ExpressVPN Black Friday 2020 Deal – Save up to 49% ($6.67/Month) & Get 3 FREE Months!

If you’re after a highly capable VPN providing the best possible protection for your privacy, ExpressVPN should be your pick. Without any doubt, we’re talking about the best VPN you’ll find in 2020. However, the fact is that ExpressVPN comes at a price – which has been quite high, until now.

This VPN has prepared a very interesting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, allowing you to save up to 49% on ExpressVPN annual subscription. And on top of that, you get “extra subscription time,” which makes this deal an unmissable opportunity.

So, exactly how much you’ll need to pay, and what extras do you get? Let’s find out. Here’s all you need to know about ExpressVPN’s Black Friday 2020 deal.

How Much Does ExpressVPN’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal Let You Save?


Pay $6.67/month for ExpressVPN’s 12-month plan + get 3 FREE months ($99.95 in total). 30-day money-back guarantee available!

Save 49%

The regular price of ExpressVPN is $12.95 – if paid monthly. However, you can save up to 49% if you get ExpressVPN’s annual plan, bringing the price down to only $6.67 per month.

Considering that we’re talking about the VPN’s annual subscription here, keep in mind that you’ll be charged $99.95 in total. As you get three additional months, this means you’ll be covered for the next 15 months – using the most powerful VPN on the market today.

Lastly, ExpressVPN will charge you $99.95 every 12 months after the initial promo period. This means your account will never switch to the VPN’s $12.95 plan – so you’ll get a special price as long as you’re subscribed to this VPN.


How Long Will This Deal Last? – We don’t have precise information regarding how long will ExpressVPN offer this Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal. Therefore, we highly recommend you act as soon as you can, as this truly is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Something Extra for This Year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Yes – you will get 3 extra months included in your subscription! Therefore, you will be covered by ExpressVPN’s protection for the next 15 months.

Keep in mind that ExpressVPN offers two additional plans as well. There’s the previously mentioned monthly plan ($12.95/month), as well as a 6-month plan ($9.99/month). However, ExpressVPN’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal doesn’t cover those plans.

In other words, you’ll get three additional months for free only if you subscribe to ExpressVPN’s annual plan (which is an important thing to keep in mind when subscribing).

How to Subscribe to ExpressVPN & Activate This Year’s Deal?

Ready to act and get your ExpressVPN subscription? If that so, we’ve prepared a handy step-by-step guide, found below. Check it out.

ExpressVPN Landing Page for Black Friday Deal
  • Then, click on any of the red buttons you’ll see on ExpressVPN’s website.
  • You should now see an overview of the VPN’s plans. Don’t forget to double-check whether you’ve selected ExpressVPN’s annual subscription (it will be highlighted in green).
Choosing ExpressVPN's Annual Plan When Signing Up
  • Then, enter your email address below.
  • And lastly, pick your preferred payment method. Based on which method you select, input the required payment information, and finalize the process.
Final Step to Subscribing to ExpressVPN

That’s it! You’ve subscribed to ExpressVPN, which means you can get started with setting up this VPN. This is done by going back to ExpressVPN’s website, clicking on ‘My Account’ in the website’s main menu, and accessing your account.


How to Set Up ExpressVPN on Your Devices? – Downloading and installing ExpressVPN is a piece of cake. However, we’re here to guide you through this entire process. With that said, we’ve already prepared a range of step-by-step guides.

Here’s how to install any VPN on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Fire TV, smart TVs, Raspberry Pi, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can also install ExpressVPN on a router.

What If You Change Your Mind? Will You Get Your Money Back?

ExpressVPN comes with a generous money-back policy. You have up to 30 days to change your mind and ask for your money to be returned. Therefore, this is a risk-free investment, as you have practically nothing to lose.

We’re certain that you’ll be more than happy with ExpressVPN. However, it’s good to know that we’re talking about a “no questions asked” money-back policy here. In other words, you won’t have to jump through hoops to have your money returned – as ExpressVPN asks no questions.

What Does ExpressVPN Offer? What Kinds of Features Do You Get?

ExpressVPN truly offers a lot. This VPN caters to both beginners and advanced users, thanks to its comprehensive set of features. So, here are some of the most prominent features.


Where Can You Learn More About ExpressVPN? – If you want in-depth information about this VPN service, make sure to read our freshly updated ExpressVPN review.

So, what do you think about ExpressVPN’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal? If you like what you see, feel free to proceed and get your ExpressVPN subscription today! Click on the provided link, sign-up, and use the Web while being protected in the best way possible!



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