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How to Configure and Use NordVPN on DrayTek Vigor

Written by Srijani Ghosh
Published on April 28, 2022

If your router runs on DrayTek Vigor firmware, you can easily configure NordVPN on it. Yes, you just have to create an IKEv2 EAP VPN tunnel from your router to any NordVPN server in your preferred location. However, the installation process can be a bit difficult for first-time users. That's why we've created a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to configure and use NordVPN on DrayTek Vigor. Have a look.


NordVPN doesn’t work on the DrayTek routers running older versions of the firmware. Here is the list of unsupported firmware versions-

  • v2765 - 
  • v2135 - 
  • v2865 - 4.2.2 
  • v2927 - 4.2.2

1. First, visit the NordVPN website.

2. Next, hit the Grab the Deal button and choose a subscription on the next page. 

3. You’ve to enter your payment details after that to complete the purchase.

4. You’ll receive a confirmation on your subscription now. 

5. Next, click here to get the hostname of the server you want to connect to. 

6. Then, log into your router’s management page with admin access; you can choose any browser and visit this IP,, for that. 

DrayTek Router login

7. Once the page opens, move to the Certificate Management option and choose Trusted CA Certificate from the drop-down. 

Trusted CA Certificate on DrayTek router login page

8. Next, download the NordVPN root CA certificate; you have to import it to your router’s page.

9. Now, click IMPORT under Trusted CA Certificate

10. Click on Choose File after that and Open the .der file.

11. Next, click Import and wait for a few seconds.

CA Certificate file Import to router login page

12. Your router will respond with an Import Success message, and the Certificate Status will show OK

confirm ca status on DrayTek router

13. Now, move to VPN and Remote Access and choose IPsec Peer Identity

VPN and Remote Access on DrayTek login page

14. Set the profile name to NordVPN next and check the box next to Enable this Account, and choose the option Accept Any Peer ID

IPsec Peer Identity set up on DrayTek

15. Then, move on to VPN and Remote Access, and pick LAN to LAN.

16. Next, click on an available index number and edit the profile with the details we’ve mentioned below. 

Common Settings:

Dial-Out Settings:

NordVPN service credentials on Nord Account
DrayTek Dial-Out Settings

IKE advanced settings:

IKE advanced settings DrayTek

TCP/IP Network Settings:

VPN status DrayTek

17. Once done, you’ll be connected, and you can check your VPN status through VPN and Remote Access >> Connection Management

NordVPN connected on DrayTek

That’s all! Now you know how to configure and use NordVPN on DrayTek Vigor. If you’ve further queries, drop us a comment through the below button. Thanks for reading!

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