Own the Entire Universe of Kodi Addons with GitHub Browser. Here is how.

By Deepak Parihar / January 25, 2018

When one visits the GitHub’s official website and turns to its browser section, it clearly claims itself to be a faster and smarter browser. And, looking for how developers feel about the platform, GitHub is truly a next generation stage. GitHub is a popular platform for software development. Its portfolio flaunts giants like IBM, Facebook, NASA, Google, and Airbnb. And cheeringly, this list of giants is joined by all the Kodi Addons ever made. Here, in this installation guide, we’ll help you get the access to the popular GitHub Browser for Kodi. But, why is this browser important? This browser will give you a direct access to all the Kodi Addons right out of their developer’s repositories.

However, all the Kodi users aren’t familiar with the process of installing GitHub browser. Here, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to install the GitHub browser and also introduce some of its major features. Keep reading.

Disclaimer: We will be talking about software developed for Kodi – which is based on open-source code. However, the following software comes from unofficial third-parties. Also, it is publicly available and free of charge. TechNadu doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we do not condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. TechNadu is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.

WARNING: Before You Continue…

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GitHub Browser for Kodi - VPN

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GitHub Browser for Kodi – Basics

The GitHub browser upgrades your installation method to add addons on your Kodi device. It’s a revolutionary product which has empowered new developers, with a massive list of choice. GitHub Browser—an improved way to access Kodi addons—helps developers for both distribution and development.

Let’s get into the process of installing the new age GitHub Browser.

GitHub Browser for Kodi - How to Access it?

Installing GitHub Browser for Kodi is relatively easy. Firstly, you need to go to addon installer option of Indigo tool. Then, search the GitHub browser through the tool and access the entire catalog of Kodi addons with its search option. This is relatively a new way to install Kodi addon and has been recently announced by GitHub itself. To know more about this announcement, read our news piece on TVAddons's launch of GitHub.

Now, let’s get on with the step-by-step instructions on how to access GitHub browser on Kodi, but before, let’s go through an important note for your smooth installation experience.

Important Note

To access the GitHub Browser on Kodi, you’d need Indigo Addon already installed on your device. If you do not have the Indigo tool, follow our featured guide on how to install Indigo Tool for Kodi Addons configuration.

Let’s get on with the process to access GitHub Browser and ways to use it.

Guide to access GitHub browser

GitHub Browser for Kodi - Addons
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Indigo
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Addon Installer
GitHub Browser for Kodi - GitHub Browser
GitHub Browser for Kodi - GitHub directory
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Username
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Plugin
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Installation Confirmation
GitHub Browser for Kodi - Restart
GitHub Browser for Kodi - USTV Catchup
GitHub Browser for Kodi - USTV

These are the steps to access the GitHub Browser on your Kodi and enjoy the goodness of its massive directories.

GitHub Browser for Kodi – What to expect?

GitHub Browser for Kodi is categorized into three. These are the different ways you can search for the desired addon. These categories are ‘Search GitHub Username,’ ‘Search by GitHub Repository Title’ and ‘Search GitHub by Addon ID.’

GitHub Browser for Kodi - What to expect

These different gateways lead you to access the massive categories of Kodi addons. So, as per your preference and your handiness on Repositories names and addons ID, you can enjoy the range of addons.

Additional Resources – What’s next?

Undoubtedly, the GitHub browser for Kodi is a smooth way to access all the Kodi addons ever made for the platform. However, if searching and discovering new addons is not your game, we would like to recommend some of the popular titles from our feature lists. Well, if you're into movies and music, here are our top recommendations; ErosNow Kodi Addon, YouTube Kodi Addon, and Decado Documentaries Kodi Addon.


GitHub Browser is a unique, yet an effective way to access all the Addons on the platform. It also has a limitation. It doesn’t work if you’re not handy with username/Add-ons' ID/ Repository titles. At the same time, it’s easy to find that information over the internet.

We would highly recommend GitHub browser for anyone who would like to keep the entire universe of Kodi addon one arm away.

Happy Koding!

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