How Much Does ProtonVPN Cost?

By Yashrika Bhardwaj / December 11, 2021

ProtonVPN is one of the providers that offer a lot of service packages. When it comes to offering you the VPN plans you want with the pricing you're willing to pay, ProtonVPN takes a unique approach - one that includes a selection of price points and payment duration options. You can choose the VPN service plan right for your needs, whether that's the monthly subscription or one with a 6- or 12-month duration.

If you look at their competitors' VPN plans and pricing, you'll find that only one key factor determines how much you pay - the duration of your subscription. However, with ProtonVPN, you can make sure you're getting the most out of their services and your payments by signing up for a package containing only the services necessary to your current needs.

Here is a complete breakdown of all their ProtonVPN pricing plans to help you decide which one you should opt for. 

ProtonVPN Pricing

ProtonVPN is one of the few services offering all sorts of services packages but doesn't force users to pay for ones they don't need. Proton utilizes tiered pricing to allow customers to select the services that are more appropriate for their needs. All ProtoVPN subscription plans are discussed below:

Proton VPN Service Free Basic Plus Visionary
Max Number of Connections 1 2 10 10
Server Locations 3 Countries 40+ Countries 61 Countries 61 Countries
Speed Medium High Highest Highest
No-Log Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes
P2P Support No Yes Yes Yes
Ad Block No Yes Yes Yes
Secure Core No No Yes Yes
TOR over VPN No No Yes Yes
ProtonMail No No No Yes
Cost (Per Month) Free $3.29/month $4.99/month $19.96/month
Cost (Total) Free $79.00/2 years $119.76/2 years $479.00/2 years

Compare: ProtonVPN Free vs Paid Subscription

Which Plan Should You Choose - Free or Paid?

Regardless of the service, one question often arises - Which subscription package should I go for? That's an impossible question, and the only way to begin answering it is to ask yourself what you will use the service for. As a services or goods consumer, it's normal to want the best of everything, but if we're not using all of that horsepower, why pay for all those horses?  

If you want to keep things basic and secure while exploring the web or online shopping, go with the Basic plan. If you work in a domain that requires extra security measures (such as your physical safety or someone else's could be potentially at risk if your browsing data is exposed), consider signing up for the ProtonVPN Plus tier.

However, if you like this VPN tool and don't need the extra features, we recommend starting from the base plan and building up slowly according to your experience and needs throughout time.

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