Fortnite Generates $100 Million in Revenue on iOS in Just 90 Days

By Nitish Singh / June 20, 2018

Epic Games’ hit game Fortnite is breaking record after record with the battle royale shooter generating $100 million in revenue on iOS in just 90 days. Prior to the public release of the game on iOS, Fortnite was in an invite-only phase which is likely to have affected its revenue generation adversely.

Battle Royale games are extremely popular right now with multiple publishers trying to compete for the top spot. While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularized the genre, Fortnite managed to snatch Tencent Games’ crown with its highly optimized and free-to-play offering. Epic Games’ offering is quite different from other titles out there because of the building mechanics and cartoony graphics.

Fortnite Stats

Image Courtesy of Sensor Tower

Fortnite’s feat of reaching $100 million in revenue is foreshadowed by only Clash Royale, which managed to hit the $100 million mark in just 51 days compared to Fortnite’s 90. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out for more than 60 days and is far from the $100 million mark. According to reports, PUBG has managed to gross only $5.2 million in revenue as the game has been struggling to find the right monetization strategy while its biggest competitor has been raking in big money.

Epic Games generates its revenue mostly from the Battle Pass, which is available for $10 and offers seasonal items and boosters to help players grind for cosmetics faster. The monetization policy has served Epic Games well because of the lack of predatory loot boxes and random items. All users get access to the same items if they pay for the battle pass each season. Currently, the game is available only on iOS among the mobile platforms, and an Android version is expected to be released sometime this summer but recently Fortnite made its way to Nintendo Switch.

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