Internet is talking about one thing alone: Net Neutrality. Despite our best hopes, the FCC decided to repeal this set of legal measures. So, what does that mean...
Best VPN for PC Gaming

Best VPN for PC Gaming – Top Recommendations!

Online and PC gaming has been around for decades, shortly after the use of a personal computer became a widely spread thing on the planet. Now, it is a fast-growing industry with tons of...
StrongVPN vs SaferVPN

StrongVPN vs SaferVPN: The Winner is SaferVPN – See Why

In this VPN comparison, we have two VPN services with very comforting names. StrongVPN and SaferVPN both want to reassure you they'll make everything better, but in truth only one of them can come out...
Black Friday VPN Deals

Black Friday VPN Deals 2017 – The Best Deals You’ll Find!

You probably know that TechNadu’s editors are passionate users of Kodi. In addition, we like to keep our communication open with the rest of the community, as well as to exchange ideas. In many...
KRACK Makes Your WiFi Weak Here's How to Beat It

How to Protect Your Router From KRACK Flaw

On Monday we received the shocking news that WPA 2, the security protocol that protects almost all WiFi, has a serious flaw. Security research Mathy Vanhoef and his team published their findings, detailing how...
Combine VPNs, Tor and Virtual Machines for Advanced Internet Anonymity

Combine VPNs, Tor and Virtual Machines for Advanced Internet Anonymity

Internet anonymity is precious. If you take nothing else from this article, let that one statement stick around in your mind. The internet is permeating every aspect of our lives. The deeper its feelers reach into...

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