15 Best Online Games to Play with Friends – Fight the Boredom of Being Stuck at Home, the Right Way!

By Novak Bozovic / March 28, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak is, unfortunately, in full swing in many countries around the world, and we sincerely hope that you're doing everything you can to stay well and healthy. As you already know, social distancing and self-isolation are highly recommended at this point. However, dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation isn't something that comes easy for many of us, so it's important to keep yourself occupied. Therefore, we believe that playing games are one of the best things you can do right now - no matter if you're a gamer or not. There are so many amazing and highly addictive games out there, bringing plenty of action and excitement. They also bring intriguing stories, keeping you on your toes until the very last scene. And you guessed it - we're going to give you some recommendations in this article. Or differently said, we'll talk about the best online games to play with friends right now. 

Before we get started, we have a couple of useful resources for you. Considering that we'll be talking about online games, it's imperative to have a stable Web connection. It doesn't have to be super-fast - but it needs to be stable. After all, you don't want to be kicked out of your multiplayer session, which can easily ruin your gameplay experience. So, this is why investing in a gaming router now seems like an amazing idea. And if you're an experienced gamer looking for the best gameplay experience, we'll recommend our article on the best gaming VPNs. By pairing a gaming router with a VPN, you can protect your privacy, stabilize your Web connection, fight against ISP-imposed throttling, unblock new games, and even save money when buying games from digital marketplaces. It sounds like a dream come true, right? Make sure to check out the links we've provided in this paragraph. 

And finally, know that we'll present our recommendations via two separate categories. First, you can check out the best online games for consoles and computers - many of which are cross-platform, of course. And then, there are the best online mobile games, in case you'd like to use your large-screen smartphone or tablet. With this said, we made sure to give you plenty of recommendations, no matter which platform or device you're using. 

Finally, let's talk about the best online games to play together with your friends - during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have plenty of suggestions, so let's dive right in. 

What Are The Best Online Games to Play With Friends on Consoles & Computers?

First, we're going to recommend games that you can play on consoles (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4), as well as on desktop operating systems (such as Windows, macOS, and Linux). We have 10 picks for you!

1. Jackbox Party Games (Party Pack 3)

So, we'll start with an easy recommendation - suitable for online game nights. We're talking about different Jackbox Party Pack games, where each pack brings a selection of games playable on just about any device out there. And also, don't worry - only one individual can own the game copy, as everyone else can simply join the session online (without buying the game, that is). What this means is that you'll receive a code, and then you can use your smartphone or computer (among other devices) to visit Create your room, allow up to 8 players to join (depending on the game you decide to play), and enjoy your game night. 

It's also worth mentioning that there are plenty of Jackbox Party Packs. If you're new to this series, we recommend Jackbox Party Pack 3, which includes five games that support up to 8 players. Of course, you won't make a mistake no matter which one you pick. 

2. Minecraft

Who doesn't like playing with Lego, right? Well, Minecraft is a block-based building game that heavily relies on your imagination and tests your creativity. As a player, your goal is to search for all kinds of resources, extract various building blocks, and create any structure you could possibly imagine. To make this more dynamic and interesting, you can battle foes and, of course - play with your friends. 

Even though the basic premise is quite simple, Minecraft is an intelligent and complex game. You can play it on your own, but it truly comes to life once you invite your friends. Also, it runs on a wide variety of platforms, so you don't have to worry about everyone using the same console or smartphone. And finally, there's always something interesting to do thanks to regular updates. With this said, we're sure that Minecraft will keep you occupied for plenty of time to come. 

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unfortunately, traveling isn't an option right now - as many of us are stuck home. However, this is where video games come into play. More precisely, the latest Animal Crossing title gives you an opportunity to design all kinds of creations with your friends. The game takes you to a deserted island, where you can collect resources and create your own special getaway. And even better -  you can play on the same system with up to 4 people, or play online with up to 8 of your friends. 

We also need to say that the Animal Crossing series is designed for Nintendo consoles only (this is one of those exclusive titles). The situation is the same with New Horizons, available on Nintendo Switch consoles. We have to admit that the latest Animal Crossing game is an amazing excuse to buy the Nintendo Switch console. However, make sure to make up your mind quickly, as these consoles are already sold out at numerous retailers (you can still find them on Amazon, though). 

4. Fortnite

Without any doubt, Fortnite is one of the hottest games right now. It's been around for a couple of years now, but it still offers that same winning formula as it did upon its launch. The game is free of charge (with plenty of in-app purchases, if you need them), packed with plenty of action, runs smoothly on a huge number of devices, and it lets you hang out with your friends in the online realm. With this said, it's not surprising to know that Fortnite generated $100 million only on iOS, in just 90 days since its launch. 

Being an open-world survival game, Fortnite puts you up against up to 99 individuals. It's up to you to pick weapons and other items, build a shelter, and make sure you're the last player standing. To keep things interesting, Fortnite comes in different editions, some of which are premium-priced while some are free. We're talking about Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative. You can play Fortnite on any device imaginable, but keep in mind that some of the game's content isn't available on all platforms. 

5. GTA Online

One of the bestselling games of all-time is GTA V. However; we're going to talk about its online aspect here. Called GTA Online, this game allows you to live a full virtual life. This means doing a bunch of missions to earn money, buys cars and properties, taking part in numerous time-limited events, racing against other players, and plenty more. GTA Online is an ever-growing world with plenty of stuff to do - and it receives regular updates to keep you interested at all times. And of course, you get to play it with your friends online, helping each other to level up. 

In case you ever get bored of GTA Online, you can always switch to a single-player campaign found in GTA V. However, we need to say that both of these parts are equally addictive. The campaign comes with a great story, filled with adrenaline - and it's not a short one either. And the best thing is - GTA V now comes at an all-time low price. 

6. Borderlands 3

The third installment of the Borderlands series is the most frantic one yet. You'll find yourself in the Borderlands, which is the edge of a galaxy exploited by militarized corporations. Your goal is to navigate through action-packed missions, fight against a cult called The Children of the Vault, collect loot, and turn your character into the ultimate warrior. All of this can be done by playing on your own or via co-op - which is where your friends come into play. 

When it comes to its online aspect, Borderlands 3 certainly doesn't disappoint. You'll get to invite your whole crew, no matter their current player level. The game features a 'Level Syncing' system, which means that you all start at the same level. Then, it's up to you to come up with a strategy and battle against numerous villains. 

7. Sea of Thieves

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to become a pirate? Well, Sea of Thieves gives you a chance to put on your pirate hat and plunder an open world. This game, released by Microsoft Studios, is a first-person experience where you and your friends take roles of pirates. Your goal is to complete voyages that are requested by numerous types of trading companies, find hidden treasures, discover new weapons, explore shipwrecks, and collect hidden messages in bottles. 

There's nothing stopping you from experiencing the game on your own - or by matching with players from all around the world. However, Sea of Thieves is best played with familiar faces. So, go ahead and invite your friends on this amazing maritime adventure. Plenty of hilarious situations await!

8. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon is a long-standing series designed for Xbox consoles. Published by Microsoft Studios, this game is designed to take full advantage of your Xbox, via stunning visuals and highly addictive missions. The latest entry of the series takes you to the UK, providing a large number of racing events, different types of weather, and comes with an interesting story as well. You can experience all of this via the game's single-player campaign - however, the real fun starts once you bring in your friends. 

When it comes to the multiplayer aspect of Forza Horizon 4, you can take part in competitive and cooperative events. Your crew can drive around this vast open world, engage in all kinds of races, or race each other. Forza Horizon 4 is meant to be a fun game, providing just enough of a challenge to keep you on your toes. Without any doubt, this is one of the best online games to play with your friends right now. 

9. Rocket League

If you're into sports-related games, you probably already own FIFA 20 or NBA 2K20. However, we have a recommendation if you want to combine sports elements with something very unusual and unique. Rocket League is a soccer game - but the core part of the game is various rocker-powered vehicles. These are used to hit a very large ball and bring the ball to the other team's goal area. So, just like soccer - but with vehicles and a huge ball. You can already tell that the Rocket League brings plenty of fun, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

This game was released close to 5 years ago. However, this doesn't mean that you'll find outdated graphics or anything similar as Rocket League is receiving plenty of regular updates, improving your gameplay, updating graphics, and bringing new gameplay modes. And of course, the game features cross-platform play. 

10. Call of Duty: Warzone

We have one more suggestion - and this is a hugely popular one. As you can see, our list of the best online games to play together with your friends has some free-to-play options. Well, the latest addition to this list is a Call of Duty game. Unsurprisingly, Activision is trying to capitalize on the popularity of battle royale games, and this is where Warzone comes into play. However, we have to say that this is far from an ordinary battle royale entry. 

At the moment, you'll find three game modes here: Battle Royale, Battle Royale Solos, and Plunder. The game supports up to 150 players in a single match, comes with a new respawn mechanic, offers a wide variety of vehicles, and comes without overly aggressive in-app purchases. And finally, this is perhaps the newest game on this list - which means that aside from playing with your friends, you can easily join a packed session at any moment. 

What Are The Best Online Multiplayer Games for Mobile Devices? 

So, what if you don't have a gaming console? Well, today's smartphones are incredibly powerful handheld devices, featuring high-end graphics as well. With this said, we'll recommend some mobile games that we're sure you're going to love. Here are the best online multiplayer games that you can play with your friends - via smartphones and tablets. 

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has millions of fans worldwide, and it would be a shame not to offer this game on Android and iOS. The game's developer was well-aware of that, which is how Call of Duty Mobile came to be. The game uses familiar mechanics and adapts them to touch-friendly controls. You get to fight against each other, as well as against third-party entities, including soldiers, zombies, and more.

2. Vainglory

Vainglory is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, where two opposing teams are trying to destroy each other's bases. Even though the core system is rather simple, you'll find plenty of obstacles along the way. While trying to capture your enemy's base and keep your base protected, you need to fight against various types of creatures. The game is still receiving regular updates, further expanding its original gameplay. 

3. Mario Kart Tour

Our two previous recommendations include action-packed games. So, now it's time to take a more casual approach to online multiplayer. Mario Kart Tour is a kart-racing game that uses hugely popular and beloved characters. However, this installment of the Mario Kart series takes a somewhat different approach. You get automated driving, and your goal is to go through a point-based speed system. Of course, plenty of fine-tuning and surprise elements await. 

4. Golf Clash

As its name implies, Golf Clash is about playing golf with your friends, in a simulated environment. As a character playing this game, you get to level up, unlock more difficult tours and courses, and you can compete in global tournaments. To keep you hooked for a long time to come, Golf Clash brings new courses every month, and there's plenty of clubs and balls to unlock (these bring you unique abilities needed to level up). 

5. Words with Friends (Classic)

Coming from Zynga, Words with Friends is (you guessed it) a multiplayer word-based crossword-style game. If you've ever played Scrabble, you'll know what to expect. Your goal is to come up with as many words as possible, based on individual letters in front of you. To make things more interesting, you can form words vertically and horizontally. In the end, everything comes down to how many points you've collected, so make sure to think your way through and come up with longer and more complex words. 

So, we've finally reached the end of our guide. And of course, we hope that you've discovered at least a few games to play online with your friends. In case you have any recommendations for us, don't forget to post a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!

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