How to Watch ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Live Online: Binge Season 1 Episodes

By Gabriela Vatu / April 18, 2019

HBO is known to be one of the best content creators out their, with their shows sweeping the award shows, and Big Little Lies is just so. Following the first season, there's great anticipation regarding the second one, so if you want to learn how to watch Big Little Lies online, we're here to help you out.

Big Little Lies premiered in February 2017 and fans have been anticipating the second season ever since. The first season managed to take home 8 out of the 16 Emmy awards it was nominated for, and they've also taken home a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries, while Kidman and Skarsgård both took home Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Well, on June 9, 2019, the show is returning to HBO, with an even bigger cast. The show features A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley, with Alexander Skarsgård, Laura Dern, Jeffrey Nordling, Adam Scott, Zoë Kravitz, and James Tupper playing in supporting roles. Along with the second season, another big name has joined in, namely the great Meryl Streep.

So, if you're one of the fans and can't wait to watch the second season of Big Little Lies online, we can help you out.

How to Watch Big Little Lies Live Online?

While HBO is a great platform you can watch on TV, you can also watch from wherever you may be over the Internet. Why go this route? Well, it simply makes sense. Cable contracts are getting more and more expensive and you can get live TV platforms for far cheaper. Plus, you can customize these ones and decide what you're paying for and what you'd rather skip on. You can also cancel the subscription at any given time since there's no contract to keep you tied down. Plus, when you're using a live TV platform, you can watch wherever you may be when the show starts, even if that's on the bus; as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device, you are good to go. Let's see what options you have to watch Big Little Lies online.

HBO Now and HBO Go - We're kicking off the list with HBO Now and GO, the network's own platform. For HBO Go you'll need to have an active live TV platform or cable contract where you pay for HBO to log in, while HBO Now can be purchased individually for 14.99 per month, but you can also use live TV credentials to sign in. The content is the same throughout the platforms, so no need to worry about that. Make sure to read our HBO Now review to get all the details.

Amazon Prime - Finally, we have Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime comes with so many perks for such a little price - from super speedy shipping to Prime Video, Prime Music, ebooks, and so on. You can also choose to subscribe to HBO through Amazon and pay $14.99 per month for access. Make sure to check out our Amazon Prime Video review to get more details.

Hulu - Next, we have Hulu, which is a great live TV platform that comes with a $44.99 per month subscription. The price covers access to dozens of channels and the VOD library. You can also add HBO for $14.99 per month, as well as other premium networks, and they even have a couple of channel packs. Make sure to read our Hulu review to find out more about the service.

DirecTV Now - Next, we have DirecTV Now, which is a great platform that's quite versatile. There are seven bundles to choose from here. Two of them are new, namely Plus ($50/mo) and Max ($70/mo), and they both feature HBO. The other five bundles are called Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Unlimited, and Optimo Mas, and they've actually been around for a while; they just have new names and prices that have doubled. You can add HBO if you choose one of these five, and it will cost you $15 per month. You can still add Spanish channel packs, international bundles, and other premium networks. Read TechNadu's DirecTV Now review to get more insight into the platform.

PlayStation Vue - PlayStation Vue is next on our list, a great platform with loads of cool features. You can choose one of four bundles here - Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. Ultra, which is $79.99 per month, comes with HBO included among some other 100 channels. If you choose any of the other three bundles, it will cost you $15 to add HBO. Give our PlayStation Vue review a read before making a decision.

How Can You Watch Big Little Lies if You're Abroad?

Live TV platforms and HBO's own platforms are geoblocked, which means you can't access your accounts unless you're within the United States. This happens due to the licensing deals they have and while it's quite annoying, it's common. These platforms work like any other website and read your IP address to know where you are. So, if you were to use a VPN to switch your IP address to one that's in the US, you'd get to bypass the whole problem. Let's see what you need to do here.

Can You Watch Previous Episodes of Big Little Lies?

Yes! If you want to rewatch the show or watch even the latest episodes after they aired, you're going to need access to HBO Go or HBO Now. If you subscribed directly to HBO, there's no mystery there - use your credentials to log into your account. But, if you have an account with one of the platforms we mentioned, you can use the credentials from there to log in. DirecTV Now credentials can be used to sign into HBO Go, while those from Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and Amazon Prime can be used for HBO Now. Both sites have the same content, so no need to worry about either of them getting better content.

You can also purchase the seasons and episodes that have aired to own from sites like Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, or Microsoft Store. You have quite a bit of time before Big Little Lies comes back in June, so go ahead and catch up to the episodes.

We'd love to hear back from you about the platform you chose to watch HBO on, so drop us a note in the comments section below. Share the article online if you have the time and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter for more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews.

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