How to Watch New York Knicks Online Without Cable

By Sachin Sharma / November 18, 2021

The New York Knicks are one of the most popular teams in the NBA, with a fanbase that extends not just to the state of New York but all over the world. They have a history of great success in the NBA and have won two titles over the years, and their stadium, the Madison Square Garden, is one of the most widely known arenas in the world.

The New York Knicks are now trying to return to their former dominance. After reaching the playoffs last season, the aim will be to make an even better run this time around, so if you are a Knicks fan, be sure to cheer the team on by watching all their games live.

The New York Knicks have built up one of the strongest rosters the franchises have had in years. With the likes of Kemba Walker and Derrick Rose providing great veteran leadership, and Julius Randle proving to be the star of the show, the Knicks have become one of the hard-to-beat teams in the league. They do not have the superstars some of the other teams have, but their team spirit is very high.

Here we have all the information you need on where and how to watch the New York Knicks live in action without cable. Also, be sure to follow our guide to learn about how to watch every NBA game this season live.

Which Channels to Watch New York Knicks Games Tonight?

Like every other team in the NBA, the New York Knicks games are broadcast on multiple channels and networks. It can be exhausting and complicated to keep up with the broadcast schedule, so we will try and make things easier for you.

If you are a Knicks fan, you can watch them live on the MSG Network, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT, ABC, and the NBA League Pass, depending on your geographical location. When and where each game is broadcast depends on the Knicks' schedule. There are also several streaming services that live stream all Knicks games. We will cover those in more detail a little later.

How to Watch New York Knicks In-Market Games?

If you are a New York Knicks fan living in the state of New York, watching their games live is easy. All the in-market games for the New York Knicks are broadcast on the YES Network, which is available to all those living in the state of New York but not to those who live in other states. The channel is available on some streaming services as well, in addition to cable TV.


The streaming service that features the MSG network as part of its pack for those Knicks fans living in New York is fuboTV. It is one of the most renowned streaming services and is a great catch for all sports fans. It has a wide variety of channels and customization options, so if you want to catch sporting action, you can watch pretty much every sport you can think of.

You can choose from three bundles, Starter, Pro, and Elite. And those bundles cost between $64.99 and $79.99 per month. The list of channels on fuboTV includes ESPN, ABC, and NBA TV, but it does not have TNT. In order to get more information, be sure to read our fuboTV review.

How to Watch New York Knicks Out-of-Market Games?

If you are a fan of the New York Knicks living in a state that is not New York, you can watch all their games live on various streaming services. But it will be a little tricky, as you won't get access to the MSG channel, and not all of the Knicks games are nationally broadcast on channels like ESPN, ABC, TNT, or NBA TV. Read on further to take a look at some of the options that you will have to watch your favorite team in action.

Sling TV

An exciting option for all sports fans is Sling TV, which has a wide range of channels and customization options. Sling TV has three packs: Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue, and in those three packs, you will find ESPN and TNT among the channel options. The Orange and Blue packs cost $35 per month each, and the Orange + Blue pack has a subscription fee of $50 per month.

You can also get NBA TV as an add-on channel for a monthly fee of $11. If you want more information on this streaming service, do read our Sling TV review.

Hulu + Live TV

An excellent option for those who like to keep things simple and not get drawn in the complicated customization options is Hulu + Live TV. It has a 60+ TV channel list that includes all the networks you need to watch the New York Knicks live. With ABC, TNT, and ESPN, you will be able to watch almost every Knicks game live that is broadcast on national television live with Hulu.

And in addition to the Live TV service, you also get access to Hulu's On-Demand video platform as part of the deal. The total subscription fee per month is $64.99. Be sure to read our review for Hulu + Live TV in order to get more information on this service.

YouTube TV

Another exciting option that is a great get for sports fans, and New York Knicks fans in particular, is YouTube TV. It has 85+ channels, including ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT, so every nationally broadcast game in the NBA, including all the Knicks games, will be accessible to you with this service.

A monthly subscription to YouTube TV costs $64.99. For more information to help with your decision, read our YouTube TV review.

NBA League Pass

In order to ensure that out-of-market and out-of-state fans don't miss out, the National Basketball Association has launched this great product which is the NBA League Pass. It allows the out-of-market fans to watch all games of their favorite team live as long as it is not nationally televised. You will have the option to choose from three bundles while getting the NBA League Pass: Team PassLeague Pass, or a Premium League Pass. If you only want to watch the New York Knicks in action, you can get the Team Pass which will cost you a subscription fee of $17.99 per month or $119 per year.

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