How to Set Up and Use ExpressVPN on Google WiFi Router

Google WiFi routers don't support VPN connections. However, you can still set up ExpressVPN on your Google WiFi router using "MediaStreamer." That means you can change your router's DNS settings to use ExpressVPN's DNS servers, letting you unblock US-based streaming services (that means the MediaStreamer is used for streaming only and not for encryption).

The following procedure requires you to have an already configured Google WiFi router, as you'll need full and unrestricted access to its admin panel. So, if you haven't done that already, here's how to set up a Google WiFi router.

And now, let's talk about setting up ExpressVPN on your Google WiFi router.

How to Set Up ExpressVPN on a Google WiFi Router

As mentioned above, to set up ExpressVPN on your Google Wi-Fi router, you'll need to route your traffic through the VPN's DNS server. Here's how that's done:

1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN using your computer and any Web browser.

2. Once you subscribe, click "My Account" using the main menu on ExpressVPN's website (at the top). Provide your email and password to access your ExpressVPN dashboard.

Signing In to ExpressVPN Website

3. Select "DNS Settings" on the left. Click the "Register My IP Address" button (under "IP Address Registration"). Also, enable the "Automatically Register My IP Address" feature. 

Registering IP Address for DNS MediaStreamer ExpressVPN
Letting ExpressVPN Automatically Register IP Address

4. Return one step (to your online account’s dashboard). Click the "Set Up Other Devices" button within the top-placed banner. Pick "MediaStreamer" on the left and note your IPs.

ExpressVPN MediaStreamer Addresses

5. Launch the Google WiFi app on your mobile device. Tap the "Shortcuts" tab on the right.

Shortcuts Tab Google WiFi App

6. Navigate to Settings > Network & General

Network Settings for Google WiFi

7. Scroll a bit down and select "Advanced Networking." Then, go to DNS > Customized. This is where you’ll need to input your new DNS server IP

Advanced Networking Options for Google WiFi
Setting Up Custom DNS on Google WiFi

8. Once you copy everything, tap "Save." From this moment onwards, your Google WiFi router will use ExpressVPN's DNS settings. 

9. If you wish to revert at any point, go to Settings > Network & General > Advanced Networking > DNS > Automatic. That’s it!

Reverting DNS Setting on Google WiFi App

Final Thoughts

We'll remind you that once you pair ExpressVPN with a Google WiFi router, you'll get to unblock US-based streaming apps, even if you're not in the United States. However, installing this VPN on your other devices will let you connect to any of its 3,000+ servers and reach even more content. So, here's how to set up ExpressVPN on all its supported devices.

That's all on how to set up ExpressVPN on a Google WiFi router. If you have any questions, know that you can always count on us. So, don’t forget to post your comment below.

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