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How to Set Up and Use ExpressVPN on iPhone & iPad

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated May 31, 2024

ExpressVPN works on iPhones running iOS 15.0 and newer, along with iPads running iPadOS 15.0 or newer. Also, setting up ExpressVPN on iPhones and iPads is an ultra-quick procedure. You just need to subscribe, download its app, log in, and that's basically it.

So, before we proceed, check if you have the latest iOS/iPadOS version installed by going to 'Settings '> 'General' > 'Software Update.' This will ensure that you get the best performance. At the same time, make sure that your ExpressVPN app is always updated to the latest version.

In this article, we'll teach you how to set up and use ExpressVPN on iPad and iPhone with detailed instructions.

How to Set Up and Use ExpressVPN on iPhone & iPad

ExpressVPN comes as an App Store app for iPhones and iPads, which means that no manual configuration is needed. Here's how you can download and install it:

1. Sign up for ExpressVPN using your computer or phone and any Web browser.

2. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Then, tap on 'Search' at the bottom and search for ExpressVPN.

4. Select its icon to open the app's overview.

Searching for ExpressVPN in iOS App Store

5. Tap on 'GET' to authenticate your purchase, and then download ExpressVPN.

6. Open the app once it has been installed.

ExpressVPN App Store Description

7. Tap 'Sign In,' and then provide your email address and password (your ExpressVPN credentials).

9. Select 'Agree & Continue' when asked to accept ExpressVPN's privacy policy.

Privacy Overview of ExpressVPN for iPhone

10. The next screen will instruct you to set up the VPN, where you need to tap on 'Continue.'

11. Tap 'Allow' to let your iPhone/iPad install the VPN profile.

Installing ExpressVPN Configuration File on iOS

12. Select 'OK' or 'No, Thanks' to decide if you want ExpressVPN's notifications.

ExpressVPN Mobile Asking for Notifications

13. Select 'OK' or 'No, Thanks' when asked about anonymous data logging

14. Tap on the ON/OFF button to connect to the closest available server on ExpressVPN’s home screen. 

Connected to ExpressVPN Server

15. Tap on the ON/OFF button to disconnect at any moment (the app will turn red). 

Connecting to ExpressVPN Server

16. To pick a different server, tap the button just below the ON/OFF button.

17. Tap on any country or server name, and you'll connect automatically.

Choosing Different ExpressVPN Server

We also recommend you check out ExpressVPN's settings, as that's how you can switch to other VPN protocols, enable the 'Threat Manager' feature, and more. Tap on 'Option' > 'Settings' to see what else this hugely capable VPN can do.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, setting up ExpressVPN on iPads and iPhones is an incredibly easy procedure, as it involves installing a native application available via the App Store. Also, keep in mind that ExpressVPN gets new updates every couple of weeks, so ensure you keep the app up-to-date at all times.

Lastly, chances are you have other devices at home as well. So, visit our central guide on how to set up and install ExpressVPN, which shows you how to install it on a computer, smart TV, streaming device, and even a VPN-compatible router.


Can You Use ExpressVPN on iPhone?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN on your iPhone. If you have a relatively newer device, you can download and run ExpressVPN as a native app. However, you can also set up the VPN manually, so even older iPhones are covered.

Is ExpressVPN Good for iPhone?

Yes, ExpressVPN is one of the best options for iPhones. It offers high-end protocols, a modern interface, the ability to protect your privacy, and the ability to unblock new apps/sites.

Why Is ExpressVPN Not Working on iPhone?

If ExpressVPN doesn't work on your iPhone, check if you're connected to the Web, change the server location, or switch to another VPN protocol. And if you can connect but ExpressVPN still doesn't work, use the provided guide for some actionable tips.

How Do I Use ExpressVPN on My iPhone?

To use ExpressVPN on your iPhone, open the VPN app and use the ON/OFF switch to connect to the nearest server. Of course, you can pick a server manually using the button found below the ON/OFF switch.

That would be all regarding how to set up ExpressVPN on an iPad and iPhone. If you have any questions, make sure to post your comment below. Thanks for reading!

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